A New Blog Is Born

I’m starting my new blog on the day my husband and I traveled to Lancaster. I am typing this from the Fulton Steamboat Inn a beautiful motel, on the hottest day. thus far, this summer. Thanks to our daughter, Janine, who designed my blog heading, I’m beginning  this adventure, and know I will enjoy it. I hope you will, too. After nearly thirty years of being on-air at WRGN radio, the last four hosting “Shirl And You,” I have chosen to continue my voyage of encouragement and hope you find this site to be just that. Some of you will remember how I would say this program is not complete without you and it is still true now as “Shirl and You” continues on this blog. Your comments are important to me.

By the way, I was reading recently about what it was like to find a place to stay, while traveling in stage coach days. Since inns were few and far between, no guests were dismissed with, “no room in the inn.” Instead, a traveler was expected to share his room with others and not only his room but also his bed. Imagine sharing your room with a complete stranger.  Friendly or not-so -friendly roommates would slip off their boots and fall into bed WITH YOU.

More to come.    .

8 thoughts on “A New Blog Is Born

  1. I would hate sharing a bed with a complete stranger! And then there were usually bedbugs too. What and awful situation. I don’t think I’d sleep much. lol
    I’m excited about your new blog and can’t wait to read more of your thoughts. You have always been a wonderful encouragement to me!
    Much love to you!


  2. Hey Nana! This website is now on my bookmarks bar so I will be checking it. I’m also excited to read what you have to write us!
    I think it would be neat to meet those strangers while traveling though. I still never get sick of meeting new people in the Marine Corps. I have had so many different room mates and I always find it so interesting to learn about them!


    • Jeremy: What an honor to already have a comment from Okinawa.( and especially from you). Thanks for your service to our country. You are a grandson to be proud of. I can think of some others,too. You know them.


  3. Shirley I can remember when you first came on the air. It was the year Jennifer was born. I have cassettes with little things that Jennifer and I did for the yard sale and Jennifer and Russ for Father’s Day and then Jennifer for little things for Saturdays. It was such a joy having my children raised with WRGN. Although I don’t have the chance to listen like I did, being a grammy, I do tune in and still is my favorite radio station.


    • Dear Lorrie: How nice of you to write. How well I remember you, Russ and the kids and surely do miss you all. I believe Jennifer is married, your son also?? Your family had a crucial part in the station’s beginning. It’s people like you that encouraged us to press on. Hope your health is better.


  4. Sharing a bed with a stranger…… no way especially back in those days… no deoderant yuck. WRGN came on the air the year my daughter Jennifer was born. I have recorded Jingles of Jennifer and Russ for Father’s Day, Russ and I for the yard sale, Jennifer for Saturday programs. It was such a joy to have my children growing up knowing WRGN and also to be able to be involved with a Christian radio station. I still get people coming up to me talking about when I took my fish to the Aquarium doctor and different things about Bible Quiz.. Although I don’t get to listen like I use to because of increased duties, I thank you for WRGN.


  5. Hi Shirl! Can’t possibly say how very much I miss WRGN during the day while I’m working. I’ve adjusted slowly to working inhouse at John Heinz but that is the hardest part, not hearing Christian radio all day! I definitely miss Shirl and You, even though it has changed hands and names, wish I could go back to working at home with WRGN on all day!

    By the way, I passed your message on to Pastor Tim and he will be getting in touch, but he and Barb have been very busy as our church bought a different house for the parsonage and they have been getting moved. They are now getting settled. The old parsonage will be used for Sunday School space for now with eventually being torn down to make room for a larger sanctuary which we truly do need as we continue to grow.

    I do enjoy Jonathan on my way to work and the great music he plays! Hope to see you at Nebo soon!



  6. When my brother was at the Naval Academy in Annapolis,Maryland…I stayed at a rooming house that did just that…Mrs. Weber rented only to girls that were visiting the midshipman…I shared a room with strangers…but we became friends and looked forward to seeing each other on our return visits.


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