A Difficult Task

It’s difficult to impress upon loved ones their need to change or to call their attention to sin in their lives. A situation that depicts this is why a farmer invites a neighboring farmer to prune his apple trees. It’s because the owner won’t prune his own trees as deeply as needed. Some people say, ” I’m not going to church anymore and have the preacher beat on me,when the fact is that good, solid preaching of God’s Word is what’s required to bring people to a place in their lives where they realize their need for Christ’s forgiveness. So, take your family to church.

Is it new?  I passed a billboard today that showed a concrete truck, the kind that travels the highways with its cylinder turning, and printed next to it were the words,”colored concrete.” That was new to me. And recently a bowling alley near us put out a sign offering 30 different flavors of soft ice cream. That was new, too, until yesterday when I ordered some and found that the machine actually added flavoring to the vanilla soft-serve.”

Our trip to Lancaster has ended and was met with success, although we did have to go out of our way, somewhat. We were looking for Sadie King, an Amish woman who on last year’s trip there sold me some Moon Flower plants. We knew where her farm was and drove right to it. We loved the Moon Flower plants, which blossomed at nighttime, their yellow blooms greeting us in the morning. By afternoon, the blossoms had fallen to the ground, but when the moon shone, new ones appeared. They were perennial plants but after a long winter, their small bushes didn’t show life again, as I expected.

I went to my flower books and the internet only to find nothing quite like them. No, they were not vines. Lo, and behold, about the middle of June many strange plants began to sprout where the Moon Flowers had stood. (other places, too, like in the sidewalk cracks, etc.) It had to be the Moon Flowers. I had read about flowers germinating late, this was, indeed, late. I transplanted some of them, thinned out the group of them and am waiting to see if there’s enough of summer left for them to bloom.

Back to my story about Mrs. King. We drove right to her house where there was a sign that read, “Closed.” A neighbor said she and her husband went to the “Green Dragon”, a huge farmers’ market. We searched for her there. (All this in 100 degree weather and no AC in the many buildings )……and found her!. “Yes,” she said the plants were Moon Flowers, an old fashioned plant. She thinks they won’t have enough of a growing season to bloom this summer, but I should have plenty of plants next spring. To make sure this really happens, I’m putting one of these plants in a pot and yes, taking it with me to Florida and back. That’s what you call beating the odds.

One thought on “A Difficult Task

  1. I’m glad you were able to find Mrs. King. Did you buy another one of the plants? I wish we could really identify it. Maybe it’ll bloom in Florida! That would be fun.


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