Prettier Than Ever

Shirl’s flower garden July 2011.   “I sing for joy at the works of your hands”  Psalm 92:4b

The fruits of our labor: Our daughter Janine Broscious holds two of the zucchinis our garden produced. Expert gardener, Pat Gudz says, “I guess you know Shirley, they are the easiest veggie to grow!” She’s right!

4 thoughts on “Prettier Than Ever

  1. I LOVE your flower garden. I know you put a lot of time and love into that garden and that’s why it looks so beautiful. I tend to plant things and then forget about them and wonder why they don’t flourish. Oh well, I’ll enjoy looking at other people’s gardens. lol


  2. I was always in my vegie garden at the Sweet Valley home…people would honk as they drove by even if they couldn’t see me they knew I was there.


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