Something To Think About

Some people spend hours and hours worrying about tomorrow,                                       But tomorrow like a budding flower may never blossom.

Some people spend hours and hours reliving yesterday,                                                        But yesterday like a wilted flower will no longer blossom.

I spend little time worrying about tomorrow or reliving yesterday,                                          For today like a fully blossomed flower in all its beauty is here to stay.                                 Thomas Moore

9 thoughts on “Something To Think About

  1. I think we need to remember yesterday to avoid making the same mistakes today & tomorrow, while not dwelling on it, and look forward to tomorrow with joy, and not fear what will come…God loves us to pieces, especially if we don’t fight with our brothers & sisters, eat our vegetables, & listen to our Daddy…


  2. God never promised tomorrow. and each day brings its own adversity and joys. If we fill each day with prayer and praise to the Father God we will no doubt have no time to worry about the past nor worry about the next day. We just need to remember to turn over to God all that comes our way and not hang on it.


  3. Worry is actually negative goal setting…99% of what we worry about never happens…”Worry doesn’t take away tomorrows problems…it takes away todays peace.” Checkout my FB Wall…”Our Thoughts”…it is also found in my notes.


      • I am enjoying your Blog very much…you help me to think about my life and the things I believe…and what is really important. I look forward to each new writting…it’s nice to have a positive connection from my growing up years…!!


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