It’s Not A Dream

No, I’m not dreaming when I say there is an amusement part where kids can ride for 25 cents. It’s at Olcott Beach Carousel Park, in Olcott, New York. It’s a delightful park where there is a carousel and five vintage kiddie rides. There’s more, too, a lovely park and a free trolley ride on which you learn the interesting history of this town, now being kept alive by the town’s people themselves. All this and it is situated on Lake Ontario where its cool breezes are a plus on hot summer days.  Its beach provides swimming for the family. There’s a lighthouse there, too, and a nearby town, Newfane, features many quaint shops. And you’ll love this, Niagara Falls is only a thirty minute drive away.

What took us to this unique place? Actually it was my husband’s interest in carousel band organs and our membership in COAA, “Carousel Organ Association Of America.” The organization hosted a rally there, last weekend,  where hundreds of people came to enjoy the 60 plus band organs and crank organs situated throughout the town. Ours was included. Most of the organs were vintage with a few of them being home-built. Ours is one of the home-built, a replica of the Wurlitzer Military Band Organ of the early 1900’s. Construction of this organ has taken over five years and we usually display and operate it at the organization’s summer rallies. It is also available for entertaining at local events and features the” happy music” so reminiscent of the band organ sounds heard on carousels at that time. These rallies take us to the most interesting locations throughout the country, this last one being especially impressive. Presented here with this writing is a photo showing me and my husband, Burl Updyke.

One thought on “It’s Not A Dream

  1. A lighthouse is my favorite thing…It represents God’s Light…I’m the row boat seeking His Light to find the right path…!!


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