A Few More Thoughts

Henry Gariepy has given us a few more examples of divine anticipation: God knew we’d be hungry so he put seeds in every piece of food; he knew we would be thirsty, so he put water in the clouds; he knew we’d be lonely, so he put family instinct within us; he knew that we would sin, so he provided a Savior.

2 thoughts on “A Few More Thoughts

  1. I like what you said about God providing a Savior…I was always confused as a child…in my opinion God was always changing His mind. But when I became a mother I did a one yr. walk through the Bible…I realized that God wasn’t changing His mind…but moving His children forward with baby steps…from barbaric to civilized. Showing us in the process that there is nothing we can do to be made right with God…sin had occured…and no matter how hard we tried the reconciliation would never be possible by works. Only through the shedding of all the blood of the sacrificial Lamb…the lamb without blemish that was sacrificed was representitive of the Lamb of God to come. That the people would recognize Him when He came.


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