Making A Change

Making changes in life are not always easy for people, yet it’s amazing to see how well change works for some. During a recent trip to Lancaster we saw an advertisement to visit a gourd farm. Everyone’s aware of the beautiful Amish farms in Lancaster.  As we drove along, we noticed the fields of corn, the dairy farms and yes, even rows and rows of tobacco. As we arrived at the address given, we saw acres of squash or pumpkin-like vines. However, on them hung gourds.

We drove up a flower-lined driveway and stopped at an attractive building and barn. As we left the car, it took us no time at all to see an Amish boy washing gourds under a high pressure water hose.  Another quick look and we saw huge bins and bins of gourds in both buildings. We’d always liked gourds, especially those that are transformed into bird houses. There was no shortage of this type, plus every other gourd imaginable.

Inside a delightful gift shop, there was everything you might need to create gourd projects, including the gourds themselves. A sweet, eighteen year old, Amish girl was there to wait on us. “Yes,” she said, “we used to be a dairy farm. Then started raising gourds and our family of eight began decorating them in our home. They sold so well that we decided to make a change.” This big change must have taken courage. How much easier it might have been to stay with the old, dependable way to farm, but their step of courage proved to be most successful for them. They raise nothing but gourds now and the family has made a successful change that has left them quite prosperous.

2 thoughts on “Making A Change

  1. I love to read books based on the Amish…I’ve been doing it for yrs. now…I like the hard work and how they are always there for each other. There are things I would change and I guess my family has…I’ve always known I was Pa. Duetch…just never connected it to Pa. Dutch…so my ansestors were Amish. I’m very pleased in knowing that. A lot of the foods I have grown up on are in the books I read. It fulfills me.


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