Shirl and Judi

I hesitate to call Judie May a know-it-all because it is oftentimes used as a derogatory remark. The dictionary says a know-it-all is someone who claims to know everything. Judie does not make this claim. But she knows a lot. I worked with Judie for five years and at the office we used to say, “Judie knows everything.” She’ll tell you that’s not so, but she does make it a point to stay informed about everything. I miss Judie and even more I miss saying,” Hey, Judie, do you know………..”  The photo shows Judie and I working together at an event. We made a good team.

4 thoughts on “Know-It-All

  1. Judi I can identify with you. It takes a person who wants to have knowledge,to know how to. Has many interests.And wants to do things the right way. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. I have many times been called a perfectionist,a know-it -all,etc. But then when someone wants to know how,or about something, they ask the “Judies” of the world. My parents had very little time(depression and war years) to spend showing us how-to, but they did send home a real valuable lesson… observant and then do thou likewise,get stuck then ask. When they taught us they made you do it right.Mother made me tear out a blouse sleeve 4 times before I got it right.I was in tears.She would not accept anything less.I was so proud when it passed. This is not to say we are really know-it-alls.We have a lot of areas we are weak in and don’t know. I always told my children “If I do not know the answer,I will find the answer for you and present you with the truth always”, or,if I felt they were capable ,I would tell them to hunt the answer up or tell them the same as my parents did.Be observant .My hat is off to you Judi.


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