The Afternoon Slump

Remember the tonic, Geritol, the multivitamin and iron supplement? I remember my parents taking it. I thought it was no longer available, but it is. You may find it in most drug stores. I said to my husband recently there must be something we could take that would give us a quick boost of energy so we would avoid the afternoon slump. “What about all the high energy drinks available today?” he offered. They’re very high in caffeine.  And then there are all sorts of vitamin enriched waters, but do they really work? I want something that is not just a stimulant but rather a genuine toner and strengthener like the old ad said about “Vin Vitae.” In 1902 it was referred to as “a tonic which we find is as yet unequaled.” It was a new and perfect tonic stimulant for the tired, weak and sick of all classes, a re-newer of energy, a stimulant for the fatigued, a strengthener for the weak, an effective and agreeable food for the blood, brain and nerves. It cost only 69 cents a pint and if I didn’t feel greatly improved in a few days, my money would be returned. I feel better just thinking about it! How do I get it?

5 thoughts on “The Afternoon Slump

    • I remember, well, the old “I Love Lucy” show where she is taking her tonic. AND it worked. The only problem was it was more than a tonic. It seems most of those old remedies had alcohol in them. Keep going, you’re doing fine.


  1. I have a rare circulatory disease and my wellness journey got a jumpstart from juicing locally organic farm grown vegies…carrot,red beet,cucumber,parsley…!!


    • Hi Karen: Thanks for the comment, but sorry to hear of your illness. How wonderful that organically grown vegetables are helping you. I understand that juicing is very good. God bless you and take care.


      • Just purchased a NutriBlast and I love it…unlike juicing the fiber is pulverized to make a thicker drink with less waste than juicing and easy clean up which makes me more willing to use it everyday…!!


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