You Never Knew Him!

No, you never knew Billy Sunday, personally. Perhaps you’ve heard of him or read about him. He was a famous baseball player in the national League, he was, until he became a preacher of God’s Word. He was born in 1862 and in the early 1900’s thousands and thousands of people heard him preach and thousands of converts were won to Christ.

I recently found an old book, published in 1914. It contains the heart of Mr. Sunday’s gospel messages. Here’s what he wrote about girls. ” I like to see a girl who has a good head, and can choose right because it is right, never minding the criticism. Choose the good and be careful of good company and good conduct, and keep company with a good young fellow. Don’t go with the fellow whose reputation is bad. Everybody knows it is bad, and if you are seen with him you will lose your reputation as well, although your virtue is intact; and they might as well take you to the graveyard and bury you, when your reputation is gone. ” It would do us well to hear some of his  straight, forward preaching, today. The book, “Billy Sunday, The Man and His Message,” is filled with the likes of  the above on every subject critical to godly living.

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