Hottest Item of The Year

Happy solar flower.

What makes something the hottest selling  item of the year? Is it always something we need?  No!  Something new? No! Something expensive? No! The hot item I’m thinking of is not the newest in technology that all the geeks just have to have. It has nothing to do with the cyber world, or at least I don’t think so.

It’s simple! Yet, it’s magical! Those qualifications are enough to catch a person’s eye and since it costs only one dollar, what’s to lose? I know I can not keep you guessing, especially since the item is pictured at the side of this blog. It is called a dancing solar flower and the dollar store sells it. And, yes, it was the hottest item of the year. Why?

Except for the reasons mentioned above, this little item’s magical quality is what draws people to it. You don’t have to wind it up, or feed it, yet, it continues to do “its thing,” and that thing is to brighten your day. At first I thought it was like a radiometer and would lift its leaves and nod it head when the sun shone. But, no, it gets busy as soon as daylight arrives, even on a cloudy day. Drag yourself out of bed and it’s nodding its head at you, finish reading the depressing news and it’s still happy. News may be depressing but this little gadget reminds us that our creator God has given us a new day to enjoy and live for Him.

A friend gave us ours. Then we thought we’d get another one, before they were gone, never to be seen on the shelves again. But we couldn’t find any.  They were gone! Then our friend, Mary Ann, came through again, she had an extra one. We were all set until we dropped the new one. Its plastic body looked o.k. but it didn’t nod its head or wave its petals any more. My engineer, husband took it to his shop. From this shop most things are brought back fixed. This tiny dollar item’s insides were actually well engineered,  but a very fine wire had detached itself from a very small coil. Somehow, Burl, my husband, soldered it back in place and guess what? It sits on the shelf above my kitchen sink nodding its head and raising it petals, every day reminding me of God’s faithfulness. I wonder if the inventor of this item knew how special this dollar item really is? And how can such an item be produced and sold for only one dollar?  By the way, I understand a new shipment is expected, this time featuring a sun flower. Maybe you already have one, maybe you should get one.

3 thoughts on “Hottest Item of The Year

  1. I resently gave one of these as a gift and she placed it on the windowsill to greet me each time I visit…I said…”How did you know the dancing flower was my favorite”?


    • Just spent the day at Knoebels Grove…our 62 Ryan Reunion. We received these solar flowers as a gift…my son Ryan’s is a butterfly…mine is a lady bug…!!


      • Sounds as if you had a great time. Those solar flowers you spoke are big selling items. If you recall, Karen, one of shirlandyou back posts was on these precious items. I have two, daisies, on my kitchen counter waving their petals continuously, well, until daylight leaves us. They make great gifts. Everybody appreciates them. Fun, too.


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