Home Is Where The Fun Is

Family members were home and we gathered around “Happy” one of the crank organs my  husband has built. We take turns at the crank and watch the paper roll miraculously make “happy” music. Never is this music played that it doesn’t result in smiling faces, and perhaps a few minutes when thoughts stray from troubles and trials.

Appropriate hats were worn for the photo. Jeremy is the handsome one in the middle. The handsome one to the right is Burl, my husband and organ builder. I'm on the left holding our great-granddaughter, Beth. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Johanna Broscious, brother and sister-in-law to Jeremy. Jonathan is heard daily on WRGN, Northeastern Pennsylvania's favorite Christian radio station.

Of course it’s apropos to roll out the crank organ when our family is celebrating. And this we were doing. Jeremy Broscious, our grandson, was home for a visit before returning to his Marine base in North Carolina. Jeremy, son of our daughter and husband, Matt  and Janine Broscious, has served in the Marines for three years. It shouldn’t have taken us by surprise that Jeremy decided to serve his country in the armed forces. He was raised to love and respect the United States.

Most of his time has been spent in Okinawa, an island off Japan where he served with an elite group that oftentimes goes on special missions to unexpected places. He is also the leader of a group of men. Is he happy in what he is doing? We watched pictures of him in training, facing all kinds of situations, including pepper spray in the eyes, to tromping through waist-high mud. “I loved it” he said.

Jeremy is just one of the thousands of men who are trained to protect our country. It was great having him home. He’s always been fun and has remained so. It’s obvious that he is happy, music or no music.  The fact that he will be married in April to a girl who is serving in the Marines adds to his happiness. She’ll understand why he wants to re-enlist. The organ will be rolled out again when we celebrate his marriage, and probably sooner, because, indeed, home is where the fun is.

8 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Fun Is

  1. It was such a joy to visit with you. And “Happy” always brings a smile to my face! Jeremy really does love serving our great country and its people. And we sure love our Jeremy!


  2. My husband Allan is 33 yrs. my senior. He served our country in WW2…29th Division…116th Infantry…fought in 4 of the 5 Campaigns…one mission was side by side with the 5th Rangers to secure the submarine base in The Brittany Penninsula…was wounded 3 seperate times. Grateful he returned home so we could raise our two children…heather 31…Ryan 29 Grateful for Jeremy’s service and all that have served so we can enjoy the freedoms that we do…!!


    • Thank you Karen, for your wonderful comments. We certainly are appreciative of the service your husband gave to this country. He is indeed to be honored and thanked from the bottom of our hearts. How is his health? Hope he is well and able to enjoy your family. May God bless you both.


      • Allan is in excellent health…still climbs trees and goes up on the roof…he is healthier and younger than I…he will be 87 in Feb.


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