It’s Shocking!!

Heidelberg Electric Belt

Actually they say it didn’t shock you and as you read what it was designed to do, you’d think you needed one.  It was called the Heidelberg Electric Belt and Sears and Roebuck had them for sale. There’s one displayed in the 1902 edition of their catalog.

You might think as I did that some of the claims for the belt were shocking! Yes, it was electric and contained a battery.

There were diseases for which the belt was recommended. What were they? To begin with, the electric currents it emitted reached diseased organs immediately. It was, quote,”a wonderful cure for seminal or vital weakness, nervous debility  and stops almost immediately the unnatural waste or loss of vitality.”  And they wanted you to believe that every member of the family would benefit from its use. If when digging around in the attic you find a strange looking apparatus, that could possibly wrap around you, check out the illustration at the side of this writing. You may have found a Heidelberg Electric Belt. Keep it!   It’s a collectible and tells you something about a long-ago relative. They didn’t feel well!

Are they being made today? I don’t think so. But most everyone is aware of today’s electric Ab Belt. The claims made for this belt is that it targets user’s abs and helps tone and define them, without weight lifting. Then there’s the Flex Belt, which tones you stomach and also burns fat.

Here’s a thought:, if you’re inclined to think the Heidelberg Electric belt  was a fake, like I do, then why are there still electric belts on the market? Is anyone out there a user and enthusiastic promoter of them? I’d like to hear from you.

One thought on “It’s Shocking!!

  1. I need one of these, maybe it can shock me everytime I want to snack !
    This is so interesting, I find it quite funny people would wear it, I wonder if anyone claimed to have “felt” better after wearing one? Sometimes when feeling sick ,one will try anything to get well.
    $12.00 would have made it fairly expensive, don’t you think?


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