Never Met Him Before

He stopped by to see us. He was impressed with my husband’s home built band organ. “It has a sweet sound,” his wife said.

He is Ned Niemiec, trainer and driver of a team of Clydesdale horses. There is no doubt he is strong and skilled. Imagine harnessing all that power, while holding back 17,000 pounds of horse flesh. He works for the Hallamore Corp. which owns the horses. Sitting high on a wagon seat, he knows he must keep the huge team under control while driving them through crowds of people. This he was doing at the Big E

Ned Niemiec with the team of magnificent Clydesdales

Fair in Massachusetts where we met him. Each of the Clydesdale horses stands six feet tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 2500 pounds. Their ages average eight years. Washing and grooming a team like this takes up to five hours. Only excellent  care was evident here, the huge animals were meticulously groomed, down to the long hair surrounding their feet.

What perked his interest in our band organ? He has more than interest and love of horses, he just completed installing a theater organ in his home. He enjoyed the show coming from the band organ and we loved the performance of the team of eight Clydesdale horses under his command.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               One never knows who they might meet next!

4 thoughts on “Never Met Him Before

  1. These horses are beautiful. And yes it is awesome to be able to harness and control them.A lot of love and training put into them.


  2. Wow! He sounds like he was really interesting! and those horses are just gorgeous. I think I would be a little afraid of them if I got close though. I hoping to meet some interesting people soon too!


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