Similar But Much Different

You may wonder where I get my ideas for this blog. Sometimes they seem to drop out of nowhere. Here’s an example. My husband recently said, “You look like Jackie


Kennedy in that photo.” The lights flashed on in my brain. I wasn’t convinced that this was true, but could there be some similarities? So here we go!

Some of you are thinking, who is Jackie Kennedy, while others know well that she was the wife of the 35th president of the United States. I’m doing this out of no disrespect for the late Mrs. Kennedy. However, in reading this you’ll get to know me better and be refreshed on a bit of history, too.

She was the same height and the same weight as I am ( five foot eight, 130 lb). She had brown hair and brown eyes. I try to keep my hair close to my original dark, brown color but my eyes are blue. Our  similarities don’t end there. She loved books and she directed the establishment of her husband’s library. I founded WRGN’s Good News Library and wrote the book, “Vision to Reality,”  about my husband’s and my work founding and operating WRGN. Although she wanted to, she never wrote a book but she did help her husband write the  book, “Profiles in Courage.”

Now in many ways we are different.  She was first lady of the United States. My claim to fame is being first lady to my husband of nearly sixty years. She was comfortable surrounded by maids, butlers, and nurses. I have never had that experience. She was the first “First Lady” to be born in a hospital, I was born at home.

Jackie (everyone called her that), was a fashion icon. I love clothes, but I’ve never had a fashion designer, such as Oleg Cassini,  to do my “original”  wardrobe. Remember her pill box hats? Everyone started wearing them in the 50’s. Pearls were her signature piece of jewelry. I love jewelry and have my own designer, my daughter, designer/owner of Gentle Spirit Creations.  O.K.!!  Are you still with me, and enjoying the journey with shirlandyou? You’re free to laugh a little.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

We’re not  similar in that she spoke several languages, excelled at art, she restored the interior of the White House and had a life-long passion for horse riding. My only two experiences at horse back riding are not worth mentioning. She lost children at birth, this sad experience has been mine also. Of course, there’s much more to her life. After the assassination of her husband,  she married Aristole Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate,  and after his death, became editor at two book publishing companies. I, too, worked in this capacity as editor/publisher of Country Impressions, a local, community newspaper. One my husband and I also founded.

She was proud of her French heritage, my parents always said we were Pennsylvania Dutch. She loved the bonds of family and friends and had a spirit of adventure, in these we are the same. She has had a great impact on the entire world. My impact is in a much smaller world, and my aim is to be mainly remembered for my love of God.

There you have it. It took courage to make similarities with someone of Jackie Kennedy’s prominence. But each one of us has a place of importance in this world. So as they say, “Shine in the corner where you are.”

P.S. I think it’s the sunglasses, don’t you?

8 thoughts on “Similar But Much Different

  1. Shirley, in your photo, there is a natural beauty and security that shines through you as a result of your relationship with Jesus Christ, which out shines any of the world’s glamour or prestige.


  2. That was fun! Jackie always seemed like an interesting person and I didn’t know all of that about her. You are both beautiful and have both impacted those around you. So it is a good comparison! I must say, though, that I like your jewelry better than hers! 🙂


  3. WONDERFUL! This was so fun to read.
    WOW! You DO look like her! That is neat. I grew up feeling like I had my very own icon -you.This may come acrooss as fattery, but in all honesty I am telling truth. I can remember enjoying countless times at the mall with you. Pop would read in the mall by the fountain or play the painos in the middle of the mall, while we would enjoy looking at clothes. This was a very important time for me .It helped grow my confidence .
    .I can not think back on a time where you didn’t look FANTASTIC. I mean that AND I know I all your grandaughters and great gandaughters and would agree. We are all VERY proud to call you our Nana. You also challange us –oh ,to be like Nana! ( ;
    I remember recieving my first jar of cream foundation from you. You graciously gave me all those neat samples you would recieve . It was like a young girls heaven ! ( ; giggle.

    Yes, you will be remembered as a God fearing woman -beautiful inside and out. Thank you.

    Hey , I never knew you where home birthed ! How cool! Were all your siblings?

    By the way—No , it wasn’t the glasses!


  4. Hello Shirl, I enjoyed your blog and the fact that you are sharing bits and pieces of your life with us, is wonderful.!The picture of you wearing the sunglasses is a good representation of the photograph of Jackie Kennedy, wearing similar shades. I definitely see a likeness, and it is not just the sunglasses. LOL I think that your dark hair and the shape of your face shows great likeness to Jackie Kennedy’s. It is neat that you have a picture of yourself that makes you look like someone famous. I wonder how many other people would be able to come up with pictures of themselves, looking like a celebrity or famous person??!!?? You certainly have a sense of style and class, just like Jackie Kennedy did!


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