A Journey To Remember

Evening in Paris – sounds like a journey, doesn’t it? A few years ago my husband and I packed our bags and joined up with travelers going with Rick Steve’s “Seeing Europe Through The Back Door.” This time it was a tour to France. Then, before ending the tour and retuning home, we arranged for, not one, but two evenings in Paris.

There were many wonderful museums to explore. We went to the Louvre and stood looking over the heads of many people to catch a glimpse of the famous painting of Mona Lisa, by Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci. We were struck by its small size and how it had gained world-wide notoriety. While mixing with the people of Paris, we enjoyed walking over the bridges of the city while taking in awesome views of the Seine river. We explored, too, the paths leading under the bridges, remembering the song, “Under The Bridges of Paris.” The song was right about it being a place for both, vagabonds and lovers, a rather popular hangout. even today.

During a bus trip on the city streets of Paris we were filled with awe for the grandeur and antiquity of the city. Then on foot we made our way down many city blocks until we came upon what seemed like a strangely open space on which set the Eiffel Tower. Imagine people being opposed to the construction of this landmark. They were, when it was constructed there in 1889. Since then, It has become a global icon.

Wait a moment, hold everything! When I started writing this blog, the “Evening In Paris” I

Evening In Paris perfume cannot be found at the Mall.

had in mind was not the famous European city, but the perfume by this name. I remember my mother receiving the small, cobalt blue vial of this perfume every Christmas. When I was yet in my early teens, my first present from my first and only boyfriend and husband to-be, was a set of “Evening In Paris” toiletries. It was a heady perfume and it made its debut in 1926 and was an instant hit. It was the favorite perfume during World War II. In the 1950’s, it was called “the fragrance more  women wear than any other in the world,” yet, in 1969 it disappeared. In 1992 Chanel reformulated it and it is sold today under the name, Soir de Paris, “The Most Popular Fragrance in the World.” A few years ago, I found a bottle of this tucked under the Christmas tree, and I believe the scent is the same as I remember it, but to me, to be authentic, it needs the name “Evening In Paris.” (in English.) After checking further I found that it is now available under the name. “Evening In Paris” at the Vermont Country Store. Rumors have it that I may find it, this year, under the Christmas tree at our house..

My favorite scent today is “Red,” but even it is becoming out-of-vogue and difficult to find. Today women and men like the idea of being distinguished by a scent they splash on their faces in the morning.  Centuries and centuries ago, the apostle Paul became very excited about a fragrance as he wrote, ” For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”  Today, this life giving fragrance is experienced when the gift of life, the gospel, is shared. It is recognized the world-over as the aroma that is needed to attract the perishing to Christ. The soft fragrance of “Evening In Paris” may have helped along many a young romance, but the aroma of Christ can bring a relationship with the true God, one that will last for eternity.

16 thoughts on “A Journey To Remember

  1. Bravo!!

    I loved this blog story. Thank you for writing it. ( ;
    I am enjoying hearing stories of past. Especially the ones that include you and pop. ( ; How fun to hear the story of the first gift you recieved from him, I never knew that!

    I remember you wearing Eternity when I was a girl. I bought it when I “grew up” and could afford it with babysiting money I earned as a teenager.

    May we be a fresh breath of air to those around us as we share Jesus’ love. How neat. I like how you explained that verse.

    Guess what I want for Christmas now!!?? ( :


    • I love to hear your comments on my posts. You always catch the enthusiasm I felt as I wrote it. I don’t think I can guess what you want for Christmas. Probably its more outreach to others, something for the kids or your husband. I hope it’s something personal, like “Evening In Paris perfume.:)


    • Giggle! I want “Evening In Paris” perfume !
      I think it would be so fun! Sentamental.Imagine if one of my lady friends would comment on my new perfume and I could explain it is the same as my Nana’s, the one she recieved as a teen from her only love! It would be a great conversational piece! ( :

      My mom and Grammy Gittens wore “Wind Song” and my Sage wears it at times. I get to homesick for them if I smell it ,though. ( ;
      Do you have any photos of the two of you around the time he presented the gift? Oh, I would be so happy to see it! ( ;


  2. Shirley, I love your story. All the way from Paris, to perfume, to Life with Christ. You describe things so well, it’s as though I was there 🙂
    Thank you again, for sharing a part of yourself (and Burl, of course) with us.
    God Bless.


    • Ann Marie: I look for your comments each time I make a new post. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and the New Year that brings you better health, new friends, a closeness to God, and greater understanding of what He wants in your life. God bless.


  3. No wonder I had not heard of this perfume since it disappeared when I was eight! lol. Lovely post. It is such fun reading these and learning even more about my wonderful parents! I, too, hope to be that beautiful aroma that helps others want to know Jesus.


    • You have that aroma, God has given you many opportunities to be a witness for Him, and you always take them. Thanks, Janine, for being that wonderful you, one of my and your dad’s greatest blessings.


    • It will be fun to hear if you “recognize ” the scent ! Memeories come flooding back to me with scents. Perfumes, atic smells , certain candies and air freshners….all kinds of scents can send me down memory lane!
      Wouldn’t it be fun if you think it smells like your “mommy” when you were a girl?


  4. Your blogs captivate and enlighten, like a breath of fresh air or “an evening in Paris”. God has given you many gifts and talents, and one of them is sharing your creative writing, ideas and wonderful insight with others.


  5. God should be an “obsession” in all of our lives. We should all hope to spend “eternity” with him. Sin is a “poison” that we should all try to avoid. God wants only the best for us. If we follow God’s word, then we can truly be “heavenly”. God knows that we are “magnifique” because we are his creation and he loves us. We should all try to be like dream angels and be “heavenly”.

    This said…using the names of some of my favorite colognes.


  6. I loved you favorite colones blurb -So Fun!!!! It should go in a womans devotional!

    Yes, I think Heaven will be -“Lovely” (perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker) and “Beautiful” (by Estee Lauder)with lots of “Rare Pearles” and “Rare Diamonds” (AVON) Giggle ! ( ;


    • Tiffy,

      I like you addition to my blog using the names of colognes. Your Grandmother has started something fun here! LOL How are you and your family? Your children are beautiful!!! Merry Christmas, Tiffy, I love you!!


  7. hi shirl i remember evening in paris and the blue bottle..i am enjoying readung your blog..you and burl have a merry christmas and to all the family..love ada mae


    • It is so great to be able to keep in touch this way. Did you know Joan Britt is on Face Book? So is Carol and her daughter. I hope you see what I am doing on Face Book. Maybe your girlwho is good on computers could get you on. I wish you the very, merriest of Christmases and the most blessed New Year. Keep checking my blog. My goal is to get a new one on once a week. We’re expecting carolers from our church, tonight, caroling for the elderly. We feel no more like the elderly than a 30 year old. In fact, seems like yesterday that we were doing the caroling……… The carolers just left, Burl played his band organ for them, we are so blessed.


  8. I remember my Grandma wearing Evening in Paris when I was a little girl. I’ve always loved the smell! I found a bottle at an antique store this summer that was full of the perfume! Brought back many memories. It’s found a place on my bathroom shelf. Thanks for writing.


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