Friend or Culprit?

What holds our feet down to the ground? What keeps things from falling off the universe? It’s our friend, gravity. I’m told that it is our friend! It is the glue that sort of holds everything together and I suppose we should be thankful for it. We say that what goes up must come down, that’s because of gravity. But is it truly our friend?
We still don’t know everything about gravity. Even a genius, like Einstein

Even Einstein didn't have all the answers.

didn’t have all the answers. Have you ever seen water run up hill? Gravity keeps it from doing that. There’s a gravitational pull to gravity and a compressive force. Now you’re thinking, “hold it Shirley, you are getting too scientific.” Read on, friend, and at the end of this journey, you’ll decide I’m definitely not a scientist.

                                                                                                                           I do have some questions about what effect this “thing” has on my body. I can’t see it,  touch, or smell it, but all of us past the age of forty, has a sneaking suspicion it may have something to do with aging. Is gravity the culprit that causes the hanging skin on the under side of women’s arms and the thickening of the middle, even though we haven’t gained weight? That’s pointing the finger where it belongs, because according to what I’ve read the constant force of gravity can do this.
 It takes time for the downward pull of gravity to have its effect on our faces and causes us to lose one-half to two inches in height. And the compressive force I mentioned earlier, works on the discs in our backs squeezing out the fluid between them, which explains the reduction in height. Not to mention those compression wrinkles at the waist that we call love handles. What about our interiors? The affect of gravity also takes place there, as organs fall out of their proper places.
In writing this article, I had hoped to put the blame where blames lies. However, some of you are content to call these effects, I refer to, as aging. So let’s compromise and say old age is natural, thanks to gravity.
When it comes to combating aging I’m a firm believer in exercise. Well, I was until I read that running only assists gravity in compressing the liquid between the discs in the back, followed, eventually, by the loss of height and a bad back. Let’s face it, thanks to gravity, old age is natural, No, we don’t understand it and maybe there’s a compromise here. Who wants to fall off the universe? Actually, much of life is beyond our control. I’m glad to leave such matters in the hands of the of the One who not only controls the universe, but even gravity.

10 thoughts on “Friend or Culprit?

  1. As I get older, I often think of gravity and the effect that it has on all of us and our bodies. It certainly isn’t “a friend”, when you consider how it effects our looks and our bodies! I think that I would feel more positive about aging and gravity, if I had lived during the era of George Washington….LOL….back then, men wore white wigs to make themselves look “distinguished”. It was fashionable and viewed as… “with age, comes wisdom”. At present, I don’t think that white hair and aging is viewed in quite the same way, as it was back then. However, gravity does play an important part in all of God’s creation. Waterfalls certainly would not look as they do, if it weren’t for gravity. We would all be floating around in space, if it weren’t for gravity! None of us are getting any younger, and gravity effects all of us to some degree or another. We are in this thing, called life, together!!!! God wants us to be there for each other; and he wants us to experience life together. Gravity and all that it effects is a part of nature, our universe and God’s great beautiful creation. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts and views on gravity and how it is a part of God’s creation. You always have something interesting to say!!! 🙂


  2. hi shirley,, i also am feeling the effects of gravity..i always thought of getting older of doing it gracefully but as gravity has its way that is out the window..i guess the secret is taking each day as it comes and thank god their is another day..whether it is with or without the gravity ia am thankful for every ada mae


  3. Excellent article!!! you’re very good at what you’re doing. Oh Gravity definitely did it’s number on my body. What was north went south, big time. But yes you are so right about it. It is all in God’s hands. All that God created is so intricately & wonderfully made. He’s awesome!!!


  4. I’m grateful to be getting old…I look forward to each new grey hair…I’ve earned everyone of them…getting old is a part of living…my mother never had the opportunity to get old. My foundation is being grounded in the Lord. The world can take our joy from us if we let it…my prayer is His strength for the day to be His Light in the darkness. We can take what the world has given us…good and bad…because He has the Power to turn everything to good for those who love Him…I love Him so much that it spills out. Thanks for giving me the chance to think about what I believe.


  5. I’m pretty thankful for gravity, although I certainly don’t understand it. I’ve seen documentaries about what astronauts go through in space and a lack of gravity is really hard on the body too! lol. But you are right. God has it all planned out. And knows what we need. I like what Karen said. The privilege of each day is a blessing!


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