A Subject Many Avoid

At church, recently, a guest preacher announced that he would speak on a subject that is often avoided in church. “Today I’m going to give you hell,” he said. He reminded us that the Bible says more about hell than it does about heaven. The book of Luke is filled with parables of Jesus, but when we begin to read in the sixteenth chapter, verse 19, Jesus is talking about a true happening in which a person is named. The speaker proceeded with his sermon in which the emphasis was that Jesus, himself said there is a hell.

In Bible days  the Pharisees believed wealth to be proof of a person’s righteousness. But here was Jesus himself talking about a beggar, Lazarus, who was in heaven and a rich man in hell. Abraham was with Lazarus. A diseased beggar is rewarded and a rich man is punished.  While the rich man was alive he didn’t have time for the Scriptures or to listen to the prophets and he hadn’t had time for the beggar and had not offered him help, but now the rich man is asking Lazarus, the poor man, for help. They are able to see each other. But, there was a huge chasm between them and  it was too late to honor his request. The rich man’s request was, would Abraham allow Lazarus to dip his finger in water and let just a drop of water drip on his tongue to cool him. Just a drip of water was all he requested. Why? Because his agony was so great in the fire of hell.

The chasm kept this from taking place and Abraham said it was there to keep those unable to go to the rich man’s side and to keep anyone from crossing over from the other side. Then we see some evangelism taking place. The rich man asked Abraham to let Lazarus go to his father’s house for he had five brothers. He thought if they saw Lazarus, raised from the dead, they would believe and would not come to the same place of torment where he was. Abraham knew even this would not change their minds, they had Moses and the prophets to whom they didn’t listen, and someone rising from the dead would not convince them either.

Today, there is a cross that delivers us from hell, just as it did in Jesus’ day. Jesus knew that even when he had risen from the dead, people would not accept him. They were set in their ways and neither Scripture, nor God’s Son himself, would shake them loose from their unbelief. The rich man may not have believed there was a hell until he got there. Then it was too late.

What made this preacher so adamant to tell others about the truth of hell? He recalled that as a child he frequently heard about hell in his church and when at night he would repeat the “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Prayer.” he felt scared about going there. He said that for him to withhold this information would be for a doctor to keep information from a sick person, who would die because he had not told his patient of their condition and began treatment for it. This preacher knows that God says what he means and means what he says. What are your thoughts on the subject of hell? Should it be avoided?

7 thoughts on “A Subject Many Avoid

  1. It would be so nice to believe that there is no hell, only a Heaven where everyone gos after this life. But then, That would make Jesus a liar. That would make God a liar and we know that is impossible. There can be no Heaven without a hell also. So many today, even some Churches, teach that there is no hell because they’re afraid it may be offensive to people and deter them from Christianity. Just as there are laws on the Earth there are Heavenly Laws and just as there are consequences for breaking the Laws of Earth, (prison, death, etc), there are consequences for breaking God’s Laws (sin) and that is Hell.
    Enjoyed your article Shirley, as I always do.


  2. No, Shirley. It shouldn’t be avoided. We would do anything in our power to warn someone that their house was on fire. How much more so when they will suffer in a torment that is without end. For anyone wanting to read more about this besides the Biblical account, check out John Bunyan’s story about his visit to hell and also the book, “23 Minutes in Hell.” I can’t remember the author but anyone can Google it. It’s pretty graphic. Also an article by Matthew Botsford in his new book, “A Day in Hell.” Botsford spoke to The Christian Post about his experience when he says he was shot by a bullet in the head and died. He says he was, “Taken to hell.” While he was being tormented, a hand came down to his rescue and simply said, “It’s not your time.” He was in a coma for 27 days and lived to testify that hell does exist and that it is definitely not a place anyone wants to go to, especially when it wasn’t intended for humanity.


  3. I think the subject of hell should definitely be presented so people are aware of the consequences of not receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, but I do not believe that it should be used as a motive of scaring people into accepting Christ.


    • Hi Melissa: Thank you for your comment on my recent blog. I agree with you 100 percent. What a blessing it is to me to have grandchildren who love the Lord and God’s Word and that includes you. Watch for my next post this Sunday.


  4. Hey Nanna,
    I just found your blog!

    I think Hell should be mentioned and talked about as well as sin and evil. We’ve become such a complacent society. I personally feel Truth is avoided in an effort to not offend. It seems I hear that a lot anymore… I feel it is truly a shame that it is ‘rare’ to hear about such imperative issues that directly effect our spiritual well-being.

    My husband and I just starting looking for another church for this very reason. I felt the sermons were lacking in depicting these elements. I personally want to be challenged in my relationship with God and I want to be reminded and provided tools to manage such things in my life!

    I can also see the moral struggles of our country worsening, i feel strongly that it’s because in general we have become to afraid to discuss evil, sin, and hell.

    God bless this pastor for taking the plunge. May we all strive for more truth in our lives, being willing to share, and willing to receive.


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