The Benefits Of A Walk, Especially One!

While on a two-month stay in Florida, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do some walking. I wondered how this daily walk would benefit me? I enjoy

...on my daily walk.

being outdoors and being active but like employment or other activities, there’s always that question, how do I benefit from it?

I decided to walk early in the morning, leaving about 6:30 a.m., and when the time change came, I found I was beginning my walk in the dark. There were advantages to this: seeing the sun rise and hearing the birds awaken as they greet each new day with their singing. Another reason I chose early morning was because I would be back home before other household members were up, namely my husband, and just in time to get breakfast. (He prefers bike riding to walking, which has it worth.)

I thought that probably the longer I walked, the greater the benefits would be. The experts say walking is relaxing, and a stress reliever, both worthwhile, not to mention a calorie burner. I clocked the route I would take and it measured three and one half miles. Actually I worked out my route by walking briskly for one hour, ending up at home and then checking the distance. It wasn’t until after my plans were made that I decided to learn what the experts say a good walking speed is and found it is three or four miles per hour, five or more days a week. Right on!

Do you know that you get the same benefits from treadmill and outdoor walking?  It’s easy to increase the speed on the treadmill, and easy, too, to learn speed walking techniques. I found that counting my steps helped me keep an even speed. Because most people were not up yet, I’d count silently, one, two three, four, over and over again. Swinging the arms comes naturally, and carrying weights, another technique, is one I have not attempted, yet.

The route I chose is in the R.V. park where we reside. (Yes, the park covers many miles.)  Although my route is always the same, each walk is different. One morning while walking under a row of palm trees, a loud black bird seemed to follow me as he flew above, from tree to tree. Dog walking is a necessity for pet owners at the park so I met the same dogs and owners nearly every morning. I got to recognize many dedicated walkers, but we seldom stopped to talk. After all, we were not out for a stroll, no it was the gainful effects we were after.

Readers of “shirlandyou” know that I oftentimes end my blog posts with some inspirational thoughts. Because of the time of this year, my thinking has turned to a walk that Jesus made within the old city of Jerusalem. Today this place is one of Christian pilgrimages and is marked by the stations of the cross. It is the path that Jesus walked to His crucifixion and is known as the Via Dolorosa, ” the way of suffering.”

Before Jesus’ walk began, he was flogged and crowned with thorns. It was a walk He knew was coming and was included in God’s plan for us. Jesus carried with Him the cross on which He died. He could have called ten thousand angels, he could have disappeared, but He was making an investment in us. He kept on walking. Yes, He invested His life in us so that we could live eternally. His walk benefits us greater than any walk we will ever take.

10 thoughts on “The Benefits Of A Walk, Especially One!

  1. Amen Shirley. The unconditional love that Jesus Christ has for us, to willing give His life, so that we may have life eternal, is the truest example of sacrifical and unconditional love.
    Once again you have shared, exactly what I needed to hear at the precise time I needed to hear it. From your story, I am reminded that I need to start walking again on a regular basis. It not only keeps us healthy and makes us healthier, it can also be a reminder to us of the Wonders of God’s Marvelous Creation.
    “Billy” Van Horn


    • Thanks Billy. Hope you are able to “squeeze in” walking because as you say it’s so good for you. I know you keep busy trying to keep face book friends informed on our government situations, keep it up! So glad you find shirlandyou an encouragement.


  2. Well Shirley, the walk that Jesus took was long , hard, brutal and agonizingly painful. But because of His walk when I step off this earth I will “walk” into heaven for a sweet life that will last forever. I’ll always be mindful that his walk paved the way for mine!


    • Thanks Bill for the wonderful comment. The comments coming from the readers of “shirlandyou” make the post so much more interesting. Hope to hear from you again. Blessed Easter*!*


  3. I was so happy to see your thoughts turn to the journey that Jesus took…for Lent our church
    is doing a “Walk to Jerusalem”…to honor Jesus and a way to keep us healthy on our own journey…have you ever heard the “Via Dolorosa” by Sandi Patti…? I trust you and yours enjoy this season of Lent…Holy Week…and especially Easter…the Hope he has given us all…as we come together around the table. Happy Easter…!!


    • Hi Shirley, I miss my early morning walks I use to take with my dog. It was a nice time to talk with the Lord and connect with all He has created. The birds, trees, blue sky, and sunrise. I hope my foot problem will resolve one day so I can once again walk as freely and painlessly as in the past. God Bless.


    • You also have a blessed Easter. How important it is to place our thoughts that day, and every day on our Savior. Yes, on Sandi Patti’s rendition of Via Dolorosa.. God has gifted her with an incredible voice. Thanks for commenting.


  4. It sure sounds like you enjoy your early morning walks. You look like a young girl in this photo!! Walking is definitely good for the soul ….body, mind and spirit!!! Happy Easter!!!


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