Who Are Easter People?

After many years of celebrating Easter, I had never before heard the term, “Easter People.” I soon learned that it is the type of person I am striving to become. It is a person who lives Easter every day. Someone who is aware of the awesome and amazing life giving power of the Resurrection. In living Easter each day, a person remembers that because of the Resurrection the world is not the end but instead, they will someday wake up into life that is eternal.

As Easter approaches this year, it conjures up memories of that special day when I was

When these daffodils were planted they looked lifeless - now they have new life, just like we have through Christ!

a child.  There were new clothes, well not entirely new, they were clothes from an aunt made over to fit me, by a seamstress. Patent leather shoes went with the dress, (never white, they weren’t worn until after Memorial Day), a new hat, and a basket of goodies. Then there was church. The whole family didn’t go, just the four of us kids. Sometimes I wonder if we were sent to church because it would reflect well on the family? But church had a far greater effect on me, I learned there that I had a Savior who died for my sins, was buried and rose again on the third day. It took me a while to realize that Christ died once for all and that it is His blood that cleanses people from their sins. Fortunately both of my parents came to this realization before their deaths.

For some people, Easter is just another day. In some places, like the UK, Easter is becoming close to being banned for fear of offending the minority. This may be coming here in the U.S., as well. Recently a college is considering eliminating holidays. This means students won’t be home to worship God on days celebrated for this purpose.

Is the true meaning of Easter lost, because of today’s traditions? I believe the Easter basket is not responsible for losing the meaning, but instead, it’s people who know not the true meaning or care not to pass it on to their families. Even an Easter basket can tell the true meaning of Easter as a chocolate cross graces its center and tiny marshmallow chicks represent the new life given us at Christ’s death.

Before writing this post of shirlandyou, I researched the question, “what does Easter mean to you?” I couldn’t help but weep when I read that some people couldn’t believe in the Holy Bible as proof that there is a divine God or a heavenly spirit. Today many children are not given the opportunity to hear the life saving messages being preached in Bible believing churches. Better that they be sent than to miss ever hearing about God.

“Easter People” live with these words ringing in their hearts. “I serve a risen savior, He’s in the world today. I know that He is living whatever men my say.” “Easter People” know that Jesus loves them and when He died for them He had a plan for their lives. That plan includes everlasting life, and there’s more, it’s becoming the feet and hands, heart and mind of God, now, as we continue the work of Christ in our own time. Are you among the “Easter People” of today?

8 thoughts on “Who Are Easter People?

  1. I remember when I “counted God as an enemy in my mind”, as Paul mentioned in Colossians. I was running from the mixed message of my Catholic upbringing, terrified that I could not do enough good works to “earn” my way into God’s favor. Eventually I realized that Christ did not die so God would love me, but Christ went to the cross BECAUSE our Father loved me. Quite a difference. The quiet Peace of the Cross will always be heard over the roar of those who want to muffle its meaning–else I certainly would not have heard it.


  2. Sorry if I repeat myself…I always think of that first Communion shared at The Last Supper…how the disciples had no idea what Jesus was telling them…then how different was the sharing of that second Communion when they understood what the eating of the Bread and the drinking of the Wine represents…that’s how we know Jesus rose from the dead…the disciples went from hiding to dying for Jesus…and Chuck no one can take that peace and joy that you have come to know…there is nothing we have to do for Jesus has done it All…we can never repay the gift He has given…but we can live out our lives as Easter People so that all can know Him.


  3. Each year I put together and Easter basket for my son, Dominick. (Even though he is 19 years old). LOL I always take care to include a chocolate cross or a lamb….something that is symbolic of Jesus and how he died for our sins. The best way to honor our Father is by living our lives for him, to the best of our ability…or by “living Easter each and everyday”. It saddens me when I hear people say “happy holidays”, instead of “Happy Easter” or “Merry Christmas”. I fear that our country is losing its values and forgetting why American came to be such a great place to live …..our Country’s traditions, government and beliefs were originally founded on God. “In God We trust”…this verse also seems to be disappearing from our coins; and prayers have disappeared from our schools. It us up to us….the Believers and Christians, to remain strong in our faith….never losing sight of God and keeping our eyes on Jesus and the cross. It is also our responsibility to help others to learn of God when the opportunity presents itself….being informative and engaging, and never condeming or judgemental. Being a Christian is not easy, but dying on the cross for our sins was not easy either! Jesus knows what is truly in our hearts.


    • Amen and amen. Thank you, Colleen for the great comment. How true, when you said, it’s up to us to remain strong in our faith. This needs to done today, more then ever. Keep it up!


  4. Easter is the most special of days. We do indeed serve a RISEN Savior! I am thankful for His saving grace and for working every day in my life. I am also thankful for my parents taking me to church to learn about Him. Easter was always so special. New clothes, sunrise service, breakfast at church, a beautiful service and then a family meal. Thanks, Mom, for all the lovely memories!


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