” Me and My Shadow”

We recently sat  in a restaurant when two people approached our table, one of them the waitress, the other a trainee. “He’s shadowing me,” said the waitress. Funny that this statement would bring back memories, but it did. I remember well the song “Me And My

My shadow and I.

Shadow.” It became popular way back in 1927 when Al Jolson sang and danced to it. Since then, recorded versions were made by Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Perry Como, Glenn Miller and Donald O’Connor, to mention a few.

What I remember most about the song was singing it with my mother while she washed and I dried dishes. She was often asked, “Is this your daughter, she looks just like you?” So as we practiced the song, my mother would say, “Someday, we’ll sing it on stage, and you’ll follow behind me and be my shadow.” We never did this! But, at the time, I loved being told that I looked like my mother’s shadow, until later years as I look in the mirror and think, “I look more like my mother every day.” I believe many women today can relate to this.

The title “Me and My Shadow,” is grammatically incorrect, but “My Shadow and I” just doesn’t have the same ring. The song speaks of being lonely and makes you feel melancholy, unless you watch an old video of Don O’Connor doing it, then you laugh. I know the words by heart. “Just me and my shadow strolling down the avenue, Just me and my shadow, not a soul to tell our troubles too, And when it ‘s twelve o’clock we climb the stairs, we never knock, ’cause nobody there. Just me and my shadow all alone and feeling blue.” The tune is catchy with the ideal rhythm to tap dance to.

Certain times of the day, the sun reflects an image of one’s self on the ground. What child hasn’t been amazed to find his shadow for the first time. I look at my shadow, that dark representation of myself, and wonder if my hips really look that wide. So you see I don’t take it very seriously, but some people take the word “Shadow” to mean the dark side of a personality, our unconsciousness, an entity existing apart from a person.

As a child, I would listen, with my two brothers, to a radio program called, “The Shadow Knows.”  The Shadow was always the good guy and he knew all about the bad guy. He knew all, and undoubtedly knew about all those qualities we are said to hide from ourselves but which remain active in our unconscious. Yes, these qualities form a splinter personality or complex, maybe like we’ve seen in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. For some it may be the Devil or Satan that they must come to terms with in their shadow.

This writing all began with a fun song, “Me and My Shadow,” So what happened?  I got sidetracked. The shadow I know about is not an invading alien force, nor it it evil or demonic. I look at my shadow and I make it dance and as I walk, I’m thankful there is another shadow beside mine, my life’s mate’s.

Getting back to the waitress who said her helper was shadowing her. There’s only one person I want to shadow and that’s Jesus. He’s always there and chases away the blues and loneliness, too. How about you?

14 thoughts on “” Me and My Shadow”

  1. Amen Shirley. To Shadow Jesus is the ultimate goal and greatest compliment we as Christians can obtain, when that shadow is recognized by others. The greatest thing I’ve ever had said to me is: “You’re a Christian!” when someone noticed my “shadow” of Jesus. BUT… Those same exact words have also been said to me that brought me shame and dishonor and put me on my knees, begging for forgiveness. How can that be? They put a question mark after those same words that made me feel Great. “You’re a Christian???” WOW!!! Those words piereced me like a sword. Those times I “Shadow” the “SON” are good and joyful days. The times I “Shadow” the Sun are the days I need to reflect a different, Life Giving, Life Sustaining Light!!! Thank You Shirley for This and All of your posts. You know how to pierce our minds and hearts with provoking thought. God Bless You †


  2. I wish I could hear you sing the tune! (Can Pop record it?) That would be lovely ,as I always did enjoy when you would sing songs that I as a child called “Nana and Pop’s old fashioned songs.” Do you remember singing”Oh ,dear what can the matter be” at my wedding reception? ( ; Wonderful !!!!
    Nice post.( ;
    I think your hips look tiny in that shadow!


    • So nice to have a granddaughter who remembers only the nice things about you. “Me and My Shadow” definitely fits the category “old fashioned songs.” I remember well, singing at your wedding. Love your comments on “shirlandyou.” I’m hoping to have so many someday that I won’t be able to answer them all.


  3. I enjoyed reading your blog about shadows. It was fun and interesting! I remember watching a show when I was a child; and it was called Dark Shadows. I don’t remember a lot about it, but I do remember that there was a dark and sinister character in it by the name of Barnabus Collins. I don’t even know why I remember that name, but I do! LOL I agree with you, if we are going to shadow someone, it should be Jesus. If I am going to be shadowed by someone, I also hope that it is Jesus…always watching over me and helping me to make the right decisions and choices. Where there is God, there is light….he brightens all of our shadows with goodness.




  5. I’ve just been watching “Dark Shadows”…I used to watch it when I got home from school. About Jesus and our shadow…I always teach my Sunday School and Vacation Bible School kids a song called…”I’m Gonna Follow”…we take a walk around the church while we sing in repeat.(follow…mirror…imitate) I’m gonna follow…Follow…where ever You go…I’ll be Your mirror…Mirror…from head to toe…I’ll imitate…Imitate..the things that You do…I’m gonna follow You…!!


  6. lots of memories in this one Shirl, it brought to mind a picture painted on our wall in our cellar at home, my Dad called him the boogie man, I was always afraid to go in that cellar alone, as I got a little older (8 or 9) and was made to go down for a quart of moms canned goods for supper, I would say, keep me safe from the boogie man God, don’t think I really realized God did keep us safe then, just talked my way through it, now I know God was always right beside me, Thanks for making us realize once again, we have a shadow all the time”


    • Thanks, Jean for your story. Every comment from blog’ readers makes shirlandyou more interesting. I loved hearing of the dark shadow (boogie man) hiding in your basement. You’re right about God’s presence being with us.


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