Sometimes It’s Not So Bad!

Are you ready for more memories? Maybe you remember singing this song. “It’s raining, it’s pouring, The old man is snoring, went to bed, bumped his head and couldn’t get up ’til morning.” As a kid, I remember that during a pouring-down rain, my brothers and I would sit on our home’s small screened-in porch, and sing this song at the top of our lungs. The reward came when the rain stopped and the sun came out. If it had been a cloud-burst then a stream of rain water ran down the street, alongside the curbing, and mom would sometimes let us jump barefooted in it.

They were carefree days for us kids, but while we were outside playing, with nary a

With a big umbrella, I’m ready for a rainy day.

care in the world, our parents were struggling to stay afloat financially. That’s pretty much been so with most young families, there were times when we wrote a check for groceries on next week’s pay check. (That was before credit cards.) This morning I feel like the old man who bumped his head and stayed in bed. I am usually up at the crack of dawn, but today is different. Maybe because it’s raining outside, threatening to spoil all planned activities. Of course, rain isn’t always a bad thing, like the song writer wrote, “How in the heck, can I wash my neck, if it aint gonna rain no more.”  (excuse the bad language.)

Oftentimes I’d hear my mother say. “when it rains it pours.” She was referring to the fact that when trouble came, it was followed by more. With rain, the skies darken and the barometer drops and people’s heads’ ache, their bones, too. Just the lack of sunshine affects some people poorly, yet others tell us they love rainy days. According to the Bible, in the beginning it didn’t rain, rather moisture came up from the earth. And this happened during the night. Oftentimes I have wished that it would rain during the night and not during the day. Some think that in the beginning a water canopy surrounded the earth and it protected everyone from the harmful effects of the sun and because this no longer, is our life spans are shortened. The rains came with God’s punishment on a sinful world. Sounds as if His original plan was better for us. Just recently I was reading how we can provoke God’s anger. This was an example.

Back in the 1940’s Ella Fitzgerald sang “Into each life some rain must fall, but too

                         Ella Fitzgerald

much is falling in mine. Into each heart some tears must fall but someday the sun will shine.” Again, the lyrics to this song made rain synonymous with trouble. But when the weather changes and the sun shines, everything looks  better. Ella lived from 1917-1996, had a fifty year vocal career and was dubbed the “First Lady Of Song.” She was a jazz singer and was raised by an aunt in Harlem, a black neighborhood rich with jazz music and was also known as the “Queen Of Jazz”. Her vocal range spanned three octaves. She was noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing and intonation.

There are many songs about rain. I’m sure you’re thinking of them, including Gene Kelly’s rendition of “Singin’ In the Rain.” Getting back to my mother’s comment that “when it rains, it pours.” it actually can work both ways. Like the old hymn writer wrote “there shall be showers of blessing and for these showers we plead.”

14 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Not So Bad!

  1. Rain can sometimes ruin a days plans. But other times it can be so relaxing to sit on the porch and watch and listen to the rain. I have many fond memories of sitting on the large wrap-a-round porch with my brothers, as young boys and our dog “Tiny” usually under a blanket watching it rain. The great thing about that huge porch was, we had 3 sides to choose from, (depending on which way the wind blew,) so as not to get too wet.
    I still sit on the porch every chance I get whenever it rains.

    Eddie Rabbitt wrote a song, “I Love A Rainy Night” some years ago, and for me, that is so true. Somehow the patter of rain hitting the roof, lulles me to sleep, every time!!!


    • rain to me is peaceful, I too remember sitting on my Grandma Beukas porch with my uncles listening to the rain hitting on the tin roof , I loved it. Today it is a wonderful peaceful feeling, a great private time for praying, you are by yourself, alone , but with God and your prayers for other people with problems. It is a private kind of peace, the song “there is sunshine in my soul” comes to mind.

      blems, everything can be used for peace if we want.


      • Loved you comments, Jean. So you have memories of sharing a good rain with family, too. And you are right about praying then. God has provided many situations ideal for praying, any and all of them. 🙂 Love you.


    • I always look for your comments. How wonderful the old porches were that ran around three sides of the house. Today they are building them again. It’s always fun hearing about your brothers and I know you are a very musical family. So during the next rain, Billy, sing your heart out.


  2. I absolutely love the rain…my favorite song…”Laughter in the Rain” by Neil Sedaka. Memories of long walks…great sleeping hearing it on the roof…got caught in the rain a few yrs. back in N.Y. City…used a resturant bathroom with an electric hand dryer and got dryed from head to toe after ringing out all my clothes…enjoyed the Tory Amos concert…then ventured out in the rain once more…lots of laughs that night.


    • Hi Karen: Looks like more people like the rain than don’t like it. You certainly have a great rain story to tell. Getting completely dry with a hair dryer was quite a feat. To go back out in the rain again, shows you surely enjoy it. Thanks for writing.


  3. I still love walking in the rain, wishing I could do it barefooted, like when I was young.

    Growing up, it would be pouring out when I got up, and we were supposed to do something special that day (like a Sunday School picnic) . . . I thought my world had come to an end, but I’d hear the reassuring voice of my dad, “Rain before 7, shine by 11. He was always right. The rain stopped, and away we’d go to the event of the day. Would you believe that happened on our wedding day? The outdoor reception had full sun in the afternoon. God is so good!


    • Hi Rosina: What fun hearing from you. I never heard your father’s response to rain in the morning, but I’ll check it out. So you love walking in the rain, it’s raining here now, how about a stroll to Sweet Valley today? Hope you’ll write again. My followers love readers’ comments as well as mine.


  4. Rain drops keep falling on my head. What you wrote was a shower of blessing to my. It was very refreshing. Thank you, Shirley, for sharing this. God less you. It was just what Doctor Jesus ordered for my today. With all the rain today I found myself in my bedroom going through books & papers I need to throw out. So it was my alone time with my Lord taking a bite out of something long overdue. Cleaning house in more ways than one.


    • Hi Sophia: I loved reading what you had to say. Rain or shine we can always talk to the Lord. I’m glad rainy yesterday provided you with an ideal time to commune with Him. Thanks for enjoying “shirlandyou.”




    • I’ve often heard you talk of coming home to N.E. PA just to experience the rain. It rained all day yesterday here and my flower garden is so happy. Last summer it was a bit too rainy here, wish we could have sent some to your home in Arizona. This year we’ve had a wonderful mix of rain and sun, thus far!


  6. I like to listen to the rain, unless it’s a real bad thunder storm with lightning. Shirley, I love the poetry you shared with us in the beginning of this message. I never heard of some of them. I learn something NEW every day !!!


    • Hi Ann Marie: So far, I haven’t heard from anyone who really dislikes rain. Hearing rain on the roof is never better than when you are in a store that has only a tin roof or in a tent. Thanks for commenting. It’s such fun hearing from readers of “shirlandyou,”


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