“Me A Barber, Don’t Believe It”

I’ve grown to like the internet. I depend on it to supply me with information on every subject imaginable. It let me down the other day when I did a search on “What Percentage Of Wives Cut Their Husband’s Hair?” A single line of print on Yahoo’s site suggested that I might want to survey people on this question and so I’m conducting my own right here on “shirlandyou.”

By now, you are probably getting the idea that I cut my husband’s hair. I do. I am my husband’s favorite hair dresser. Why, I don’t know, but he’s always hated to go forΒ  haircuts, especially if it were in a beauty salon. When it comes to haircuts he will settle for nearly anything, rather than go out and waste all that time getting one. Fussy?Β  Well, occasionally he does say, “Does it look a little chopped on this side?” Some husbands wouldn’t trust their wives to cut their hair. My husband did get a little upset when I nipped his ear with the shears.

Before they can put out that red and white barber pole, its been said that barbers should have 1000 hours of instruction. (More about the barber pole is coming up.) So why should my husband trust me to cut his hair? He says I have barbering in my genes. My dad was a barber and joined his father in the barbering business for just a few short years. Herbert Britt, his father, my grandfather, cut hair all his life and when I was a child, had a shop for many years in the center of Sweet Valley, a room attached to the store my grandmother, May Britt, operated.

All I knew about barbering was that the barber always cuts hair too short. I remember asking my grandfather to trim my hair before my wedding. Just a trim, turned out to be a bob. I do like my husband’s hair cut short. I think that the shorter it is, the younger he looks. Any hair dresser will tell you that short hair shows off men’s facial features and gives them a stronger jaw line. You see, I do know what I’m talking about, doing it is another thing.

My only hair cutting instruction was waiting and watching my husband’s hair being cut by professionals. “Hmmmm, I thought, maybe I could do that.” And after about the fourth time my hair cuts began to look better. When they didn’t he resorted to wearing a hat quite a bit. I remember after one particularly bad cut, a woman asked my husband who cut his hair. Sliding done into my chair, I heard him say, ” my wife.” She mumbled something about liking it while I made the excuse that it was one of my worse jobs.

Let’s take a little side trip back in history because I wonder if you know that historically barbers were also dentists and surgeons. They actually did tooth extraction, bloodletting, wound surgery, and enemas. It is said that the story behind the red and white barber pole came to be when cloths used during surgery were hung outside and would oftentimes wrap around a pole. That was the beginning of the red and white barber pole. Use your imagination as to where the red came from. When my husband reads this he will remember the ear nipping episode.

I never try being creative when I cut hair, I’m sure this would worry my only customer. No, I concentrate on doing it right, yet, it still, never turns out exactly the same. When you consider the cost of hair cuts these days, we are saving money. I’ve tried to get my husband to cut my hair, but he won’t touch it. I’m glad, because he doesn’t have hair cutting in his genes.

So ladies, how many of you cut your husband’s hair? I would love to hear about your experiences. Be sure to make your comments following this “shirlandyou.” I love hearing from you.

18 thoughts on ““Me A Barber, Don’t Believe It”

  1. Hi Shirley, What a fun blog this is. I’m sure that lots of women cut their husband’s and their children’s hair. I don’t cut my husband’s hair anymore, though, because he shaves his head now. I have always cut my son’s hair. Dominick has gone to barber shops, too, but whether his hair is long or short, he always likes how I cut it best. Dominick has gone between shorter styled haircuts and longer styles. He was wearing his hair a bit longer, until recently. Since becoming an auxiliary police officer, “very short” hair is a requirement. I had already cut his hair short and he came home from work (before having to go to a police auxiliary meeting); and asked me to cut his hair again…I started to trim and he said “no mom…short…real short!!!” It took some getting used to, but Dominick looks handsome in his shorter hair, and he also looks more mature. I guess that you could say that cutting hair is also in my blood. My Grandfather worked as a barber, for a time; and he even continued cutting hair for friends and clients, long after he retired. My Grandmother and Mother have also cut, permed and colored their own hair….and so have I. So, I guess that I come from a long lineage of hair stylists and barbers. LOL Even when I pay allot of money to have my hair cut and styled or colored and cut, I still find that I have to add “my own touches” afterwards. I think that more people probably cut their own hair or their family member’s hair, then what we probably realize.


    • As always, Colleen, your comment is so interesting and tells more about your grandmother and mother. Obviously, you have the right genes for hair cutting. All your experience should entitle you to open your own shop.:)



  2. I can remember Dad cutting my hair in the kitchen at home..only once though,, My daughter shaved my head in the hospital when iI was sick…she was so scared she shook.. i kept telling her it was okay…after that i go to a bueaty shop and get it done..never cut my husbands hair…i dont think he would have trusted me even through we have the genes.


    • You’re right you do have the genes for hair cutting. So far we have one who cuts and one who doesn’t. This survey should prove to be very interesting. So glad to hear from you. I hear it has been very hot in Arizona and that heat is headed for us in PA.Thanks for writing.


  3. I do cut my hubby’s hair! And used to cut my son’s hair until they grew up and left home. My youngest cuts his own hair now. I remember watching you cut Alan’s hair the day of his wedding (or the day before). And when I got married, I not only had your example, but one of our friend’s cut her husband’s hair. I thought, “If she can do it, I can do it!” Matt was all for it. He has always hated going to the barber. The first time I cut his hair though, I cut too much around his ears. He said I gave him white walls (like the old tires)!. I made sure I didn’t do that again. I’ve nipped his ear too. But mostly, I have cut my own fingers though the years. Matt’s hair is much easier to cut than it used to be. lol. Sometimes he jokes that I should charge a finders fee.


    • I knew I’d hear from you because you have hair cutting in your genes. πŸ™‚ I remember Alan refusing to go to the barber for his wedding haircut. I did that one with shaking hands and with no experience. You’ve had lots of experience with three sons to practice on and you do an excellent job. Looks like people who cut their husband’s hair are pulling ahead in my survey. Thanks for writing.


  4. Shirl, my wife cut my hair in 1966 as I had an army inspection the next morning and had forgotten to get a haircut. The co. commander stepped in front of me, looked at my haircut and said “sarge, I don’t know where you got that haircut but you should go and demand your money back!” I’ve never let her near a pair of clippers ever scince. Have a great day.


    • Wow, Bill, what a great story. Now that you don’t have to answer to a Sargent maybe you should give your wife another chance. I think you’re shaking your head no. Watch this column for how we do in the hair cutting survey. It’s pretty much neck to neck. πŸ™‚


  5. This is a wonderful blog, and a great question! I do cut my husbands hair for him, as well as both my sons who are still at home. I think they have me do it because it’s free, certainly not because I am really talented at it. I used to cut my ex husbands hair for his inspections when he was in the Marine Corps, but that came to a screeching halt after he had me cut his hair one night when we had been drinking Margaritas and he had an inspection the next morning. The results were similar to the gentleman who posted before me. I have also cut my Marine sons hair once when he was staying with us, but I prefer not to do his hair because of memories of the Margarita incident.


    • How nice to hear from you, Mary Elise. What a story you tell and you’ve proven that you “don’t drink and cut.” πŸ™‚ You must be pretty good if you have Marine approval of your hair cutting. Right now it looks like we women who cut our husband’s hair are ahead in shirlandyou’s survey. Will look for more comments from you.


  6. I have been cutting my hubby’s hair for a few years now. We started when things were a little tight and we realized we could buy a hair trimmer for $20 – about the cost of 1.5 cuts at the “barber.”
    My husband likes his faded and it took just a few tries to get the hang of which size to use for which step, etc but I do a mean fade now! On occasion if he is getting too itchy with it growing out and I’m just too lazy he goes out to get his hair cut but that’s a rare occasion. I like his hair a little longer than he does so I’ve been trying to convince him for quite some time to not make me cut it so short.
    I’ve nicked his ear a time or two also! πŸ˜‰


    • Hi Rebecca Mack. You’re the third new person to comment today. I hope to hear from you with every new post on shirlandyou. Cutting hair at home does save money, good reason to do it today. I noticed you like your husband’s hair long and I like mine short. There’s a better chance of getting it the way we like it at home. πŸ™‚ You’re the third person that has nicked her husband’s ear. Now I don’t feel so bad.


    • Hi Stephanie: Thanks for writing. Your husband is a good candidate to start with. If you mess his hair cut up, you just shave all his hair off. Judging from all your accomplishments, I’d say you’ll do fine. Thanks for your input. It looks like wives cutting their husband’s hair are pulling toward the winning line. πŸ™‚


  7. Back in the day my four brothers and me All went to the barber together…I got the same boy hair cut that they did…anyone that called me a girl usually got beat up. To answer the ?…My husband will never let me touch his hair…I do however cut my sons hair and I have for many yrs.


    • Such a pretty girl with natural curly hair and you got a boy’s haircut? You grew up with so many brothers, was this a move to keep up with them? I wonder if you went to the barber in the middle of Sweet Valley? My grandfather. Thanks for writing Karen. So you cut hair but not your husband’s. Guess we can’t count that in our survey to see how many women cut their husband’s hair. Maybe your husband will change his mind.


      • Chick Kreller attached to the Post Office/Adams Store Building…Chick was one of my favorite people…I would greet him each morning around 9:30 when he deliveried the mail to the house.


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