The Little Things In Life

It’s true that life is made up of little things. Robert Brault is quoted as having said: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Let’s talk about the little things in life and don’t be surprised if once we get started there may be no end.

Let’s begin with tears from laughing so hard. I know a  woman whose belly laugh can set most everyone to laughing. She can turn on laughter in a second’s notice and continue it until she or you drop with aching sides. Maybe it’s just a little thing, but it’s amazing the joy and release it brings to others.

It’s been raining today and it may be just another a little thing but on rainy days birds congregate in my house feeder and settle in for a dry place to stay and eat. We may refer to someone who lacks good sense as a “bird brain,” yet birds show lots of sense on rainy days.

Another little thing is being told you’re good at what you love doing. The other day, a message awaited me on face book. It was from a friend who had just found “shirlandyou.” “I read through nearly all of your blog posts and loved them. God has truly given you the gift of writing,” she wrote. Here’s one for my daughter who comments faithfully on every blog I write. Only she may understand it, it is unfolding a paper snowflake.

I told you that once we got started on this subject there would be no end. So here goes. Here’s one for me- getting a rush of ideas after a writer’s block. This one is for my husband, being able to pull through a parking space, and for me again, finally getting a joke. Hand written messages inside greeting cards is another.  Noticing the surprised look on a stranger’s face because you smiled at her. Not everyone may like the feel of sand between their toes but finding your photo on someone’s refrigerator door, pleases everyone.

Are you ready for more? For everyone allergic to poison ivy, it may be a little thing but there is satisfaction at scratching an itch.  Here’s more: finally finding the edge of a roll of tape, pulling out a weed and getting all the roots with it. It’s little but isn’t it nice when all the kernels pop in your bag of microwave popcorn?  Hearing your husband tell you you’re pretty……a tiny baby sleeping calmly in your arms….hearing an old song and memories come rushing back……a heartfelt compliment…. a concern for your health,…….an offer of help with yard work…… the ninety year old’s radiant look at her surprise birthday party.

Going back, over seventeen years ago, do you remember the packages of adhesive backed “glow in the dark stars?” They were sold everywhere and kids loved them. With their parents help they plastered them to their bedroom ceilings, some creatively arranged to represent constellations. It was at this time that my husband became critically ill and was hospitalized. On a visit to see him, a young girl brought one of these glow-in-the dark stars to him as a gift. It now hangs in the corner of our bedroom dresser mirror. This little girl, now a young woman is in trouble and each night when our bedroom lights are turned off, that little, glowing star reminds us to pray for her. This was a little thing that became big.

Is it true that some people don’t notice the small things? It’s the little things that make us smile. Little things count, all hundreds of them, so don’t get tired of doing them. And now, think about what you have in life for which you are grateful. It could be the smallest of things, but I want to know about them. I’d love to hear your comment on the subject,  “the little things of life.”

20 thoughts on “The Little Things In Life

  1. The little things in life, aren’t really so little are they? In fact, they truly are the things that mean the most. Not only are they the “little things”, but they are the things that you can’t buy with money. Moments and time that has been spent with my family and friends is one thing that means the most to me. God’s love for us is certainly not a “little thing”, but it is one of the things that means the most to me, too. When we are living in the moment and going about our business, we don’t realize at that given time that maybe what we are doing, is creating a memory that we will cherish forever!!! Sometimes I think that it takes a lifetime to understand what is really important, and often times we don’t “get it” until we are older. So many people have came and gone in my life….so many moments that I will never re-live again….only the memories remain….”the little things” that really weren’t so little. I’m grateful for all of the “little things” in my life…..those from the past, the present and the future. This thought brings to mind the phrase “stop and smell the roses”….I think that this phrase reflects on taking the time to enjoy the little things…the things that money can’t buy. Shirley, you certainly has a good grasp on the concept and importance of the “little things”. The little things really are gifts from God.


    • Oh, I loved this blog the most of all the ones you wrote! Just beautiful. My favorite was the pic on the fridge and pulling through a parking spot surely made me smile, love that, too.
      Most of all it made the most impact because of raising a son with autism…. it is the ‘little’ things that count. While many parents of typical kids of enjoying their sons/daughters big accomplishments, or hitting milestones on time or before target, I look forward to the little things.
      It’s the new word that he spoke added to his vocabulary, him being able to wait in a line at amusement park longer than the previous visit, him taking turns, making better eye contact, spelling his last name, showing more attention and awareness to his surroundings, showing more involvement, completing a task without a tantrum, or just being thrown a kiss through the air because he loves me and knows I’m here for him. Those are the little things that I am so thankful for and NEVER take for granted. God is good and He allowed me to see life in miniscule miracles through the ‘little’ things in my son’s life.


      • Hi Yvonne: I loved your comments about the little things of life. I certainly have a heart for your little guy and am always thrilled to hear of his progress. God’s blessings are wished for you and Dave. As I watch and hear how you are parenting Gibson, I thank God for both of you. Thanks for writing. Hope you will write more often.


      • God knew what he was doing when he blessed Gibson with you and you with Gibson. We learn so much about life through these special children. I have a high functioning autistic child (30 yrs. old this Aug.) he also has CAPD ( Central Auditory Processing Disorder)…he was very angry as a child because we could not communicate with each other. We went to “Play Therapy” which taught us to use statements not “?” when speaking to him. What is your favorite color ? became…your favorite color is…just one of many examples. I’m sure Gibson is very intelligent…I didn’t know what the future held for my son…but he graduated with his class…continued his educating at the Tech school in his field of choice…and is in his 10th yr. at the same job that he went to school for. It’s very nice to hear your comments Yvonne…!!


      • How wonderful of you, Karen, to show love to Yvonne. I know she appreciates every bit of encouragement. It always means so much to know others care.


    • I enjoyed your comments so very much. Family and friends and the little things, as a result of being with them are so meaningful. You make so excellent points, I hope others are reading your comments, too.


    • Oh, Lisa, how true your comment is. Although a walk to school may seem like a little thing, it is big for Keilana and Matthew. I, too, am so glad that Matt will be able to be with the girls often. God bless you Lisa, I enjoyed hearing from you.


  2. We always put great emphasis on the little things in life. Kindness shown in responds to an unkind act…a smile and hello to people we pass each day…doing something to brighten anothers day…spending a day in a tree eating apples and taking a nap…laying in the grass at night looking at the stars…camping out in the back yard using the clothes line and sheets. Growing up with four brothers…my father would introduce each of us…this is my son…and on down the line and then he would introduce me…and this is my favorite son,Karen. I loved that…!!


    • Karen, you have such a wonderful sense of the little things in life. I am loving everyone’s response and thanking God for how people are truly appreciating them. Write again.


  3. My daughter, who is 38, has had a rough life due mostly to my poor choice of a husband, her father. I have always done the best I can for her without acknowledgement from her. Never a thank you. She has a cat that she and I raised from the time it was a week old. Her cat is now 14 years old and has the most aggressive form of cancer. There is only a 5% survival rate. She is so afraid of losing her. She has been saving her money to move back to California, where I currently live, from Maui. Her little cat is so sick she has been spending money right and left for surgery, and different medications etc. And to top it off her work hours have been cut back due to the economy. She feels like she is on the verge of financial disaster. And emotionally she is devastated right now. I knew that if I helped her it would be a thankless endeavor but I did it anyway because one, I love her and two just the thought of her losing her cat and not having her breaks my heart. So I got her a gift card for groceries, a gift card for subway so she didn’t have to buy lunches, and a gift card for Jamba Juice just because I know that she likes it. I have access to her credit card statements online and so found out how much money she has spent, at least on one credit card, for her vet bill so far. I sent her a check for that amount. We talked a few days later and I told her that I was sending her a few “things” in the mail. I was really surprised to hear those now golden words to me “thank you”. There was relief in her voice. Nothing in this world would I have traded for that moment. It was a small thing but meant so much to this mom who had never heard those sincere, heartfelt words.


    • Hi Marcrayla: I was delighted to hear from you. Although I am sorry to hear of all your daughter’s troubles the small and big things you are doing for her mean so much and are definitely bringing her to the point of being grateful. I appreciate the time you took to reply to shirlandyou and hope you will do it often. God bless you.


  4. Love this one, Mom! The little things are so important and you mentioned many that made me smile. Especially the snowflake…so true! How about the way Rocky sleeps on his back, the nice new floss toothpicks, liquid soap, rainbows from crystals and hugs! Just a few that I could think of quickly. So many! And I’m thankful for all the lovely little things that can get lost in the big scheme of things but just make my day if I notice. them.


  5. Shirley,

    Thanks for pointing me to your blog. I like this post on “the little things.” I recently posted on an experience I had with my daughter that made me realize I need to focus more on the little moments as well. Especially with our children, we need to slow down and look for those little moments that can make a big impact. Here it is.


    • Thanks Carl for writing. Hope you continue to enjoy “shirlandyou.” You are right about little things and children. Sometimes we are so concerned about doing and getting them the bigger things that we miss the important little things. Hope you’ll write again.


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