Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!

Are women shoe obsessed? The answer is “kind of.” If our discussion finds women with lots of shoes on overload, guess this isn’t the column for me to write. I love shoes! I don’t remember my mother having many pairs of shoes and growing up I had three pairs, one for play, one for school, the other for church. Let’s face it, today we need more shoes. You do have to take into account the profession, salary, and location of the woman and the shoes she needs. Here’s the facts. The average woman has 19 pairs of shoes at any given time. Although, fifteen percent have over thirty pairs. I am somewhere in there. Then again, that  could be because I’m counting shoes I no longer wear, and keep too long. (Excuses!)

I really don’t like saying women have an obsession with shoes. So what is the attraction of shoes to them? Someone said, “A new pair of shoes makes a woman feel great, they last longer than a box of chocolates. Forget indulging in a chocolate sundae and go buy shoes for a quick uplift. That’s better than the downs you get when you step on the scale.” I’m not sure of the appropriateness of this quote being used here, but here goes: “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” It’s saying, see a situation from their perspective. It could be that women are wise in changing shoes, since wearing the same shoes are not good for the feet. But then, what do we do with the statistic that women wear a quarter of their shoes only once?

So many styles, may be the culprit here. Round toes, peep toes, pointy toes, leather, suede, patent, black, brown, silver, nude. Sandals, dressy, flat, t-strap, gladiators, espadrilles. We can’t forget, boots, work shoes, party shoes, athletic shoes, summer

I thought my shoes were glitzy until I saw these others from history.

shoes, winter shoes and those two words come up again, “shoe overload?” Some women admit that they sneak pairs in the house, mostly because he’ll say “another pair of shoes?” Lately, I’ve been seeing women wearing shoes the identical color of their shorts. I wonder if a pair must be bought for each color of shorts they own or are there sandals with interchangeable straps, like the watches we wear to match outfits? Some figures you may not be aware of are that 39 percent of woman prefer flats, 33 percent spend more than $100 on a pair of shoes, 29 percent feel comfortable buying shoes on line and only 25 percent have worn shoes with heels four inches or higher. Actually the average woman spends $49 a pair, only one-third have spent over $100.

Enough with the figures and lists. The foot contains more bones than any other single part of the body so of course we should take care of them, and protect them properly. But do


we? The first leather shoes were made from a single piece of cowhide laced with a leather cord and I suppose they were good for the feet. Women today admit they will squeeze into new slingbacks or stilettos, some even moderately injuring their feet and hiding this from their significant other. Let’s face it, I don’t think we are coming to any conclusions here concerning obsession or overload of shoes.

I want to tell you about the last pair of shoes I bought. As I do this, I wonder how many women today are buying Victorian style shoes? Because I dress for this era when traveling to band organ rallies I try to wear authentic shoes for the period. But, then, black, laced up shoes can get boring, so take a look at the pair I found recently. It’s pictured here. I thought they might be too glitzy until I found pictures of shoes worn back then. They make mine look conservative.

This column has been fun to write, but really not giving us any solid reasoning about the purchase of shoes. Where do we turn for this information? What does our manual for


life, the Bible, have to say on the subject? When Jesus sent his twelve apostles out to spread the gospel, they had clothing, and shoes. But he told them not to spend time procuring more, gold, silver…..nor sandals or staff. He was not prohibiting them from owning  these items, rather this was the requirements for a particular mission, one that was reliant on God’s provision alone. What we can learn from this, is not to become consumed with shoes, then  our closets would be less jammed with them and we’d have fewer to haul out of the house. We are  blessed with so much, much more than shoes!

6 thoughts on “Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!

  1. Shoes are my weakest point when I go shopping, just to look around. I usually see a pair on sale “like I don,t have already” and end up buying them. I justify by telling myself, I don,t drink or smoke so I can spend something on myself. Why do we justify our actions when it is our way of feeling good? It doesn,t hurt anyone, or take anything away from anyone, if having a bad day and a pair of shoes makes us feel better, its ok. Its like anything else, do it in moderation, don,t buy 5 pair, only one pair.
    Remember how many times we wanted, not needed, a pair when the kids were little, then we had to get the kids shoes so we waited, that was ok,now we can buy those shoes and not feel guilty. If we see someone with no shoes, we will gladly buy them a pair.


    • Hi Jean: I like your “handle” on an overabundance of shoes. I love the last paragraph. It sounds so much like you and your willingness to give to others. I hope readers of “shirlandyou” read what the followers of this blog have to say. It’s so encouraging!


  2. Shoes!! What a great subject….there are so many to choose from and sometimes it seems that you can never have enough. The Victorian era shows that you have pictures of, sure are fascinating to look at! (I like the boots, the best). Sometimes I buy shoes when I am not even looking for them. I pass the sale racks and they call to me….”come and look, come and look”. LOL The last pair that I bought (just last week) was a pair of gorgeous gold glittery Nine West stilletto heeled sandals. Now, mind you, I have not worn a pair of heels since I broke my ankle…and I can’t wait to wear these! My favorite shoes are actually boots….all kinds of boots…snakeskin boots, leather boots, western boots,hiking boots, motorcycle boots, work boots, ski boots…I have them all. Maybe my closet really isn’t too small….maybe I just have too many shoes. Of course, it is nice to have a collection of shoes, but material things are not one of the things that really matters at all. The things that matter the most in life are the things that we can’t buy or put a price tag on. Keeping our eyes on Jesus and what God wants for us, is what we need to focus on. The things that we need to acquire are the things that bring us closer to God…love, faith, hope, and honesty are some of the important things that come to mind. God knows what is in our heart, and he knows our struggles. Nothing is hidden from him. The bottom line is that we only have room in our life for so many “things”….having too many things can become a burden….we should never let anything (material things or other things) come between ourselves and God. We need to always put God first.


    • Who would ever think that the subject of shoes would draw our thinking toward God and to the important things in life? Well, it has! You, Colleen, have turned our thoughts to what’s important in life. Thanks!


  3. Your new boots are so fun!!! Pretty shoes do seem to be a lift. Maybe because we can see them without looking in a mirror? But I must confess that I seem to go for comfort rather than beauty when it comes to shoes. I cannot abide painful feet! But I always admire your shoes. “How beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news!”


    • What wonderful comments, Janine, and you thought of a scripture that reminds us that it isn’t the covering that counts but the feet and where they are going and for what purpose. Thanks.


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