Indulgence: Is This One Over or Under?

It all started when I decided to quiz my face book friends on rather or not I should buy a scented candle. Oh, I’ve bought scented candles before, some from Walmart, cheap ones, some from Hallmark stores, more expensive, but I have never really found any of them to “smell up “my kitchen like I wished they would. One day I was reading a book in which Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom candle was mentioned as being fantastic, in fact, so good that

Jo Malone candles.

many of them were burned at Princess Diana’s wedding. Well, I thought, if this candle can scent-up a cathedral then it surely could my kitchen. There is only one problem it costs $65.00. (By the way, I have no connection with this company.)

Inside myself an internal debate started and still continues. (I haven’t purchased the candle, not yet.) Why? Well, unrest remains in my “thinking cap” as I remember some of the comments by my fellow face book friends. Some thought it was a waste of money, some said just a rip-off, others laid on the guilt trip about what worthwhile things could be done with that money. Still others thought I should go for it, that it would be a nice treat for me.

I’ve never been the type of person who believes in ” only the best for me.” Well, anyway, I looked up Jo Malone and learned that she started her famous fragrance brands business in London, in the Nineties. She then sold it to Estee Lauder before creating a second line “Jo Loves.” As a child she would make her own perfumes with flowers from the garden and grated Camay soap. Now her name has become synonymous with luxury and indulgence.

It’s that word “indulgence” that catches my eye and I believe it’s what face book friends were trying to relay to me through their comments. As my internal debate continues the

Still wondering what to do!

word indulgence adds fire to it. It means not able to resist whims and desires, enjoying something or getting pleasure from it and here’s a definition for many of us, giving in to pleasurable things, like rich desserts. If burning a rather expensive candle is an indulgence, try this on for size, “Chocolate Bath Melts.” No I’m not kidding you, drop these chocolate melts into the bath water and your skin becomes “soft, detoxified and smelling terrific.” I’ve only read about them and their claim that they are good for your thighs. Are you still with me? O.K., let’s go on.

Isn’t it over-indulgence we should avoid? As an example, let’s take food. When we give in to a desire to eat something that just plain tastes good and can eat it in a moment without guilt attached, we have experienced a taste of indulgence.On the other hand, when we give in to the desire to gorge ourselves on everything in sight, that’s overindulgence. So how do we avoid this? Checking out our life’s handbook we find that the Apostle Paul tells the Galatians that this is accomplished by walking with the Spirit.(Galatians 5:16). Then we won’t gratify the desires of the flesh. I’ll leave you to decide into which category the Orange Blossom Candle falls, as my internal debate carries on.

10 thoughts on “Indulgence: Is This One Over or Under?

  1. Great points Shirl.
    I stay away from candles when I have the children around.
    What I like to do is save peelings from the apples (and the core) when I serve them to the children. I then put them in a sauce pan with a cinnamon stick and cover it all with water. I simmer it slowly on the stove. I especially love to do this in the fall…The fragrance lingers for a long time. If you do not want to go the flame route there are many melting pots out there that use minimal electricity. Another great “scent” is to make a batch of mulled cider in your crock pot (slow cooker) that will permeate through your house and leave a yummy scent and (If you like cider) have a nice warm beverage on a cool day.
    Then if you really want the candle or melting pot a small indulgence wouldn’t hurt. But I would probably give my money to a Small Business Person rather than a big chain. Someone that makes homemade candles and essential oils with natural ingredients. This way you would be a blessing to someone trying to earn an income as well as make your world a little sweeter. JMHO πŸ™‚


    • Wonderful to have you on board, Marianne. I appreciate you suggestions for practical ways to scent-up the house. I for one, love cider. I like you idea to buy at a small business. In our economy it gets more difficult for the small business person to make a living. Loved hearing from you. The internal debate goes on. God bless you.


    • Wonderful to have you on board, Marianne. I appreciate you suggestions for practical ways to scent-up the house. I for one, love cider. I like you idea to buy at a small business. In our economy it gets more difficult for the small business person to make a living. Loved hearing from you. The internal debate goes on. God bless you.


  2. I think that when someone mentions wanting something that is indulgent or extravagant….then that is an item that would be a perfect gift for that person!!! πŸ™‚ We all like to indulge once in a while in something that we enjoy or would like to have. If someone didn’t purchase Jo Malone’s candles, then she wouldn’t have a business….her talent would not be enjoyed by others!!! (Yet another way of looking at this). God gives us talents to share and use to the best of our abilities. Jewelry could be considered to be an indulgent item, too….afterall, do we really need it? It is not a necessity, but it is nice to have and a pleasure to wear! Is it indulgent or is it just one of life’s little pleasures? Shirley, I think that the subject of indulgence is something that we all debate over. “Do I really need this or that, or could that money be used be for a better purpose?” What one individual considers to be indulgent, another may not think twice about doing. I know many many ladies who pay to have their nails manicured on a regular basis. This isn’t something that I would do…..I am happy with the simple at home manicure. However, others believe that they deserve it, and they go ahead and do it. Is this indulgence? This is quite a subject that you have chosen to write about!! I suppose that God speak to hearts, and we must make our own decisions about what is the right thing to do. Thank you for writing on such an interesting subject.


    • Loved you comments, again, Colleen. Something you didn’t mention was the $40.00 pedicure. I’ve never had one of these. Your right about indulgence being a personal thing and the amount of income a person has figures in there, too. Thanks for writing. With your encouragement I may just have a Jo Malone candle in my house. My husband says,”get it if you want it, but it seems like a lot for a candle.” Read on, Colleen, Marianne give some practical advice.


  3. Ahh, now we are splitting hairs. There’s indulgence, and then there’s OVER-indulgence. So, is Paul’s “do all things in moderation” approach a warning to avoid over-indulgence, or permission to indulge sensibly. Hmmm.

    C.S. Lewis illustrates your delimna in “The Screwtape Letters”–a great perspective on Christian psychology. The demon mentor, Screwtape says to his apprentice, Wormwood:

    “Talk to him [the one being tempted] about “moderation in all things”. If you can once get him to the point of thinking that “religion is all very well up to a point”, you can feel quite happy about his soul. A moderated religion is as good for us [devils] as no religion at all and more amusing.”

    I can’t wait to learn the outcome of your quest.


    • Hi Chuck: We’d all like to believe that moderation in all things is o.k., but it is dangerous. The spiral downward is there to catch us in its grips. Your comments always make sense as do C.S. Lewis’s. I started “The Screwtape” Letters recently and sat the book aside. I guess because it doesn’t split hairs! Thanks for commenting. When are you going to start your blog?


  4. I measure the Pro’s and the Con’s…I’m a “Cleaningfairy”…cheap candles in the long run are just as expensive because they leave your home covered in soot…from ceiling to floor…take a picture down from the wall for the evidence…and cheap candles burn more quickly…usually a candle will be marked as to the number of hours it will burn…and in the end Shirl…it’s your choice…you work hard for your money…spend it any way you choose.


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