Fall Fashions: Fun, Fine, Fantastic? Maybe!

The fall season is definitely in the air here in northeastern PA. When the seasons change I like to check out what’s predicted as the top trends in fashion.  I tried out my face book friends to see what they think of the broader shoulder look? All but two were against it. The

The wide-legged pants are to be worn very long.

one person in favor said it makes her hips look smaller, the other said that shoulder pads add balance. Good points! Since I’ve already made that inquiry, I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that shirlandyou is about fall fashion predictions and the wider shoulder look is among them.

I’m sure all of you remember shoulder pads during some part of your life. They were popular in the 1930’s and in 1939 when WWII began, women’s fashions became increasingly militarized, then tapered off after the war was over. Softer, smaller shoulder pads appeared in the 1940’s to about 1951. They made their next appearance in the 1970’s and in the 80’s, the masculine shapes were adopted by women seeking success in the corporate world. They were shunned by women in the 1990’s. Unbeknownst to me, the experts say shoulder pads made their way back into the mainstream market in the 2009-2010 years. Am I the only one that missed this development?. Have you noticed that fashion-wise it takes our area time to catch-up to the latest?

Wide legged trousers are in. These are undeniably feminine and could help equalize the

Shoulder pads and coated fabrics are in.

wider shoulders look. Here’s something else you may want to look for in women’s fall clothing: coated fabrics. These fabrics consist of woven and non-woven cloth with a coating of resin applied to the surface or saturated into the bulk of the fabric to provide some additional property. Here are some examples: nylon with a polyurethane coating, metallic gold accent, wool and nylon mixed and “voila” we have a more durable, abrasive resistant coat or other piece of clothing.  When I think of coated fabrics, I think of plastic covered canvas. But, no, this fall’s coated fabrics will add more texture and will make even knitted clothing  more conformable.

For women’s fall fashions in a nut shell, so to speak, think of three key trends: embellished, clean cut in a new fabric like coated wool, and a strong shoulder with enhanced waist. When we say embellished, we mean exaggerated jewel motifs, so all

Look for the coated fabrics and wider shoulders.

those jewels, metal spikes and sparkling stones are still in. Hang on to leather items, they are big this fall. Also included among fall favorites are a pencil skirt and boots. There are no shortage of boots in stores, boots of every description, even cowboy boots. They seem popular in our area. Maybe because we are rodeo people at heart.

So, this is the season of stylish clothes. What do women do who like me wait to buy when clothing is marked sixty percent off?  Perhaps some of this season’s fall colors will dress up the wardrobe you already have. We are told to watch for unexpected jolts of pink,  bursts of crimson, berry and raisin. Some of you may think that following trends is not your cup of tea. I’ve felt that way, only to find that eventually I move in the trendy direction just about the time it’s going out of style.

They say the must-have trends are in the stores now. I believe most of you tend to lean on the conservative side, so you may want to check the internet for new arrivals by Anne Taylor.  Her collection falls into this category.  It’s a fun way to window shop and you don’t have to leave your computer.

We are told, before getting too trendy, we should identify our body type. We could be an

“Apple” – top heavy; or “Straight/rectangular”- (banana) waist is about the same as hips, like a cylinder; “Pear”- bottom heavy; or this one, “Hourglass” -equal hip and bust measurements. (I thought we all naturally fit into the last category. :)) No, humans come in all shapes and sizes and the experts say use fashion to accentuate your best features and hide everything else.

Since I like to use my blog to be a witness to the Lord Jesus, it seems the right thing to do is to be reminded that the Bible says something about outer apparel. We are told to develop inner beauty rather than being overly concerned about our outward appearance. So while you’re checking out the new coated fabrics,( I know that has my interest) also check out I Peter 3: 3 and 4. These Bible verses will help us keep fall fashions in the proper perspective.

10 thoughts on “Fall Fashions: Fun, Fine, Fantastic? Maybe!

  1. Hi Shirl,
    Thanks for your interesting blog! I like to see what clothing fashions are new in the stores, but I am not a “trend setter”, and if I try things on and I don’t like them, then I won’t buy them….even if they are in style. I find that clothing items that are “stylish” at the moment, also go out of style quickly. Boots are in style, but everyone likes a good pairs of boots and they can be mixed and matched with outfits. I think that boots are always in style. The problem with alot of footwear today is that many of them aren’t made of real leather, but they can still be expensive. I will never wear anything with shoulder pads in it again. LOL Shoulder pads are for football players. Thanks again for a great blog!! 🙂


    • Hi Colleen: I heard you say before, how much you love boots. Well ’tis the year to bring them out. I think nearly any style boot will go this year. You say you don’t buy anything because it is in style, but you certainly have a way of looking “in.” Thanks for your comments.


  2. I’m always excited whenever the designs are pretty! So many times the styles are just weird or manly looking. I am enjoying all the lovely colors. I don’t really like shoulder pads. And like you, I tend to wait too long to enter into a style..and then it leaves.


    • Hi Janine: Your comments are always appreciated. I’m with you, some years the styles are not to my liking. I think this year will be different. So you wait to go stylish, I wonder who you get that from? 🙂 Thanks for your comments.


  3. It’s always nice to look good on the exterior…but as Peter says it’s not worth much if there is no inner beauty…that’s were it really counts. I’ve met many beautiful outside appearance people who are very ugly inside. That’s very sad. I’m a Hippie Girl…hip huggers and bell bottoms back in the day. My everyday is jeans and a T-shirt. And when I get home it’s right into my house clothes PJ’s.


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