Fall: A Special Time Of The Year

What is special about fall?  I read that it’s a great time to go to the Golden State, California, with its spectacular spots of fall color. But the writer soon clarified that it isn’t

New at the Bloomsburg Fair: a tram ride across the grounds.

like New England or Pennsylvania.( I added the PA.). In California the color of the leaves match the state’s nickname. Missing are the red, burnt orange, rust, purple and bright yellow colors that dominate PA’s fall.

We’ve all heard many reasons why and when the leaves turn color, But actually from what I’ve read the color is already there just waiting for Fall’s shorter days and cooler temperatures. Then what happens? The chlorophyll, which makes the leaves green, moves from the leaves to the branches, trunk and roots and the fall colors we love, take over.

I’m not a scientist, so I’m not about to explain fully what causes the harvest moon, but I do know it is visible in our skies, now through October 1. This beautiful, bright full-looking moon comes just as our days become shorter. This means there is no long period of darkness between sunset and moon rises. The farmers probably named the fall moon. Those who drove tractors without lights and the Harvest Moon helped them see to gather their crops. I wonder if they often sang while driving their tractors? Looking up, they might have  appropriately sung the song, “Shine On Harvest Moon.”  This old song was written in 1903, but it wasn’t  about farming it was about “spooning or cuddling” and the lyrics say: “Snow time ain’t no time to stay outdoors and spoon, So shine on, shine on Harvest Moon, for me and my gal.”

Among the other things I like about fall include, the student-led, “See You At the Pole” event. It takes place nationwide on a brisk, fall morning in September, when school students make their way to their school’s flag pole for the purpose of praying for our country’s leaders, for their schools and fellow students. Then they join the rest of their classmates and when asked, they explain why they believe in prayer.  And, you can’t talk about prayer without talking about the Person you are praying to.

Have you noticed the wild, blue Asters growing along Pennsylvania’s roadways? Only in the

Shirl poses with wild Asters.

fall of the year do they appear. If the year is good for nuts, fine, ground shells, both hickory and walnut can be found on country roadways where cars have run over them. Golden Rod, in full bloom,  is really a pretty flower but causes so much suffering for those allergic to it. Fall is bulb planting time, and also time to get our gardens in order for winter. I’m

Asters are quite pretty when viewed close-up.

seeing winter birds at the feeders. Others have already taken flight south, but not all leave us. The American Goldflinch is still here and will remain here. The male birds’ feathers are changing from yellow to brown. Soon, even our leaves will turn brown. It’s a delightful show to watch in the fall, and so is the change back again in the spring time, when the leaves turn green and the male finches turn yellow again. These signs remind us of God’s faithfulness.

In Northeastern PA a sure sign of fall is the Bloomsburg Fair, the largest fair in Pennsylvania. In the year 2006, 413,203 people attended. This year was it’s 157th year. Last

A view of the Fair grounds taken from the tram.

year,  horrendous flooding drew the fair to a halt. But this year it was back better than ever with its agricultural displays, school exhibits, entertainment, games, food, shows and contests. Missing the fair doesn’t mean the fall season is over. There is still much of it ahead of us and it is a great time for walking and a wonderful time for riding. Don’t miss the many faces of fall in Pennsylvania.

5 thoughts on “Fall: A Special Time Of The Year

  1. Fall…my favorite time of yr. Love the color changes…the birds migrating…the cool temps…the smells. Our property is a safe haven for animals…and they know it. You name it…it finds it’s way here. Once even had a Peacock take up residence…also had a Bobcat…crazy. I see God in Nature everytime I look out my window. “Shine On Harvest Moon” gave me a bit of a chuckle…it’s sung by the 3 ghost in the movie “Casper”. And when my children where in high school…they would meet each morning at the flag pole to pray and start thier day off right. I remember a FB story about a Valedictorian who was told he could not mention God in his speech…he came to the podium…sneezed…and the entire graduating class said…”God Bless You”…that was his entire speech…Happy Fall everyone…!!


  2. Hello Shirl,
    Fall is certainly a pretty time of year. The leaves on the trees in PA are always beautiful and I haven’t been to the Bloomsburg fair since my son was a baby. The Bloomsburg Fair is always fun and I do remember that the floods cancelled last years fair. God certainly paints a pretty picture with the leaves on the trees changing colors! It is a good time for taking pictures and for apple and pumpkin picking. I like all of the seasons, but many people like fall the best.


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