On The Double

Just the other day I broke open an egg and there was a double yolk. I hadn’t done that in years. Was there some kind of omen that went with this happening? I was remembering some of the household superstitions people used to say. When a knife was dropped, expect a woman caller and when a fork is dropped, expect a man caller and the direction the fork pointed was where the man was to come from. No, I’m not superstitious and always people would laugh when they repeated these sayings they had heard all their lives. In fact, these go way back to the year, 1756.

Let’s get back to my breaking open a double yolk. When I related this event to other people I mostly heard of their good fortune, like cracking open triple yolks, and some recalled doing this several days in a row. I liked the fun remarks others made, “It means you killed two chickens,” said one person. “It makes your breakfast bigger,” offered another. And another comment was “Your cholesterol was increased.” Going back to the first comment we could talk about abortion here and that life begins at conception and aborting this young life, or egg, is killing a baby. Or course, the egg I broke open for breakfast was not fertilized, so that comparison can’t be made.

What this incident did bring to mind was how often “double” is used as a descriptive word in the English language. Although mothers do not always like hearing it, “double

A double blessing.

trouble,” is what rolls off the tongue when twins are met. “Double the giggles, and double the grins and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” A mother’s response to these could be,  “double the blessing” or double the fun.”

If a marching band is told to get “on the double,” they are to shift into twice the normal marching speed. When “double” is used as circus slang, it’s a performer who also plays in the band. An actor who plays two parts in a play is called a “double.” A two-base hit in baseball is also a “double.” We’re getting a double dose of politics lately. Agree? If you can bend your joints more than the average person, you are “double jointed.”  There is double-acting baking powder, a double date, double

doubled jointed thumb

spacing on a typewriter, double-wide trailers, double sinks, double doors, and double-barreled shot guns. The list seems endless, so I’m sure readers of this blog can suggest many others.

The Bible warns us about the double-minded man. In James 1:6-8 we read about the person who has double standards, has no deep seated convictions about anything. He is unstable in all his ways. We don’t know where he stands and neither does he. This is a man who pretends to have qualities or beliefs but does not really have them. He is a man who doubts, not sure of anything, and sadly not sure of his salvation. Here is where the use of the word “double” explains a serious situation when the ways of the world take a person’s focus away from God. Beware of becoming a double-minded person.

Returning to the lighter side in our discussion. I’ve thought of another way the word “double” is used. Have you ever doubled-up, bent over, as in pain or laughter? I began this shirlandyou talking about our fine feathered friend, the chicken,  but there has been

Box of ??

no mention of the duck. Somehow I don’t expect this little joke will double-you-up with laughter, but maybe it will bring a smile to your face. What do you call a box of ducks? A box of quackers. By the way, I’ve never eaten duck eggs. LOL


12 thoughts on “On The Double

    • What fun hearing from you, Michael. At this moment I am in Houston, Texas, getting ready to leave for PA again. I’ve been much closer to you the last few days. I think you’re right about jumbo eggs.


  1. My daughter-in-law only buys double yolk eggs…don’t know how the producers know they’re double yolks…with my poor health my cholesterol was on the rise…my dr. put me on the Atkins Diet…he said the body knows what to do with the cholesterol that we eat…I ate eggs all day long…lost 20 pds. the first month and my cholesterol came down…who da thunk…!! My neighbor has barn yard quial or ginnies and there eggs are small with a very hard shell…the taste is the same. I once saw a mom with twins…she was very tired and she said…” it is double the work “…and I said…” and double the love “…!! Have a safe trip home and enjoy…!!


      • I commented to my daughter-in-law about the double yolk eggs…that they must x-ray them and she said yes they do and if they find one that has an embreo then they place it under a light to hatch.


  2. Just as I was preparing to reply to you, the ubiquitous buzz-phrase came across my TV–“double down”. Seems like it rolls off the lips of every politician and pundit lately. Even our Orator-in-Chief doubled-up on “double-down” in his third State of the Union address!

    Actually, it seems a fitting political phrase for this day and age. It actually derives from a gambling term. One contemporary definition for double down is “to engage in risky behavior, especially when one is already in a dangerous situation.” Hmmm…sound familiar?

    On the ligher side, as you said, my favorite fast food is McDouble! (with cheese, of course). When you have to drive an-hour-and-a-half to get one–it’s a TREAT! I usually get–you guessed it–a double order, and take one home. Yummy…I’m getting hungry just thinking of them.

    It seems only fitting to end this by doubling-down on duck jokes, so here goes. “Why don’t ducks fly upside down? ‘Cause they would QUACK UP!”


    • Hi Chuck: You always have such a great handle on the subjects of my posts. I love hearing from you. Actually I feel we all need to double-down in our country’s situation. Surely we are in danger of losing so much. Loved your duck joke. too. When are you going to start your blog? I’d be the first to sign-up as a follower.


      • We are too good of a team for me to spit up an go on my own! And now with the jokes–it would be like splitting up Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.

        You are so good at coming up with interesting topics from our every-day lives that most people would never think of. Anyways, your blog is a blessing to me–I really enjoy being able to keep in touch. I don’t feel so isolated up here!


  3. Can’t resist your callout for more double uses: Double bubble and DoublemintrGum…also Stunt double in movies. And silliness…”How do you get down from an elephant? You don’t. You get down from a duck! ” (Dr Reif…Wilkes Biology Prof…in memoriam!) Quack! Quack!


    • Hi Kathy: So glad to hear from you. We are really accumulating a great list of doubles. Thanks for the suggestions. Loved your joke, others will, too. I’ll have to remember that jokes go over well, when I can’t think of anything else.:) Hope you’ll comment again.


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