The Day After Black Friday

I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper. This year, after hearing all the hype, and people’s plans to be in line at midnight, some waiting until 2:00 a.m. to get started, Iwondered if I might be missing out on a lot of fun, plus some fantastic bargains. No, I

Waiting in the cold for the doors to open.

didn’t go this year, not until Saturday when it was all over. Actually many stores pushed the specials up into Saturday until 1:00 p.m, I arrived at my favorite store at 2:00 p.m. So I missed it all.

I’ve read various takes on Black Friday shopping. While facing all the frantic shoppers, are you taking your life in your hands? Some liken the trip to a stampede, others say, “no big deal.” Maybe such hype in past years, has cut down on the crowds today. I remember the reports telling how you begin to feel pressure on all

“Is there room for two more shoppers here?”

sides, then you realize you can’t raise your arms, at the same time feeling you’re being lifted off your feet. But then, maybe those special buys are worth a little inconvenience?

I’ve always thought manufacturers made cheaper items to be sold on this day. Recently, though, I read that these cheaper items could be good options. Do the specially priced TV’s, cell phones, I pads, smart phones, etc. have less frills but are very serviceable, especially since many of today’s electronics are replaced in one or two years? Year after year, the same people rush to Black Friday Shopping. Would they do that if they

Big screen TVs were a much shopped for item.

were getting ‘burned’ each time? I don’t think so! And when Black Friday is over, many say, “My shopping is all done,” while here I am without nothing to show, just a gift list with no names crossed off.

So what took me to town the day after Black Friday? It was caused by something that happened to my husband that morning. He was shaving and experienced distress, and pain. Such distress, caused by what? One look at his razor’s head gave the answer, a tiny hole! So off we went to buy parts for his Remington razor, on the day after Black Friday.

First stop was Walmart, where there were only a few remaining signs of the day before. The fencing across the front of the building, though, had been removed. I’m not sure why this was erected, unless to funnel the crowds through the doors, creating a buffer zone. Inside, most shelves looked a bit disheveled. We found a few replacement parts, but not what we needed. The results were the same at CVS and Sears. We tend to give up easily, and this hunt seemed futile. Something we did notice, was that the razor shelves were wiped clean of particular models, those “Black Friday Specials.” So what did we do? As is, the razor couldn’t be used the next morning, so we bought a BF special to hold us over until the parts could be ordered from the internet.

My husband’s Remington was only about a year old and already a hole had worn through its head. To get the replacements needed will cost us half the price of the razor. Time will tell, but the thought has occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, the BF special will last better. A cheaper model with less frills, will it give better service? By next year we should know and who knows I just may be among those shoppers busting down the store doors, while scrambling over a few other shoppers to get the BF specials. How did you fare on this special shopping day? Are you a regular BF shopper or a slow learner, like me?

15 thoughts on “The Day After Black Friday

  1. Hello Shirl, I didn’t know whether or not you had ever gone out for shopping on black friday. I have been shopping on black friday for the past 20 years or so. There was even one year (the year that it first opened), when I was the first one in line, in front of the Target store that is in our area. I did get some amazing deals on the day; and I remember buying a stereo system for my son that was over 50% off. I usually get the Thanksgiving day newspaper and we plan our strategy…..going to which ever store opens first, for the items that we are planning on purchasing. My husband usually goes with me (he says that he only goes to keep me safe). LOL This year was the first year that I was not out for black friday shopping at 1 or 2 am…..or whatever time the stores are set to open at. I cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner, and much of my family from PA had came and were staying with me. My mom and her fiancee, my dad and stepmother and my suster and her husband, Mark, all came down and spent a few days with us. It was wonderful to have them down; and we all had a great time together.( My sister and I even took the motorcycles out for a long ride, after the turkey was in the oven and roasting). So, on Friday, I saw my family off, as they left on their return trip to PA. After everyone left, Dom and I went out to get a little shopping done. The door busters were over with, but I didn’t see anything advertised, that was really worthy of “busting the doors down” for this year. LOL Actually, in all of the years that I have shopped on black friday, I have never been in a stampede crowd or saw people that were out of control and rude to others, although I know that this has happened. Black friday shopping has always been a pleasant experience for me, and I usually see friends out shopping, too. I like to take advantage of the sales; and I get a jump on my Christmas shopping. The black friday sales seems to be the kick off for finding just the right gift. Even though I wasn’t rushing out to do some Black Friday shopping this year, my son, Dominick and his friend Brian were!!! Dominick and Brian will be college roommates in January and they needed to get some items for their “house”. Brian managed to find a microwave oven and a floor sweeper and Dominick got a good buy on a 32″ television. They were both pleased with their finds! My son is a fan of black friday shopping but when he goes, he is usually out and shopping for tools and items in the auto parts stores. For anyone who dislikes the crowds, or missed out on Black Friday…..there is always the “Cyber Monday” sales!! I’ve heard that the internet sales are even better than the store sales are. Buying the perfect gift for family and friends is fun to do, but we all need to keep in mind that the reason for the Christmas season is Jesus!!!! Have a very blessed Christmas and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with your family & friends. Celebrate the birth of our Savior.


    • Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with the family and accomplished so much, too. Happy Cyber Monday to you, maybe you’ll find this day good for shopping for the bargains you missed on Black Friday.:You’re right about Christmas being the day to be thankful for our Savior’s birth and His love for us the whole year through.


  2. I’m right with you Shirley. I know some who live for the Black Friday Shopping experience. Not me, I like my Christmas Shopping task to be joyful and spirited in the Season. Where I can exchange pleasantries, smiles and “Merry Christmases” with total strangers rather than scrapping and scraping with folks over a must-have “bargan”.
    Happy Christmas Shopping to You and Burl.


    • Hi Bill: I am so pleased to hear from you since I been wondering how your health is. I appreciated your comments on Black Friday and Christmas shopping in general. Sounds like we both have plenty to do. Enjoy!


  3. Ah, yes . . . Black Friday! I have tried to stay as far away from this as possible, but haven’t done as well the last couple of years. Last year I didn’t make it until time to go to breakfast with those of the family who had been out all night. My wife, Rosina didn’t actually go until 4 am with one of our daughters. Believe it or not, this year she started out at 8:30 pm on Thursday night. I got to Penny’s in Scranton just before they opened at 6 am. Did get a good deal on one thing, went to Sears picked up a couple of things (I did pay for them) and Rosina was still in line at Penny’s trying to get to the cashier when I was all done.

    She says she’s thinking about not doing it next year, but I bet she will. It’s really more that she is having a good time with her daughters, granddaughters and sometimes even grandsons. What made me do it? I’m like Adam, “my wife caused me to do it!”

    We are especially thankful to the Lord that he has given us good health and we can still do some crazy things, even at 75.

    May God bless you and Burl and have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Truly, Christ is the only reason we have for the season. As a song says, “Celebrate Him!”


    • Hi Emerson: I’m beginning to think through the fun that Black Friday creates. I don’t think I could begin to keep up with Rosina, she’s a pro. God bless you both. So glad you are doing well and still serving the Lord heartily.


      • I’m glad for all of you that got great bargains !!!
        But BF and it’s pace is not for me 🙂
        “Merry Christmas” to ALL.


      • Hi Ann Marie: I sure many shirlandyou readers will agree with you about the pace of BF being too great. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope some great bargains still await you. Thanks for writing.


  4. I have never shopped on Black Friday! We’ve always been busy with family things, haven’t we?! I have thought about venturing out some year. But, I probably never will. I hate crowds and get discouraged quickly. (Seems you said something about getting discouraged!) I actually like to do a lot of shopping online now on Cyber Monday. I’ve never been much of a shopper, so I’ll most likely never venture out on Black Friday. We usually have a geocache to find anyway. lol


    • Hi Janine: It’s a fact, avid geocachers (sp?) don’t have time to shop on Black Friday. You just reminded me why I’ve never done it before. I’m usually at your house recovering from a big Thanksgiving Day dinner. Cyber Monday shopping sounds ideal for you and for the guys you buy for, the gals, too. Thanks for writing.


  5. I don’t like crowds so I have never gone out on Black Friday…but I Loooove MAXINE…and she says…”With all the pushing and shoving to grab this years doorbusters…they ought to call it Black and Blue Friday”…!!


    • Hi Karen: I haven’t talked with anyone who woke up black and blue after Black Friday. But surely that is a possibility. Will they still tell us it’s worth it all? MAXINE is practical about everything and offers good advice. Thanks for writing Karen. God bless.


  6. Hi Shirley,
    I have been a Black Friday shopper for many years. I have stood in lines for that special item. Black Friday has become a tradition for me and my Dad. He has gone with me now for almost 15 yrs I think. He is 80 yrs old and he is my cart watcher and body guard and he does enjoy getting bargains. It has changed some because now, we meet Scott, Jessica and my nieces for breakfast. And then we go back out and shop. It’s just a fun time for me and I love to shop.


    • Great to hear from you, Darlene. Sounds as if you have made Black Friday a family tradition. How wonderful that your dad goes with you every year and now the rest of the family joins in also. You’ve made it fun for the whole family. I love to shop, too, but have a problem being organized for such a day. Thanks for writing.


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