“Everyone Has Their Own Mountain to Climb!”

You may wonder how I chose mountain climbing as this week’s subject. It’s because I recently received a yearly report from WordPress on my blog, shirlandyou. WordPress provides features required to create and maintain a blog, then throughout the year they compile enough information on my work, that they can give a report on how I did. Their report started out like this: “Six hundred people reached the top of Mt. Everett in 2012. My blog got about 7100 views during that year. “If, the report stated, “every person who reached the top of Mt. Everett viewed this blog it would take 12 years to get that many views.” Wow, this was encouraging to me.

In 2012, I wrote 52 new posts. I started shirlandyou the year before when I posted 39 times so the total number is 91. From the information WordPress had compiled I noticed that most of the viewers are spending more time reading and not just visiting. All totaled, there were 10,107 views and 776 comments. I hope that means that shirlandyou is becoming more interesting. I thought you may like a few more stats, then I will return to the subject of mountain climbing. In a sense, in writing a weekly blog, I feel that’s my mountain to climb. Readers from 59 countries clicked on to shirlandyou. Most visitors came from the the United States and Canada and the United Kingdom was not far behind. Just yesterday there were two viewers from Thailand. A post done last January, “Little Things In Life” was the most popular. That post, by the way, may still be read. Of course, you know how much I enjoy your comments. Some of those who consistently write are, Karen, Colleen, Janine, Ada, Chuck and William. I wish that many more of you, who write occasionally, would become consistent, too.

Did you know that in 2010, John Kazanas, a Greek-Australian,  climbed to the top of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world? The 38 year old hopes to inspire

John Kazanas climbs Mt. Everest.

John Kazanas climbs Mt. Everest.

others through his  book, “Reaching Everest.” I find it interesting that he said, “Everyone has their own mountain to climb whether it’s running a marathon or losing weight.” He is hopeful that his accomplishment will motivate many people and assist them to achieve their goals. My climb may not be as difficult physically, but  it takes determination to write something new every week, especially at times when a subject seems non-existent.

Kazanas embarked on his climb without stopping in the face of howling blizzards, snow blindness, dehydration and the real possibility of death. He said that in the face of death

Many climbers have attempted to scale the mountain.

Many climbers have attempted to scale Mt. Everest

one does not eat and the only liquid available was the thermos of tea, then frozen. He had to break off the lid and melt the ice with the warmth of his tongue. “One could stop,” he said, “but if a storm comes in you may die.” The idea was to move as fast as you could. The most challenging aspect of the trek, was seeing the preserved corpses of mountaineers in the snow. He also had to deal with the death of fellow climber, Peter Kinloch, who collapsed following blindness and dehydration.

John Kazanas believes anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to and his experience pushed him physically and mentally to a new level. Besides it being necessary to have both physical and mental strength, he says visualization is important. He visualized himself at the top. But in addition, his training for the climb was intense, including weight training, rock climbing, 24 hour hiking sessions, food deprivation training, intense cycling and swimming. I’m glad doing shirlandyou doesn’t require Kazanas’ physical training, but mentally it is challenging, a challenge that I like and one I prepared for through years of writing at Suburban News newspaper and at WRGN

I can't climb Mt. Everest, but I made it to the top of my blog!

I can’t climb Mt. Everest, but I’ve made it to the top of my blog!

Christian radio, I’m ready to continue the climb for another year. It’s the visualization that has me stumped. Maybe the fact that my photo appears at the top of my blog is sufficient. I’m sure Mt Everett is not for me. By the way, do you know that at times, there’s  a traffic jam at Everett as hundreds begin the hike. I hope they are ready for the climb of their lives. For me, I’ll keep pecking away at my computer. With the help of WordPress I’ll let you know how I do when this New Year ends.

11 thoughts on ““Everyone Has Their Own Mountain to Climb!”

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your writings. So interesting. It made me think of the mountain I have to climb in this new year. Being diabetic, I have many challenges. This year in order to keep my sugar levels down I must lose weight and exercise daily. With my busy life, besides my Lord, it must come first if I am going to reach the top. Thank you in helping me realize I can reach my goal.


    • Hi Loydene: You surely do have a mountain to climb. Don’t stop, don’t give up and if possible slow down a little. Thanks for writing. You set a good example for others. God bless.


  2. Shirley, as you know, I have added a comment now and then, but not to all of your blogs. I wanted you to know that I have read all of the blogs and have enjoyed all of them. Continue your writing and may this year bring many blessings from our Lord.


  3. Happy New Year!! Yes, everyone certainly has their own mountains to climb. I personally find it very interesting to read books about Mtn. climbing. Have you ever read the book “Into Thin Air” by John Krakauer?? (I think that this is how you spell the author’s last name). It is amazing what these mountain climbers do (for fun)???!! I’m not a fan of heights; and I certainly wouldn’t risk my life needlessly to obtain the personal goal of reaching the top of a mountin like Everest…in some ways doing this seems like a selfish and unnecessary waste of money (in my humble opinion). Still, it is interesting to read about it…and to see what these individuals do for self fulfillment. I have read several books about mountain climbing and it is fascinating, frightening, humbling and intriguing to read of these adventures. Life is an adventure, no matter what path you choose to take….or wherever God leads us…..and it is up to us to make the right decisions in every circumstance….and I am sure that there are many life lessons to be learned by people who have taken on the personal goal of mountain Climbing. I wonder if there are any “live cams” available on the internet….of mtn. climbing treks in progress? I have searched several times, in the past, but have yet to find one. If you happen to come across one, please let me know. I am enjoying your blogs and will continue on “the journey” with you. ❤ Congratulations on being well read, and I anxiously look forward to your next blog.


  4. Although I never had the desire to climb Mt Everest…I do go to the Mt Top of the Lord. I’ve got to come down from the Mt Top to the people in the Valley below or they’ll never know that they can go to the Mt of the Lord. Worship is…All that we say and everything that we do. It’s letting His Spirit live through you…To God be the Glory…!!


  5. Wow! That is impressive success for a young blog! It does seem that all the worthwhile things are like climbing a mountain…hard work! I look forward to seeing what you find to write about in 2013.


    • Thanks, Janine, I always enjoy your encouragement. I liked how you called shirlandyou a young blog. I tend to forget this and expect success overnight. Like mountain climbing, a lot of effort is required in writing a good blog.


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