Wishbones, Wishing Wells And Candles On A Cake!

The biggest side is the winner.

The one with the biggest side gets his wish.

I seldom buy a whole chicken, unless it’s one of those small rotisserie chickens. This was not the case with my mother, who often fixed a whole chicken for our family of six. What I remember most about this was not the good chicken dinner, but who would get the wishbone. I don’t recall that my mother had a system for which two of us would have this pleasure, I think it was us kids who remembered who had it the last time. No matter whose turn it was, there was always a wait for the wishbone to dry enough so it would break with only a quick tug from each side. Then before this happened we each made a wish and the person who got the bigger side was the winner and could look forward to his wish coming true. What do you do when you see a shooting star, a wishing well, or blow out the candles on your birthday cake? You close your eyes and make a wish!

You’ve all watched the

Make a wish and blow.

Make a wish and blow.

tons of confetti flutter down in the heart of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but did you know that on each piece of paper was written a wish from people from around the globe? There is actually a “New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall” located in the Times Square Visitor Center where people post their wishes all year long in anticipation of the next year’s midnight drop of confetti. Your wish can actually be submitted on line,

On many of those pieces of confetti was the wish for happiness. I recently found a list of changes that should add to a person’s happiness. It’s been said that happiness is the only true measure of personal success and the best place to begin is by making other people happy. This really works because it’s almost impossible to make others happy if you’re not happy yourself.

Are you ready for the list of things some people believe leads to happiness?  Let’s begin! Start your day with expectation and make your first thought: “something wonderful is going to happen today.”  Number two is plan and prioritize. Rather than think you have too much work to do, choose one thing and do it. The third suggestion is: “give a gift to everyone you meet.” Those solar flowers make great gifts and cost only $1.00. My husband and I gave them away. We attached a label reading, “Friends are a gift from God.” If you are going to give a gift to everyone you meet, as suggested, then try a word of encouragement, a smile or even a friendly nod.

Other suggestions are don’t talk politics and get people all riled up over things they can’t control. Number five is: “assume people have good intentions.” To make you happier, W laughing facestry eating high quality food, slowly. A big enemy of happiness is worry, and we all can dream up some weird fantasy of what might happen. Something that will make you dissatisfied with your life so that you’ll buy more stuff is television. Number eight is don’t use TV as “background noise.” For days of happiness, end each one by writing down at least one wonderful thing that happened. We should be grateful for each day because it will never come again.

What does our life’s operating manual, the Bible, say about being happy.  It says: “Blessed (or happy) is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked ( a way to walk in the counsel of the wicked is by watching TV) or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.” Psalm 1:1. The writer of this Psalm is telling us  that there is happiness (joy) in obeying God and refusing to listen to those who discredit or ridicule him.  There you have it! In our life’s manual there are many suggestions on how to be happy and those suggestions above aren’t so bad either. I end this shirlandyou with my wish, that you have a happy new year.

8 thoughts on “Wishbones, Wishing Wells And Candles On A Cake!

  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Shirley. They are things I need to be reminded of to stay positive each day. God Bless. 🙂


    • How true, Gene. Your years of study of God’s Word is proving again to be provide the best answers to any questions on the shirlandyou topic this week. Keep writing, I love hearing from you, as do the followers of shirlandyou.


  2. You never seize to amaze me…I did not know about the wishes on the confetti…that will make my New Years even more special with it’s new beginning. Great ideas for a happy life. When we are able to take our minds off ourselves and our own problems by helping to ease anothers pain…we can’t help but feel happy.Love isn’t love till you give it away…worry doesn’t help any of us…much of what we worry about never comes to pass anyway…a great read is “the untethered soul” by Michael A. Singer…just finished it…awwwwwesome…!! My children and I…each night had our own individual private time…I would massage thier feet and they would tell me the “best” and the “worst” part of thier day. It was guaranteed quality time. Some nights talks didn’t even have a worst part. I still massage my daughters feet when we are together.


  3. Wonderful words of wisdom from you on this one! I need to remember the one about worrying….I am guilty of that one. I try to remember to “give it to God”, as my sister always says….but even though I pray, I don’t always let go of my worries. God wants what is best for all of us, and happiness can be found if we seek him out.


    • Thanks for writing Janine.The journey with shirlandyou includes fun and serious information and hopefully info readers haven’t heard before. Glad that’s how my last post affected you. I know you love being positive. Starting each day on the positive side is a good start. Write again.


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