Why Women Talk More Than Men

Have you heard that scientists have found an explanation for why women are more talkative than men? The research, just published, suggests that higher levels of a protein Foxp2 are found in a woman’s brain. Of course, tests were done on our favorite of rodents, rats. And sure enough the

It's because of a protein in my brain.

“It’s because of a protein in my brain.”

chattier of them, the male, became even more fluent in whatever it is they do, or say. The report calls them chatty. The whole research is rather hard to swallow. But the next time your spouse complains that you talk too much, you may silence him with science.

It’s been claimed that women speak about 20,000 words a day, that’s 13,000 words more than the average man.  I tend

Not the right time to talk.

Not the right time to talk?

to go along with the theory that men and women speak roughly the same amount with men speaking more in some situations. “That’s so at my house,” said one women, “my husband out-talks me by at least 75 percent.” This is closer to being the situation at my house. My husband talks about every idea that crosses his mind and his mind is never without new ones. I know if I started a conversation about this subject with my him, I wouldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Now I’m getting on sensitive ground but is it possible women talk more, because men are not good listeners? Men, oftentimes, just don’t listen the first time. Therefore, much of what we women are saying are

Are you listening?

Are you listening?

repeats. I think these studies try to fit people into neat little boxes, and that just can’t be done. And then, sometimes such research is initiated by feminist organizations and the next probable follow-up will be to prove how much more clever women are than men.

I really am not a “talker,” but I’ve noticed the best writers always have something to say, and express themselves well. So I do wonder how it is that I have become one? I am a bit sympathetic with some husbands who sometimes stop listening. I know that some women do talk incessantly, sometimes to the point where I find myself no longer listening.

Women do love to talk.

“We just have to talk to someone.”

Have you ever been affected that way? One woman’s husband has. The wife explained, ” I talk without stopping between 8:00 a. m. and 12 noon. So much so, that my husband decides to go to the office even on his day off. I spend the rest of the day calling the office to make sure he’s there, giving him an ear full with each call.”  I’ve said all I’m going to to say on this subject but I’m hoping you have many opinions to share with us at shirlandyou. Next time, I think I’ll tackle the subject, “why women live longer than men.” If this is so, we’ll find out why. Don’t miss next week’s shirlandyou.

Doesn’t the Bible have something to say about needless talk? In Proverbs 10:19  we read: “When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.” Maybe we ladies and men better wise- up.

18 thoughts on “Why Women Talk More Than Men

  1. Lol. I think my husband talks more than I do too! A lot of the time, I just don’t have much to say. At least that is what I think of myself. Maybe other people think I talk a lot. Who knows?! Interesting subject! It seems that good writers would be people that DON’T talk a lot but rather THINK a lot!


    • I laughed, too, when I read your comment, and I’m sure you are one of those people who think a lot. Your dad does both, I just think. You are a perfect combination and amazing how you learn and do so much. God bless you.


  2. The verse that strikes me is the one where we will be held accountable for every idle word that comes out of our mouth, not sure where it is exactly now.


  3. My husband talks to the tv more than he talks with me but that is fine. When he does talk with me he tends to reiterate his point over and over …I can only take that for so long before I start dreaming up ways of escaping his gravitational pull…..sigh. Men tend to answer anything question in 5 words or less which means we as women have to take 20 minutes to pull the actual, detailed answer out of a man.


  4. Just saw a study by a Phycologist that says woman have more brain activity. Women tend to express thier feelings more than men…while men are supposed to be “manly”. I just know there are “types”…male or female doesn’t matter. My husband always dominates conversation. I find I talk on and on when I’m very happy. But usually I put my words on paper.


  5. Hi Shirl, Your blog about talking is certainly an interesting one. I think that whether or not a man or a woman speaks the most, depends on the situation and the individual. Some women just jabber on about anything, but there are men that do this too. My sister in law goes on and on about anything and everything. (She doesn’t know about, or read your column) so I can write this. LOL Sometimes I will call her up to ask her about something, and when I “finally” get off of the phone with her, I realize that I didn’t even get a chance to talk to her about what I wanted to ask her about. As you can probably guess, she is also not a good listener. A good listener is someone who responds to what the other person is saying…..and I don’t mean responding, by saying something about themselves or about something that happened to them. (Some people have a way of turning everything around in a conversation, and making the conversation all about them…..even though that is not how it started out, and certainly not how it should be.) Sometimes it is better to just be quiet and listen, but not everyone is capable of doing this. I like the bible verse that you listed at the end of this blog.


  6. Hi Shirley, I just thought that God gave women more words to use up in a day, and we wouldn’t want to get behind in our word bank!! From my perspective I have learned that even little girls tend to use more words and little boys make more noises. Listen to them play sometime! Then advance that 20 or 40 years. You’ll find men describing their stories in great details with sounds and large motor movements of arms and legs, whereas women will tell their tales in thousands of words, with some use of their hands for emphasis. That’s how we manage to use up more words!


    • Hi Nita: Welcome aboard Shirlandyou. Hope to hear from you often. Your experience with young children has given you good insight on who talks the most men or women. I’ll look for your next comment.


  7. Several thoughts Shirley,

    1) Dr. Deborah Tannen has written a good book that covers this topic. For more see: http://www9.georgetown.edu/faculty/bassr/githens/tannen.htm

    2) I’m slow on catching up with your blog which I’ve been enjoying this year. We’ve been on a 7 week cruise around South America.

    3) A male friend of ours committed suicide when he was about 65. We visited his wife after he’d been dead about a year and experienced her nonstop uninterruptible talking. I had such compassion for her ex husband.


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