A Gift of Gold, Or One Better?

The other day I went to Facebook and looking to the right on my home page I saw a notation that told me a friend was celebrating his birthday. I clicked my mouse there and up came a box in which I could write,

This is the gold bunny recommended as a gift.

This is the gold bunny recommended as a gift.

“Happy Birthday,” then “low and behold,” more information came my way, another message that told me to send a gift to the birthday celebrant. ” That’s a nice suggestion,” I thought. However, there was more information coming, I was told to send him, a Gold Bunny. I had no idea what a gold bunny was and I wondered if the computer really knew if my friend would like receiving such a gift.

I did some research and found that, at this time of the year, all over the world, “families await the arrival of Chocolate Lindt Gold Bunnies to make tradition come alive.” So, they aren’t actually Gold Bunnies. They are hollow chocolate and they weigh 3.5 ounces. I did read that Lindt makes a solid version, but they’re sold only in Europe. However, the hollow ones are pretty thick around the base and the ears and head are nearly solid, so they say!

I found it hard to believe that my friend would like this candy as a gift, and it was somewhat of a relief to learn that this bunny wasn’t real

Takes a lot of money to buy this.

Takes a lot of money to buy this.

gold. If it was fourteen carat gold, and still in its hollow state, it would be worth over $1608 an ounce and cost $5628. If it was solid, look out, it would cost four times that much (or maybe even more.)

Lindt has been in business for over sixty years. For awhile it closed some of its stores here in the United States because of a weaker demand in the wake of the late-2000s recession. Now, however, it is doing better than in past years and is seeing a demand for the Gold Bunny and it will, again, appear in Easter baskets everywhere.

There’s a story behind the Gold Bunny. In 1952 the Maitre Chocolatier’s young son was completely mesmerized when he saw a little bunny but began to cry as soon as it disappeared in the bushes. Deeply touched by how upset his son was, the father suddenly had a great idea: “I should

Not to be eaten and doesn't stay put.

Not to be eaten and doesn’t stay put.

make a bunny like that one out of chocolate…” He made the bunny from the finest Lindt milk chocolate, wrapped it in a golden foil and put a red ribbon with a golden bell around its neck, so it would not get lost.” He told his son that when the bell rang he could easily find it. And, that’s the story on how the first Gold Bunny was born.

I’m still not convinced that my friend would like a Gold Bunny as a birthday gift. I do know that he would agree with the lyrics of a song that puts gold in perspective. My husband and I recently sang it at church: “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold; I’d rather be His than have riches untold; I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands; I’d rather be led by His nail-pierced hand.” This is a gift, the love of Jesus, that my friend has already

More precious than gold.

More precious than gold.

received. A gift that is better than anything the world can afford, and is more precious than gold. I’ve never received the gift of a gold bunny wrapped in foil, but I have the forgiveness that comes with accepting Christ and that’s of more value than can be explained. You can’t put a price tag on it.


10 thoughts on “A Gift of Gold, Or One Better?

  1. Very nice blog….mentioning friendship, gift giving, the Easter season, and a bit about the history of the Lindt company and its chocolate bunnies wrapped in gold. We all need God in our lives and Easter is the perfect time to reflect on his love for us.


    • Hi Colleen: Always like your comments. Glad you enjoyed the variety I worked into my last blog. Thanks for commenting and Happy Easter is wished for you and the two Dom’s in your life.


  2. Facebook HAS been suggesting that I give gifts to people. But I hadn’t seen the gold bunny yet. It’s pretty cute, although the photo of the real bunny is even cuter! That’s interesting how chocolate bunnies came to be!


    • How true, Janine, the real bunny is cuter. Seems no one can create like the great creator, God. Stores, right now, are well stocked with basket goodies and these include the gold bunny. I have a feeling you’re likely to see one before Easter is over. Thanks for writing and Happy Easter.


  3. What a kind and loving gift to give to his son. And then to share it with the rest of us. God teaches us how to be kind and love one another. His gift of His Son is the greatest act of forgiveness. Easter is all about forgiveness. Why would forgiveness be so important to God if we didn’t need it ALL the time…? He knew we would need it from Him…but also for us for ourselves and for others. God specializes in the impossible. Look what He did with the Cross.


  4. Even if one possessed all the gold in the world, forgiveness and eternal life cannot be purchased. Fortunately for us the ransom for or sins has already been paid if we would only accept what Is freely offered. John 3:16


    • What you have to say is so true, Michael. It’s the most wonderful free gift ever offered to mankind, but,as you said, it needs to be accepted. It brings me such joy to hear from you, Michael. God bless you,and Happy Easter.


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