Not A Project Everyone Enjoys!

Not quite what I look like when I mow.

“Not quite what I look like when I mow.”

I love mowing grass. My husband is glad I love to mow grass! With the both of us working at it, we mow about three acres in approximately three hours. Not long ago, when a friend learned that I still mow, she said, “What! I haven’t mowed the lawn since I was fifteen.”

I’ve never quit mowing! I mowed lawn when our children were growing up. They had to stay away from the mower, unless there was an emergency. It was a

....nor like this.

“….nor like this.”

quiet time for me, I couldn’t hear the kids fussing and it was amazing what they could work out if Mom wasn’t there to complain to.

Today, it’s still my quiet time. I put in my ear plugs, wear gloves, hat, long sleeves and mow away, hoping no one sees me and oftentimes, I pray. I know I’m not the only one to do that, I overheard another woman recently say she did the same thing. You

This is more like it.

“This is more like it.”

do feel close to God, then. It’s in the lawn where the birds gather at the feeder and the bath, where the chipmunks play, where the deer feed, and the flowers bloom and while mowing I’m reminded that God deserves the praise for these blessings.

Of course, I have a riding mower. It’s a John Deere. It’s not one of those that you can drive over attachments and they automatically connect, but I’m thankful for it, and I can check the oil and give it gas. I remember my dad using an old reel, hand-push mower, but that was when we lived in a small town and the yard

This goes for a lot of projects!

“This goes for a lot of projects!”

was a small square in the front, a narrow piece along the side and the back yard was where my brothers dug roadways for their toy cars and the grass gave up hope of growing there.

A picture used to hang in our daughter’s bedroom which I loved. It showed three young girls, dressed as if they lived in the late 1800’s. They were holding hands and dancing around a tree. A Victorian house was in the background, and the yard in which they played was not mowed. I would love to know the story behind that picture, who the painter was, etc. Now, I know nothing more about it, but it brought good memories, when as a child, I picked daisies in the fields near our home.

What did home owners do before lawn mowers? Picture kneeling gardeners trimming close to the house with shears, then the farther away from the home they got, a

Glad I didn't live in this era!

“Glad I didn’t live in this era!”

scythe was used, farther out then that, sheep, goats, even geese, often grazed on the land. I’m sure their grounds were not as manicured as we expect our lawns to be today.

Some may think that it is not very lady-like to mow lawn, although I believe that view went out with the Victorian age. Oh, yes, sometimes I run into a low

There are rewards for hubby and wife, for a job well done.

“When finishing a lawn mowing  job together, there are rewards for hubby and wife.”

branch or through briers hanging over the yard and find a bruise here or scratch there. But I’ll tell you a little secret, “I’d rather mow lawn then clean house, any day.” How about you?


14 thoughts on “Not A Project Everyone Enjoys!

  1. Oh, I’m with you!! I’d much rather mow grass the clean house. Mowing is a great time to pray. But, I have to tell you a funny story. When I loved in Lancaster county we lived in a duplex. We noticed that our neighbor mowed his grass nearly every evening, and sometimes twice on Saturday. We thought it rather strange, but, decided he just enjoyed mowing. One day while I was outside next to our shed and was close enough to hear, I discovered why he mowed so often. He was not a happy man and so he ran the mower to drown out his cursing!!! Every time he got angry he would just go out and mow the lawn and talk to himself and spew some rather unkind language. So, from then on when I heard his mower start I would pray for him.


    • Wow, Janis, you’ve just given a great example of how the Lord can use our prayers. I oftentimes pray for perfect strangers as I pass-by them on the streets. We may never know how He is using our prayers. Thanks for writing.


  2. I also mow grass…Do I love it? No…But I like it better than cleaning the house. I use a push mower..not a reel mower like your father but not self propelled either. I only mow the front and sides and my husband mows the remainder with the tractor. I always sing while I am mowing…I think the noise of the mower drowns me out. I mow to be helpful and for the exercise and I hope to be able to continue for many years. Shirl you are a good inspiration .


    • So, while getting a job done, you’ve found a great way to exercise. I’m getting the idea that most of us would rather work outdoors, than indoors. That’s surely true of me. But then, not so much in the winter time. 🙂 I love hearing from you, Connie.


  3. HI Shirl, I’m glad that you find pleasure and peace while cutting your grass. I like to work outside, too, but I like planting flowers and gardening. Recently I built a memorial garden in our backyard. The memorial garden was built over a pet cemetery. My husband had to remove some trees near that area and this left the area exposed….sacred ground to me. So I set to work and put up a stone wall around it, adding marble stone, trees, plants and garden statutary. I feel close to God when I am outside, too. When I look around, I see all of the beauty that he has created in nature. There is allot to marvel at….our God is amazing! Happy Mother’s Day!


    • We need more sensitive people in this world, so wonderful that you are one of them. Sounds like quite project you’ve completed. I’m still waiting to get my annuals in, my perennials look good, so far. Looking for lots of sunshine and warm weather this summer. Hope you, Coleen, enjoy it, too.


  4. I love the great outdoors…but only in the morning and the evenings when the sun has gone down. The sun is my enemy and I hate humidity. Life isn’t always fair. When I was young my brothers and I took turns mowing. I loved the outdoors but even as a child I was allergic to the outdoors…mostly grass…definetly tomato plants and I lived in the garden so long sleeves was a must. My husband keeps our 10 acres mowed and is so grateful that he can be doing it now.


    • My session was interupted…my husband is grateful that summer is here and he can keep busy with mowing. As a young girl…I dreamed of caring for a large estate. But now I would rather be inside than out…so cleaning is my natural drug…that’s why I am the “Cleaningfairy”…I love to clean…!! Now Shirl…about that Victorian picture…it might be called…”Childhood Days” by George Sottung. Look it up on line and let me know if that is the same pic.


      • I’m so sorry your allergies keep you from enjoying the outdoors. You are so good at so many other things and now, I’ve learned you make a great sleuth. I was so delighted to find the painting I talked about by following your directions. I’m making a search for the one I had. I think there’s a story here.


      • I am looking for that exact same painting! It hung in my grandma’s house for years. It’s supposedly not worth anything, but I can’t even find a copy of it? A lithograph print sold on Etsy for $16-I wish I would have seen it sooner! Let me know if you find somewhere to buy a copy-I would LOVE to get one. My email is Thanks!
        -Heather T.
        P.S. This blog came up in my search for George Sottung, “Childhood Days” which is why I’m commenting on it:).


      • I think I must have seen the same lithograph you did on the internet. Besides that, I’m not sure where you can get a copy. Quite a coincidence that we are looking for the same painting. I haven’t made a search for mine yet, hoping it is in the attic. I’ll let you know when and if I find more information on getting a copy. Thanks for writing. I think it tells such a wonderful story.


  5. Shirley, I have to tell you one day when my children were small I decided to surprise my husband and mow the lawn. It was fun for me. A
    nd my children were enjoying watching mom do it. Well, that night when my husband came home from work and came through the door he said, “Who mowed the lawn? They went around in circles and not back and forth.” Oops, I’m sorry I wanted to surprise you. I think he felt really bad. But do you know I never mowed again. I see now that he loves it and is a perfectionist with the way he does it.


    • Hi Loydene: Loved hearing from you. Now I know why your yard looks so beautiful all the time. There’s a perfectionist at the helm. Burl’s not that fussy, just likes to see the job done.


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