To Do Or Not To Do!

I’ve never had the experience of having a professional pedicure. I am not dying to do this!! You probably think my feet are a mess. But, no, they are quite pampered, only I work on them myself. I’m told that I shouldn’t miss one of life’s most

It's a social time.

A time to relax.

inexpensive treats. However, thirty dollars is not so inexpensive when you consider that a Milky Way, my favorite candy bar, can be bought for a lot less than that. Now that’s a real treat.

My basket of pedicure products is running over. For Mother’s Day, my daughter-in-law, who is a Mary Kay representative, gave me what I love most, Mary Kay foot products. They’re the best. Those fizz tablets, for soaking, applying the luxurious foot cream, and

That feels so good.

That feels so good!

ending with pulling on the special polka-dotted socks, makes a good pedicure. Now you know what I mean about my feet being pampered?

Did you know that the average person walks an equivalent of four times around the world? And our two feet are doing all that walking and receiving lots of wear and tear. They respond by forming calluses and sometimes corns. That’s when you get out you pedicure basket, filled with files, exfoliates, pumice stones, polishes and creams.

Some people won’t go for a pedicure because they think their feet are ugly. Why did it surprise me that men go for pedicures? Some say their wives insist they go. Here’s a warning, if your husband has ticklish feet, you better not send him. I’m told that the procedure ends

Not so ugly.

Not so ugly.

with a foot and leg massage, using thick moisturizer. It really is beginning to sound interesting. I certainly would have appreciated a leg massage when  caring for our five, small children and come to think about it, that would feel pretty good today, too.

Toe separators, electrical file, drying table and UV lights are not in my pedicure kit. I’m also missing the massage chairs everyone talks about. Looks like the professionals have better equipment to work with than I do. I’m learning that painted nails take a long time to become dent resistant and that’s

It looks very inviting.

It looks very inviting.

why a drying table is helpful. It could be why after a fresh polish job I sometimes take off my shoes and find the polish removed from my big toes. 

Mine are not the only nails I take care of in our household. No, I trim our parrot’s.  That’s after lot of coaxing and threatening, I do. I don’t, yet, have any missing fingers, but I’ve come close. Perhaps I’d have better luck 

Here's how the pros do it.

Here’s how the pros do it.

if I would soak his nails first. That I can’t visualize!!. Speaking of soaking, have you heard of the latest concoction. Mix one-quarter cup of Listerine, one quarter cup of vinegar with every two cups of water, then soak. The fumes are a bit overwhelming but it works. Thickening skin loosens up and can be removed with a pumice stone.

People say how awesome a professional pedicure is and that your feet come out looking and feeling better. They also say that once you get a pedicure you will want them forever. With every word I type, a professional pedicure is becoming better sounding. So, friend, (I’m talking to myself, too)” put your foot down.” Ugly or not, visit your local pedicurist. Maybe I’ll see you there. .

16 thoughts on “To Do Or Not To Do!

  1. Shirley, I have been doing it for a long time. There is nothing like it. In 45 minutes it is done and it lasts for a long time. I get great compliments on my feet. Most of all they feel so good. I am trying so hard to get my sister to go with me. She wants to wear sandals and that is the best way to look good in them. I do hope you will try it.


    • Your the first one to say, “do it.” Loydene and you sound very convincing. With all the sandals out there, do our feet need to look better than our hands? We’ll see how many shirlandyou readers say, “do it.” Then I’ll decide. Maybe I’ll wait until your sister does it.:) Thanks for writing.


  2. My daughter loves it…I prefer manicres only. Go to N.Y. (you don’t need to go into the city)…manicure/pedicure for $25….that’s what they were the last time we went. I’ve always loved feet…was and still is my daughter and I quiet time together. In biblical times people walked every where…so it was common practice to have your feet washed and oiled upon entering a house. The children at church see me and can’t wait to get their shoes and socks off. I offer back and foot massages when our church goes on women retreats. I’d give a foot massage to anyone who would like one…!!


    • WOW what a great offer. Your comments are always so apropos. I believe you’d have no problem following Christ’s admonition for us to wash each others feet. Thanks for writing, Karen.


  3. I was always skeptical about spending all that money on a pedicure too. But now I’ve done it a few times and it is a real treat! Somehow my feet and nails look better than when I do it. Of course, I don’t do as much to my feet as you do. But even the polishing job looks better when they do it. Just know that if you do it once, you will most likely be tempted to continue letting the professionals do it!


  4. I have always enjoyed doing my own manicures and pedicures, but after watching all my friends go to salons and show off their pretty toes, I finally gave in, more to find out what I was missing than anything else. This is what I was missing. First, there are lots of trashy magazines to read during the process. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to read the latest about Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian. Then there are the not-so-wonderful odors, and I mean strong odors, from all that fake nail stuff and who knows what else. True, you get to soak your piggies in warm water, but since I didn’t get to see if anyone really cleaned and disinfected the footbath before I used it, I was never entirely sure of my safety. You basically have to trust the salon’s employees to have cleaned everything, including all the tools, thoroughly. With all the toenail fungus out there, this takes a lot of faith. Then I found I had to watch the pedicurist like a hawk. One time she didn’t put on a base coat, so the second time I made sure she did. But the worst experience I had was when a nail technician supposedly filed away my calluses, which I didn’t have, and ended up removing my skin. Which got infected. I had to use antibacterial ointment for a couple of weeks afterward until it healed. Then I went in and complained and got a free pedicure. Which was my last one. Ever. In conclusion, In spite of all the above, the thing I hated most about going to a nail salon was having to wait while the polish dried. Even with the drying gizmos, you still have to wait. Now at home you have to wait, but you can watch your own television. You can eat. You can drink. You can read your own books, etc., You can go lay out in the sun on your porch. You can do stomach crunches. You get the idea. Going to a salon costs money, yes, but so much more. I think it’s a waste of time, money, respiratory function, and possibly foot health, But other than that, I really don’t have an opinion……P.S. I also cut and color my own hair, wear Maybelline makeup, and love consignment shops–so consider the source 🙂


  5. I’ve had a professional pedicure…sat in the message chair with my feet soaking,.. with a nice thick bathrobe wrapped around me and a cup of tea in hand. They do message your feet and lower legs, too, and it is very relaxing and a real treat!! Yes, it is a nice experience, but it is expensive. My husband bought me a spa package, and one of the things that was included was a pedicure. Although I enjoyed it, I have to say that my feet or toe nails didn’t look any better than when I do them myself. (I guess I do a pretty go job on them myself). I always have polish on my toes (even during the winter months, when everyone wears closed toe shoes). In fact, I don’t usually polish my finger nails, but I always polish my toes. I even french manicure them!! Sometimes I even add fun flowers or other artistic details to them. I find that a pedicure and freshly polished toes can last almost a month. If you have never had a professional pedicure, than you should go…..even just once. I personally enjoy having a facial more than a pedicure, but my husband says that the messages are the best. (I got him a message for our last anniversary, and we went together to the spa). I had a facial and he had a sports message. Maybe you and Burl should go together? 🙂


  6. Shirley just yesterday I sat in front of my computer–soaking my feet at the same time I was working (there are benefits of working from home!) I have had a few pedicure in my lifetime and I must admit that my feet and toenails always look so much better than when I paint the nails or give myself a pedicure. However I really don’t like spending the $30 to $40 dollars (you must remember the tip adds into the cost as well) on getting a pedicure on a monthlly basis. My mother-in-law had never had a pedicure so about 10 years ago tI treated her to her first pedicure, she was 75 years old at that time, oh she had a wonderful smile on her face when she was sitting in the massage chair and the pedicurist was working wonders! When we got home she kept showing my father-in-law and my hubby Rick her toes! Pedicures are a treat for me and for very special occasions I will splurge and treat myself to a pedicure!


    • Well, Phyllis you sound like me—soaking your feet while working. I’m not quite convinced, but letting someone else do the scraping, filing, buffing,would be nice. Thanks for writing.


  7. I have so many friends who get pedis. I always tell them I’ll start getting pedis when I get too old to reach my toes. 😉


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