What Does Your Refrigerator Door Say About You?

I’ve read that the success of a blog depends upon how much the writer is willing to reveal about herself. Its also been said that what you post on your refrigerator door tells much about a person. So hang on, we’re going to take a brief look at mine.

My family and my refrigerator door.

My family and my refrigerator door.

Before we begin, I wonder if you’re aware that 80 percent of you have magnets on your refrigerator door. There are a few on mine, but most of our travel magnets are on the oven door of our R.V. Some of you use it as a bulletin board and a reminder of tasks that have to be done and appointments that must be met. I wonder if that’s where you post your refrigerator door 2favorite jokes or cartoons? I’m actually allowing you to see my refrigerator door in the accompanying photo. From the looks of it, I’m sure some of you will say that I am a messy person and if you looked at the interior of my closets, you’d know that I am. Now that’s rather revealing about me, isn’t it?

Until new family photos come in, I don’t update the material on my door very often. Then what I do take off is

This one is close to looking like mine.

This one is close to looking like mine.

placed in a box under my bed. You’ll notice that some of the photos have curled edges, they’ve been there for sometime. There’s one of my husband playing his accordion with a friend, and yet another of him, playing with our daughter. One photo serves as a reminder not to forget our friend, Glen, who has been bedridden for years, and is coping because of the prayers offered daily for him. My refrigerator serves as a prayer reminder for many.

Just one quick look at my door and it tells you that we have a big family that brings us much joy. The photos include our thirteen grandchildren

That door is just waiting to be decorated by the kids.

That door is just waiting to be decorated by the kids.

and our eighteen great-grandchildren. There’s one of Evy showing her crying-her-heart-out on the lap of Santa Clause, I think I would have done the same. Beth is pictured with baby chicks and looks so happy. Zach looks delighted while posing behind a perfectly baked turkey. You’ve got the idea. Most photos come in at Christmas time, when our families become very creative with their cards.

But, my husband sometimes posts photos that change the over-all scene somewhat. Such as the photo of the John Deere tractor that belonged to his dad. He finally sold it and the photo shows it completely rebuilt by the new owner

Didn't know there were so many magnets.

Didn’t know there were so many magnets.

and looking like new. Being a steam buff, he’s posted a steam train photo there, also. And there’s the photo of cousin, Ken Updyke. Since his passing this year, it means so much, more to us. His wife, Arlene is in the photo, too, and it reminds us to keep the faith, like they did while serving over twenty years on the mission field in Ghana, Africa.

There are a few magnets holding the photos in place. The one from Paris, France, reminds me how fortunate we were to enjoy traveling in Europe. Another one reads: “This is the day the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it.”- Ps. 118:24 and one that says: “What This World Needs Is Jesus.” There are too many things on my refrigerator door for me to be very descriptive of each one. But you’ve seen and read enough that I think you can decide what it says about me. I’d also like to know what your refrigerator decor says about you. By the way, what’s inside says a lot about us, too 🙂

5 thoughts on “What Does Your Refrigerator Door Say About You?

  1. Hi Shirl,
    I enjoyed your blog very much. I have pictures on the sides of my fridg, too. The front of my refrigerator is stainless steel, so nothing sticks to the front. My fridg pretty much looks like yours does…..photos of my family and friends. The photos that I receive at Christmas find their way onto the fridg; and I update the ones that I have already hanging….putting the old ones into a photo album. I use magnets to hold most of the pictures on with, and I even have some pictures in frames that are magnetic. The largest picture on my fridg. is an 8X10 picture of my Dad with Pedro (my amazon parrot). Pedro is sitting behind my dad’s head, but in the picture he looks like he is actually coming out of the top of my father’s head. LOL That picture always makes me smile.There is also a note holder that my son made for me, when he was in grade school. At one time, many years ago, I cleaned my refrigerator off……but eventually picture and magnets found their way back to “where they belong”. Thanks for sharing this little bit about you. I always enjoy your blog.


    • I like your comment, “back where they belong,” Colleen. I don’t know why our “Pedro” never made our refrigerator door, probably because he is bigger than life, daily trying to run this household. I love hearing from you. I’m finding my refrig is much like most.


  2. I love your fridge…messy never entered my mind…your fridge represents ALL the love in your heart. for the people that are most important to you. Lasting memories and reminders…a conversation piece of stories to share with visitors to your home. Valued art work…don’t need a reminder of Pedro…he is there with you. My fridge has a cartoon that reads…I exercise almost everyday…almost on Monday…almost on Tuesday…and so on…!!


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