“You Do A Good Job!”

When was the last time you complimented someone on their work? I mean how well they accomplish their daily employment. I recently overheard someone telling another man how well he was doing his job. “I appreciate

This is why we stopped where we did.

This is why we stopped where we did.

how clean you keep this place,” he said. We were eating a Frosty in a fast food restaurant, so I’m sure you’ve guessed where we were. The compliment was coming from someone who had experienced the opposite situation in other eating places.

Since this is a job I don’t particularly enjoy, yet must do, I’m always interested to hear some new tricks on cleaning. The conversation between the two continued and I caught the explanation that went something like this, ” It’s not hard, I oftentimes use scouring pads. “Ah, ha, I thought maybe they

Will this help do the job?

Will this help do the job?

would help with my daily cleaning.” So I bought Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pads. The first thing I tried was what I thought was a permanent stain in my “stainless steel sink.” It took it right out. Spilled cleaning detergent had left an ugly mark on my kitchen counter Formica. It appeared to be etched into the top. “It probably needs to be buffed out, ” said my husband, which he never got to. I had tried other things which didn’t work, but the scour pads did. The slate in my laundry had a terrible build up of “non-build-up wax.” I worked weeks to remove it and managed to get a lot of it off with sheer elbow grease and lots of wax removal products. Now every week when I scrub the floor, guess what I use? Eventually I may get it all.

Getting back to the worker at the fast food restaurant, he’s not the average custodian who puts in his hours, but takes little pride in his

There's no shortage of cleaning products.

How many of these have you used?

work. His name is Tom Myers and he lives in Dallas. The next time we stopped in for a Frosty, I introduced myself, and learned that Tom is an organist, playing each Sunday at two area churches. When he cleans at home, mostly when company is coming, (I do the same thing.) he likes “Simply Green,” ammonia, and finds certain jobs, like cleaning commodes, are best cleaned with white vinegar.

I thanked Tom for the cleaning tips he recommended. Before we said goodbye, I casually asked if he had any hobbies. “I collect

Collecting  vacuum cleaners is new one for me.

Collecting vacuum cleaners is new one for me.

vacuum cleaners,” he said. ” I have a Kirby, Electrolux, Rainbow, Simplicity,Eureka, and others.” Why anyone would collect cleaners, I’ll never know. However his hobby fits right in with his line of work, don’t you think so? Remember, I told you he was not the average custodian, besides doing a good job, he stays faithful to his line of work. 

Back to expressing appreciation when someone is doing a good job, you may want to try it and in doing so you’ll not only make someone’s day but you very, well may meet some interesting people that way. Maybe you

Here I talk with Tom Myers.

Here I talk with Tom Myers.

already have a story to tell about complimenting someone or perhaps someone has expressed appreciation to you. I’d love to hear about it.

Here’s a couple of questions. Your answers may help me with ideas to write about on ShirlandYou. “What’s your biggest problem in life?” and another one that everyone can answer, “Why do you visit ShirlandYou?”  I’ve given you reasons to write to me. I’ll be looking for your comments.

10 thoughts on ““You Do A Good Job!”

  1. Now this is right up my alley…I’m the “Cleaningfairy”…!! Vinegar and baking soda work well. I also use Windex and Zud (the cream)…Zud is found at Ace Hardware stores. I too use a srubbie…the ones with the sponge. Ammonia in a ziplock bag is great for stovetop burners…1/4 cup of ammonia overnight…the fumes do the work so don’t breathe deeply. I also have a burner cream cleanser that is all natural that works great on most surfaces. Ice cubes is a good choice for bringing up inprinted in your carpet when you have moved your furniture…also good for getting up gum. My biggest problem is finding enough time to allow Gods work to be done through me and your blog helps me to think about my life and what I believe…and what is really important. I look forward to each new writting.


    • Thanks, Karen, for the comment. I’ve already added some of the products you mention to my store list. I’ve used Zud powder and liked it. Even removes rust stains.Never tried the ice cubes on carpeting, but the imprints furniture leave can be frustrating. Thanks for sharing about why you visit shirlandyou. Your biggest problem belongs to all of us. Nothing pleases me more than to think that shirlandyou may affect someone’s life for good. God bless, Karen.


    • Thank you, Pastor Gene,a compliment like this, coming from you, is most encouraging. Your example of becoming full time in the pastorate, after taking retirement, is certainly doing a “good job.”


  2. I can say that managing time is a problem. Some days better than others but it is still something I need to do better. Without Nita, I would be a basket case.


    • Having known you only a short time, I guess I can’t say I don’t believe that of you, Ray. But I will say there are far greater problems than that. Now I know why God put Nita in your life. You were made for each other. I think you know that same problem hits all of us. Thanks for writing, Ray.


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