“Crescent Rolls and Thankful Thoughts!”

Thanksgiving Day is when every leaf we owned was put into the big dining room table. Then as the family grew in number, we erected two tables,

Lots of food and lots of people: many blessings.

Lots of food and lots of people: many blessings.

had everyone draw a number to see if they sat at table 1 or table 2. At the present time, our family numbers 53 including our five children, their spouses, grandchildren and now, their spouses and children. That means our family’s gatherings are not in one place, but rather here and there.

We always did something strange at the family gatherings at our house. After dinner, we’d sit on the kitchen floor using the cupboards to brace

I thought we were the only family that did this.

I thought we were the only family that did this.

our backs. Why? Well, I recently asked our daughter why, and she said, “to be with mother who was always working in the kitchen.” Dad would get tired of standing and would retire to the cozy fireplace room, but when I finished the dishes, then I sat on the floor. That’s where, among the toys strewn there, we watched the babies crawl and take their first steps. It’s a wonder someone wasn’t stepped on but they weren’t. By the way, our kitchen has always been carpeted.

Dinner is always the highlight of Thanksgiving Day which isn’t complete without turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. We had an early

My grandson, Zach Updyke, is ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.

My grandson, Zach Updyke, is ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Day this year at our oldest son’s home, Mery and Cindy’s, and the night before, we worked at decorating bookmarks on which everyone was asked to write what they were thankful for. These were read before we began dinner. Mine is now in the current book I’m reading, a great reminder to be thankful.

When our family was growing up, chances were that home-canned pears were also served. When we moved into the grandparents’ homestead,(on

My pear cost $1,50. Can't believe we sold a half bushel for that.

My pear cost $1,50. Can’t believe we sold a half bushel for that.

my husband’s side of the family) a flourishing pear tree grew in our front yard. That tree produced enough Bartlett pears for us and many of our neighbors. The kids would pick them by the half-bushel and if my memory serves me right, we sold them for $1.50. It’s hard to believe that today we pay that much for a single pear. It was a sad spring when we discovered that the old tree didn’t make it through the winter.

I wonder what you do, at your house, to show your thankfulness? An idea, I like, is when a sheet is placed on the table and everyone draws a picture of something they are thankful for. It’s then used for the Thanksgiving

Some take a walk after Thanksgiving Day dinner and pick up more choice colored leaves.

Some take a walk after Thanksgiving Day dinner and pick up more choice colored leaves.

Day and Christmas dinners. Another one is to pass out fall colored leaves on which each person writes what they are thankful for. Then they are passed around the table and each person guesses who they think was the writer.

Do you know that the largest turkey, ever, was Tyson who weighed 86 pounds. The largest pumpkin pie weighed 2,220 pounds. You can check with Guinness on these figures. History books will tell you that Abraham Lincoln declared a national Thanksgiving Day in 1863, the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held in 1924, and the American National Football League

Macy's parade is the day's destination for some people

Macy’s parade is the day’s destination for some people

has hosted a football game on that special day since 1934, except during WWII, (1939-1944). Yes, some travel then, but many more celebrate at home with the family. Some use the day to reach out to others. A woman in our church asked to be told if anyone was celebrating Thanksgiving Day, alone. You can be certain that a family and a home-cooked meal was waiting for them.

Charles Finney, (1792 -1875) said, “A state of mind that sees God in everything is evidence of growth in grace and a thankful heart.”    In a few words,  “Crescent rolls and thankful thoughts” sums up Thanksgiving Day.Thanksgiving day image4 I invite your comments on how you would express the day in just a couple of words. And remember to take advantage of this special day to “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” PS 107:1.

11 thoughts on ““Crescent Rolls and Thankful Thoughts!”

  1. You knew I would love that story didn’t you? I hope others share their Thanksgiving ideas with you. I may try the drawing numbers for table seats this Christmas! Last Thanksgiving we told what we were thankful for by writing them on colored leaves. The grandkids also shared a choral prayer reading with all of us. Have you found the book, Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember, by Barbara Rainey. You would like it!


    • Yes, I know how good you are at family stories. I’m waiting to hear more Thanksgiving ideas. Sounds like your Thanksgivings are very meaningful, and are a time when the whole family will remember. Will have to look for that book. Have a very happy day.


  2. This is a perfect time to remember to take a minute and be greatful for good friends. Bob and I would like to wish you and Burl a Family filled Thanksgiving where kisses and hugs upstage the turkey!


    • Love your comments, Debbie, especially when you say, “where kisses and hugs upstage the turkey.” Also love hearing from good friends like you and Bob and I miss hearing about your grandchildren. God bless you both.


  3. Love to hear about family traditions. Our best times were spent around the kitchen table…drinking coffee…snacking…and reminicing. Everyone came home for Thanksgiving…with friends in tow. We had an adult table and a kids table. I always sat at the kids table…even as an adult. We would attend Thanksgiving Eve service and still do today. My brother George and I would leave Sweet Valley and go home Thanksgiving night to Norristown,Pa. and put up our Christmas Tree while listening to Christmas music. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because we were all together. That’s the greatest joy. To be with the people you love…who love you. George died yesterday…he is now living the eternal life that our Lord has promised us all…Godspeed George…<3


    • Family has always meant so much to you. For this reason I look forward to your comments. Your love for family always come through them, yet, anyone who knows you knows that the hurts and pain of life have not been exempt from your family. And, now you must face the death of a sibling, George. I hope Thanksgiving day will bring back loving memories of the Haines family and help to soothe the hurt of his passing.


  4. As we gather around our thanksgiving table our prayer is always pretty much the same.We thank God for our salvation thru Christ, We thank Him for our family and we thank Him for our freedom in America. And then we ask him to bless our troops who are fighting to keep that freedom


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