Some Call It A Slice Of Heaven!

The person across from us was eating a scrumptious looking dessert. It

I'm checking out the desserts at brass Pelican, Central, PA - one of our favorite eateries. (Just looking,)

I’m checking out the desserts at Brass Pelican, Central, PA – one of our favorite eateries. (Just looking.)

looked creamy, light, fluffy, white and was topped with a red cherry filling. Even my grandson noticed. “What’s he eating,” he asked. “That’s cheesecake,” I said. His questions continued, “What’s in it?” “Cheese,” I replied. “Then why is it called cake?” He looked closely and noticed a crust on the bottom, made from flour or graham crackers. Actually, it doesn’t take a person long to find out that the only way cheese is a dessert is when its followed by the word cake.

I did a little research and learned that its beginnings go back 4,000 years. I wonder why I never remember having it as a kid? What we did have wascheesecake 8 my mom’s famous, chocolate cake. She always baked it in a tube pan and, as far as I know, it always turned out good. She used the recipe on the Hershey cocoa box and they tell me that recipe still appears there. It’s tried and true, so why change it?

Many people assume that cheesecake had its origins in New York City. And some will travel there just to get a taste of New York style



cheesecake. It is served with just the cake, no fruit, chocolate or caramel. I’ve never made cheesecake, except the kind where you place cream cheese, beaten with sugar, into a layered dessert.

The graham cracker crust is simple enough to make. Just add cocoa and butter to the crumbs. Oh, you noticed that word, cocoa. I sneaked that cheesecake 3in there. After all, doesn’t everything give way to chocolate? It just seems the natural way to go. Then, of course, the crumbs are pressed into the bottom of the baking pan.

If you take great pride in baking a perfect cheesecake, then you know all about having your cake sit in a pan of water for an hour or so. That’s after baking it, and it’s put back into the oven set at very low heat. I didn’t read on, I guess I’m just not a connoisseur of cheesecake. I did read about a moat pan, which maybe simplifies this step. We all know what a moat is. The deep, walled in area, filled with water, around castles. So we can visualize the pan.

I do know the basics of making cheesecake. Besides the graham cracker crust, the filling consists of sugar, eggs, vanilla and some type of cheese. The most commonly used are cream cheese, Neufchatel, cottage cheese and ricotta. You could use low-fat cheese and cut the calories a bit. Did

Topping with fresh fruit means less calories.

Topping with fresh fruit means less calories.

you think that nasty word would eventually appear? Sorry, but Cheesecake and Calories go together. A small piece of cheesecake with strawberries is about 305 calories. For A bigger slice, plan on 350 calories, give or take! They say that running should be fun, but for some its become punishment for eating cheesecake.

I’m afraid this blog, which started out with just a few innocent questions is ending on a negative note. You could leave out the last few lines of the Cheesecake 4above paragraph. By the way, you should have many more directions and techniques before making a cheesecake you can be proud of. Here’s a suggestion you may like, go to Sam’s Club. The bakers there know how to make a good cheesecake. Enjoy, then you may want to go for a nice, long run. 

10 thoughts on “Some Call It A Slice Of Heaven!

  1. Cheesecake is a good subject now that the holidays are here. I have a cheesecake recipe that was my Grandmother’s and she got it from someone who owned a bakery. That recipe is called “company cheesecake”; and it is delicious and it isn’t very difficult to make either. The ingredients that you listed are pretty much what is in the recipe that I use. I have altered the recipe on a few occasions. Two years ago I changed it and everyone enjoyed my cheesecake with brownie in the center of it!! After all, cheesecake and chocolate do seem to go together! As I recall, I topped that particular cheesecake with cherries and I called it “black forest cheesecake”. I like cheesecake with blue berries on top of it, too. I only make cheesecake at Christmas, so I supposed it has become somewhat of a holiday tradition. I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving!!


    • Hi Colleen: The name of your grandmother’s cheesecake recipe is a dead giveaway for when she prepared it. Christmas is an ideal time also. What a surprise brownie in the middle must have been. Your ideas sound delicious. Thanks for writing.


    • Hi Billy: So good to hear from you. Hope all is well there. Since you are done with Apple and Pumpkin Pies, I wish you a Cherry Cheesecake Christmas, with a little Chocolate Cake thrown in on the side. Have a blessed Christmas.


  2. Hello Shirl. I LOVE CHEESECAKE!!!! but only make it twice a year. Once at Christmas time when we have Marty’s sisters in for dinner. It is a special request from his oldest sister and once again in Aug. when we host The Cook Family Reunion. It is just too large a cake for two people…needs to be enjoyed by many. I call it Vanilla Bean Cheesecake copied after the famouse Cheesecake Factory Restaurant recipe. If you have never been to The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant please put it on your bucket list. I think it is the BEST for food and of course for the many different kinds of cheesecake.


    • Save us some!! Do you think it will keep until you get to Florida? We have visited a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in Florida. The food was good but, can you imagine, we didn’t order cheesecake. Sometimes we just try too hard to avoid calories and miss the experience. Thanks for writing.


  3. My husband perfected his cheesecake receipe by accident. He forgot to preheat the oven. That is the secret…place it in a cool oven. My Grandma Ryan and my Great Grandma Kulp had thier own versions of spice cake…both delicious. Cheesecake is a treat for special occasions so don’t beat yourself up over eating a slice…ENJOY…!! Do a longer workout to burn it off…but enjoy…!!


    • Thanks for the secret to making a good cheesecake. Your recommendations on enjoying a slice and doing a longer workout should take care of those extra calories. I like your attitude, one we should all have in order to enjoy life. Thanks for writing, Karen.


  4. Oh, I miss cheesecake! I’ve always loved it. I tried making it once. It seemed to be a lot of work and expensive too. I’ll bet that’s why you didn’t have it as a kid…costly. Is that a photo of your mom’s recipe card?


    • You’re probably right about not having cheesecake as a child because of the cost. The same reason we didn’t have seafood. I have to say no to it being my mom’s recipe card. To get the recipe I’ll have to buy a box of cocoa. Thanks for writing, Janine. Don’t fret about missing cheesecake, you’re also missing the calories.


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