Don’t Think Your Grandkids Aren’t Watching!

It’s been said, and I believe it’s true, that a hat makes a man look more dapper. That being the case, we had five dapper looking men at our house on Christmas Day 2005. The day turned out to be a Christmas we’ll never forget.

We were awaiting the arrival of the Broscious family. That includes our daughter, Janine, son-in-law, Matt, and their three sons. When they arrived the three teenage boys were wearing hats that resembled the ones that my husband wears. They asked for them for Christmas and planned a look-a-like gathering when they arrived for Christmas at our house. They certainly did look dapper and it was such a delightful surprise.

Here are the five dapper men posed by our Model A.

Here are the five dapper men posed by our Model A Ford on that special Christmas Day.

This is Janine with her son, Jonathan, who appears to be acting out his new image.

This is Janine with her son, Jonathan, who appears to be acting out his new image.

The hat my husband, Burl, wears is a “Country Gentleman.” That’s the manufacturer’s name and the style is actually a wide-brimmed fedora. A

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

number of times, while wearing the hat, he has been told that he looks like Indiana Jones. Actually, he’s much more handsome than Harrison Ford who played Indiana Jones in the movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” I understand that Indiana Jones’ fedoras hit the market for the the fans of his movie. That’s not why my husband wears his, it’s to keep his head warm.

A man just doesn’t plop a hat on his head and expect the Bogart look. No, the fit is important, and so is the angle of the hat. A little tilt to the hat can make quite a difference. Looking good in the movies and looking good in real life are two different things. Seeing someone wearing a wide-brimmed fedora reminds me of Frank Sinatra

I think you know who this is.

I think you know who this is.

who wore them to hide a receding hair line. They certainly can help with a bad hair day.

Funny, isn’t it,  that fifty years ago a man wouldn’t go anywhere without a hat. That was the day when there were lots of hat racks and hat checkers knew how to check a hat without crushing it. What happened? Some people blame, President John F. Kennedy, the first president that seldom wore a hat. Others think President Eisenhower is to blame because with the highway systems he initiated, more people

The perfect tilt on you-know-who.

The perfect tilt on “you-know-who.”

began driving cars with sloping roofs that left no room for hats. Today’s shrinking size of cars definitely discourages hat wearing.

My husband actually collects hats.They include top hats, derbies, bowlers, cowboy, aviator, sailor. And he looks great in a Panama hat. He would have been a likely candidate for living in an earlier generation when men’s hats were popular, Regardless, he enjoys them today.

A cool hat can become a man’s signature piece, and that’s what my husband’s grandsons thought when they came parading into the

Here's my husband in his fedora.

Here’s my husband in his fedora.

house wearing hats like their grandfather’s. That Christmas, eight years ago, is one we’ll always remember. Maybe the man in your house should consider buying a fedora with that Christmas gift card he received. How’s that for an idea, it may even affect future Christmases? 

5 thoughts on “Don’t Think Your Grandkids Aren’t Watching!

  1. That is a great declaration of the grandson’s love and devotion to thier grandfather. It’s like little girls who want to have the exact same dresses. What a wonderful connection…!! And you know me…I’m all about memories. Mom Rosie always had a hat on…a different hat for every occasion…and a hat box to hold each one. I remember the time when men aways wore a hat…my father included. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and many many more to treasure.


    • A very, Merry Christmas is wished for you, Karen. I appreciate how faithfully you’ve commented on my shirlandyou posts. Thanks for the encouragement. I will be watching for your input in 2014, and hope this New Year brings you much joy and happiness.


  2. I like your blog and picture of Burl and the kids all wearing their hats. They all look so sophisticated!! I can see why you will always remember that Christmas. My son wore similar hats when he was in high school. Dominick always did his own thing and never worried about when anyone else had to say about it. He even wore one of his hats to a homecoming dance. He hasn’t worn his hats in a while, but he still has them.

    Women wear hats, too. I mostly wear hats when I am outdoors. They keep the sun off of my face and out of my eyes. Hats also keep my hair from blowing around while I am trying to take pictures. When my grandmother was a young woman, hats were all the rage and everyone wore them. Hat plumes (or bird feathers) were a coveted item for women’s hats. Did you know that the Snowy Egret neared extinction because of the want for hat plumes? Thankfully someone took notice and this trend ended. The beautiful Snowy Egret recovered its numbers; and I saw and photographed plenty of them this past summer.

    Well, I guess that I added a little more information to your blog about hats. LOL Maybe the men in your family will all show up wearing Santa hats this year. Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family!!


    • So good to hear from you, Colleen. I love the way you add information to shirlandyou. That really rounds out the topic. Glad the Snowy Egret survived the demands for its feather. All birds are in good hands when you’re around. God bless you, and have the Merriest of Christmases.

      On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 10:00 PM, shirlandyou


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