Electronics, Gadgets and Gizmos!

Were you happy with your choices for gift giving this year? An even better question may be were you happy with what you received​? After

Their carts are loaded with returns.

Their carts are loaded with returns.

some research, I learned that eighteen percent donate the gifts they don’t like to charity. Fifteen percent regifted them, eleven percent returned the item for refund and six percent tried to resell it to other friends or family members. The worst gift you can give is clothing because your taste of clothes may not be theirs.

Seventy-four percent of holiday shoppers purchased some form of consumer electronics. The selection of these is so numerous. To

These days, the choice of electronics is endless.

These days, the choice of electronics is endless.

mention only a few, there is Play Station, Xbox, I Pad, I Phone, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, tablets, cameras and laptops. Price-wise they range anywhere from $400 to $900, unless you buy a Samsung UHD TV which is $3500. We were so close to buying electronic tablets for both of us, until we thought we were probably duplicating the service of the electronics we already have.

Our Android phones do practically every thing, especially after loading

A timer is built right into our android.

A timer is built right into our android.

them up with applications. One reason for considering a tablet was the convenience it would provide while traveling. However, with our androids, we already can check our email and face book. It serves well as a GPS, weather station, and world news center. My husband recently found apps for a count down timer, where to buy the cheapest gas, NIV Bible, a remote viewer for our security camera, Google Sky Map, 

We can see the sky clearly and note its planets, etc.

We can see the sky clearly and note its planets, etc. on Google Sky Map.

 a tuner for musical instruments, compass, and a light meter for camera use. What more could we possibly want?

For less expensive gift giving I always have my eyes open for cleaning gadgets. I found an upright sweep set, lint free cleaning cloths, a shower squeegee with suction cups, a grout brush, and Mr. Clean Bliss gloves. But the one that takes the cake, and the only one I bought, is the EasyFeet. It reminds me of an oversized flip-flop shoe, only it is lined, top and bottom, with over 1,000 bristles.

Here’s the scoop on EasyFeet. By now you know you slip your foot into it. What’s next? Then it cleans, exfoliates and massages. There are Easy Feet 15several more selling points, too, maybe that’s why I bought it. EasyFeet secures to any tub or shower, it has a built-in pumice stone, and eliminates the need to bend down to clean your feet. If you’re not convinced yet, you will be after hearing this, “It’s Like Getting A Pedicure Everyday. “

Although on the internet, I see it selling for $9.99 to 14.99, I paid five dollars for it at Big Lots. Now I’m wondering what to do with it? Just the box alone caught my eye, but I feel very skeptical about it and have not used it, yet. Maybe I had better give it a chance to prove itself, or maybe a gift to EasyFeet 7jpgcharity is in line here. I bought it just for fun so I could tell you about it, but then, you may have already seen it demonstrated on TV. What would you do with a gift like this? Maybe you have one and like it. Then again, I could give it as a New Year’s gift, and when I get the look, “what’s this for?” I can then say, “This year, you won’t have to bend over to wash your feet.” On second thought maybe it should be saved as the gizmo of the year? What’s your opinion?

13 thoughts on “Electronics, Gadgets and Gizmos!



  2. My pastor had a girlfriend who ALWAYS returned his gifts. He asked me to help him pick out a jewelry box…thinking a womans opinion was the answer. Wrong…she returned it. My daughter was in a Young Expessions Workshop when she was little and one of the Christmas plays had a song…”Many Happy Returns”…in the song and the skit…those singing and returning were not

    happy. It was hillarious…”Happy day after Christmas… My favorite cleaning toy is my Eureka floor steamer…uses only water and dries in minutes…works on all types of flooring. And about the EasyFeet


  3. My computer is being difficult…About the EasyFeet…YES…it does tickle The suction cups work very well…you can use it while standing…or place it on the wall while sitting in the tub…enjoy…!!


  4. Buying holiday gifts can be a daunting task. I’m not one for gizmos and gadgets when it comes to gifts…..unless I am buying them for myself. I’m somewhat picky about what I use and I’m guessing that most people probably feel the same way, when it comes to things like cell phones, ipads, computers, etc. I never saw the “easy feet’ thing before, but it looks interesting. I got a massaging foot bath once (as a gift), and it was a disappointing item. I hope that you have better luck with “easy feet”. LOL


    • I always appreciate your comments, Colleen. If you were disappointed with the foot bath, the Easyfeet may fall somewhere in that category, too. Thanks for your comments. I guess, for one thing, we are glad the gift buying is over. I’ve still got a gizmo and I’m not sure what to do with it. I appreciate your thoughts, though. 🙂


  5. I’m not sure about the “Easy Feet” thingy. Maybe there is an App that could be downloaded and place the gizmo by your feet to accomplish the same outcome. And as a side bonus, you wouldn’t have to find a place to store the “Easy Feet.” Welcome to the neighborhood.


    • And, it might be safer that way. An Easyfeet app, hmmm, you never know, there’s everything else. Glad to be in the same neighborhood with you, Ray. We come so far to get close. Thanks for your comments.


  6. An app that is a meter? Cool! As far as gadgets, I love the bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas. I find I’m listening to more music since I got it. And that Easyfeet thing…not sure I’d like it. lol


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