An Adventurous Love Story!

Every woman enjoys a good romance story and if it is connected with a sea faring adventure, all the better. I recently ran across such a adventure as I was surfing the internet. This is a true story and that makes it that much more interesting.

Some of you may have heard of Rose de Freycinet, born Rose Pinon in 1794. You may be thinking how could a story of a woman living in

This is a sketch of Rose.

This is a sketch of Rose.

the 1800’s be adventurous? After all, weren’t they always shielded and protected from the outside world? This was not so with Rose.

At the age of 19, she married 35-year-old Louis Claude de Freycinet, a member of the French aristocracy. He had sailed the seas on a voyage that produced the first map of the Australian coastline. After his marriage to Rose he was given command of a ship, Uranie, which was to take him around the world while performing scientific measurements and to collect specimens of natural history. Newly married to Rose, they conspired a plan that was considered illegal.

Thus marked the beginning of one of France’s great and lasting love stories. Refusing to face a painful separation from her husband, Rose dressed in an officer’s uniform and stowed away on board the Uranie. When the story became known, there was indignation universally shared, but at the many meetings with authorities where she could have be ordered ashore, this didn’t happen.

Rose was a spirited young woman, and not only spirited, but brave. Her adventures stand as one of enduring love. Her husband had taken a

Rose's husband, Louis.

Rose’s husband, Louis.

grave risk in regard to his career, so little mention of Rose’s presence on board was made.

The ship, which was called a corvette, was 112 feet long, 28 feet wide and 14 feet deep. It carried two main cannons. It was considered to be a small vessel especially with 125 men aboard and also a large amount of scientific equipment. Her husband had prepared for his wife’s presence and had living quarters renovated and attention was paid to hygienic standards, food safety and health.

This is an artist's rendition of the ship, Uranie.

This is an artist’s rendition of the ship, Uranie.

Apparently, though, becoming a stowaway was Rose’s own idea; she may have hatched the plan as early as October 1816 and went on board on September 16, 1817. Report of her presence reached the French media soon after, leading to sensational reports in the press. Her presence aboard a Navy vessel was illegal. However, the Navy was powerless, since the ship’s first port of call was Reunion, in the Indian Ocean, and it wasn’t reached until 1818.

Rose’s around-the-world trip, so as not to be separated from her husband, included a shipwreck, being stranded on an island, disease,

After the ship wreck the de Freycinets and crew set up camp on an island and remained there three years.

After the ship wreck the de Freycinets and crew set up camp on an island. There they became acquainted with Aboriginal people.

pirates, storms, near-starvation, picnics of penguin meat, much dreaded sea gull meat, strange customs, island royalty and travels to remote locations, all ingredients for a great adventure story. Rose documented her story in a diary and became the first woman to write an account of her experiences of circumnavigating the world. The whole voyage was three years and two months. How did Rose fare through all of this? She’s been described as “retaining a most surprising firmness and composure of mind.” So did many other French ladies during this murderous period of the French Revolution.

In Paris, in 1832, Rose nursed her husband back to health, following a bout with cholera, but she herself succumbed to ill health and died on May 7, 1832. Her love story is remembered through her book, “A Woman of Courage: The Journal of Rose De Freycinet On her Voyage Around the World, 1817 -1820.

This love story caught my eye, because our grandson, Jeremy, a recon

This is Jeremy and Karlin Broscious. We hope their separation is a short one.

This is Jeremy and Karlin Broscious. We hope their separation is a short one.

marine, will soon be deployed at sea and leave behind his wife, for a full year. I’m not suggesting that Karlin stow herself away aboard ship, but, being an ex-marine herself. she could manage such an adventure and, maybe, become today’s Rose de Freycinet.  

14 thoughts on “An Adventurous Love Story!

    • You are so right, Linda. I love the story of Abraham and Sarah. What a life of adventure they lived, with God at the helm. With God’s direction, Jeremy and Karlin’s story will end well, too. Thanks for writing, Linda.


  1. I enjoyed reading the love story that you write about. When I saw the name of “Rose”, I thought that you were starting to write about the Titanic story. I sure wish Jeremy the best as he leaves for overseas; and I hope that the time passes quickly. A year is a very long time to be away from your family. I know it won’t be easy for Jeremy and Karlin to be away from each other. They are such an attractive young couple and they look so happy together. I will keep them in my prayers.


    • Hi Colleen: Your compassionate heart comes through as you write this time, Colleen. Your prayers are much appreciated. Maybe I can touch on the Titanic story another time. It’s such a horrific happening that tragically affected so many lives. Life is not without its trials. Hope you’ll write again.


    • Wow, a comment from Darlene!! 🙂 I’m really pleased to hear from you. I think most everyone will enjoy such a wonderful love story. Thanks for your comment on Jeremy. Surely, a year away from the one you love, will be tough, but others have survived it, I expect they will, too. Thanks for writing. Loved hearing from you.


  2. It’s hard to be separated from those we love. Hopefully Karlin will have much to occupy herself with and maybe lots of girlfriend and family sleepovers for those lonely nights. Along with email and Facebook…there is Skype…they will be able to see each other while they talk. Their love will endure and give them each a strength they probably don’t even know they possess. I will add them to my prayers and pray for a safe and speedy year.


  3. Rose sounds so interesting! Sounds like she kept a blog…only on paper. I wish Karlin could go with Jeremy. Just going to have to pray lots for them during this time.


  4. Hello,I really enjoyed this article,I love true stories of adventurous women,the love story is a bonus.I am on the Artist Journal site with your daughter,she encouraged us to check out her awesome mom!Enjoy your new drawing endeavors.:)I have a book that you might enjoy trying to find,”A-Woman-Tenderfoot” Grace Gallatin Thomas Seton, Doubleday 1905 or 1900.She wrote a true account of her horseback,packing trip into the rugged Rocky Mt.s of the U.S. and Canada during that time period with her husband.She hoped to encourage woman of her day to,”Go West”,instead of off to Europe for their summer vacations.It is filled with wonderful pen and ink drawings of her outfits, to her harrowing adventures.Sounds like something you might enjoy.:)


    • Great to hear from you, Robin. How interesting to learn that a woman in the early 1900’s was encouraging others to go west, instead of to Europe. Certainly sounds as if it would take an adventurous spirit. I’m sure I would enjoy the book. Thanks for writing, hope to hear from you again.


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