The “Mo” Is Back, Or Is It?

The color, or word, “Pink” is really in these days, but pink mustaches, that’s going a bit too far, don’t you agree?

When I see something interesting that may make a subject for

Everyone knows who this is.

Everyone knows who this is.

ShirlandYou, I jot down a quick note on the small tablet that I keep in my purse. Some time ago I wrote “mustache on the front of a car.” I believe someone thought their car grill had gone long enough without decoration, so they plastered a mustache there. Now, I’m finding out that carstaches, truckstaches and bikestaches have come into vogue. After all, according to the Chinese calendar 2014 is the year for

the mustache. I’m sure this is intended for men, but why not vehicles, too?

Actually in some parts of the country a big “pink” mustache on the front of

A pink cartache.

A pink carstache.

a car means something more than just a decoration. It signals that behind the wheel of the vehicle is a Lyft driver, “your friend with a car.” It is a ride-share service that’s big in some parts of the country, like San Francisco and Chicago. They say there are over 100 drivers in San Francisco.

Another easy one!

Another easy one!

Lyft is a ride sharing computer app and has developed into a big business. Rides are prearranged and once you settle inside the car, a meter starts running. When the destination is reached, the rider is asked to make a donation.  It’s based on the figure showing on the meter. This service is billed as “your friend with a car,” and it’s slightly cheaper than the usual cab fare. It sounds like a cab service to me, but it is catching on. Some people, though, are not willing to get in a car with strangers. If you decide to decorate

Going back a few years.

Going back a few years.

your hood with a big pink mustache, don’t be surprised if someone asks you for a lift.

Unless it would be a bumper sticker or two, most people don’t decorate their cars. Although, I have seen bull horns, Mickey Mouse ears, etc. The decoration we used were the American flags flying from the car windows after 9/11. I like seeing those even now. Let’s face it, mustaches belong on men.

They say the “mo” is making a come back. I thought it was already here! 

Seen today in celebrity magazines.

Seen today on the screen and in celebrity magazines.

My husband has been wearing a mustache for years. Now when he shaves it off, he doesn’t look normal and the white space that’s left under his nose where the sun couldn’t reach the skin, makes him look pale, so back it grows.

I’ve heard men call them a “crumb catcher,” “mouth brow,” or tea strainer.” Mostly, though they don’t create much inconvenience unless it’s four and a half inches long, the length of the longest mustache. Photographed here are men with mustaches that you will recognize and I wonder how many of them you can name. It was disappointing when I read that Groucho Marx and

His films are still populr.

His films are still popular.

Charlie Chaplin wore artificial ones.

I’m sure women care nothing about mustaches on cars, but what about on men? I checked on this and found that women actually prefer men with beards. Not the long, unkempt kind, ( like Phil’s of Duck Dynasty)  it’s the 10-day-old stubble that is thought to make a man look aggressive and masculine. So, heavy stubble gets the most votes, 5-day is not long enough. What about the mustache? Some women love them and some

You can guess this one.

You can guess this one.

hate them and believe it or not the smooth face is considered the least attractive. What’s your opinion on this subject? Take a look at the photos accompanying ShirlandYou then let me know what you think about mustaches and see how many of a those pictured you can name. I’d love to hear your comments.

Wondering how someone in your household would look in a mustache? Just clip along the lines. It also may be used for

Wondering how someone in your household would look in a mustache? Just clip along the lines. It also may be used as a pattern for a carstache. You’ll want to enlarge it for this use. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The “Mo” Is Back, Or Is It?

  1. Hi Shirley….another interesting blog you have written here!! My husband didn’t have a mustache when we got married, but then he grew one and he had it for many many years. Recently he decided that he looks younger without it, and I agreed. So, he shaved his moustache off…..and then my son grew one! LOL Dominick liked how his dad looked with the “stash”, and I think that he missed it. His father had always had a moutache, and Dominick never saw him without it. He even made a comment that dad had “shaved off his manhood”. LOL My son, had his moustache for about a month, but then a few officers in the police department, where he does police auxiliary, told him that he looked better/more professional without it…..and they suggested that he shave. Dominick liked his moustache, but he was tired of hearing the negative comments from fellow officers… the “stash” was shaved off. I’ve always liked moustaches, but I think that my husband and my son both made the right choice in shaving theirs off; and they both did it for the right reasons. Somehow I can’t imagine Burl without a moustache; and I don’t think that I have ever saw him without one. I’ve certainly never saw a car with a moustache. LOL


    • Always such fun hearing from you, Coleen. So there will be no facial hair on your husband or son. I’m with you, they probably made the right decisions. We’ll have to wait and see if the prediction for 2014 on the MO being back is true.

      On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 10:37 PM, shirlandyou


  2. You are widening my horizons again. I’d never seen nor heard of a carstache.
    Joan and I were raised in families that thought it improper to put bumper stickers or decals on a car. I never have. I probably disappointed a son-in-law (then 2nd LT USN) when I didn’t accept a “save our troops” car magnet he offered me. Years ago, we won a Sun-n-Fun license plate as a door prize. Joan didn’t want it put on our car.
    Joan has never liked facial hair so I rarely grow more than two or three day’s worth. If she liked facial hair I’d have a short full beard in a NY minute. Daily shaving is a pain.
    I had a friend and coworker who had a handle bar mustache much like the one you pictured. I thought it more appropriate for the 1890s than the 1990s but never mentioned it to him. Then one day he came to work clean shaven. The guy had no visible upper lip. He looked far better with the mustache hiding his missing lip. I then realized that facial hair can cover defects—missing lips, scars, moles, skin tags, pock marks, birth marks, weak chins, et cetera. Facial hair can also prevent licking chapped lips by intercepting a runny nose before it gets to one’s upper lip! I can sympathize with motorcyclists who are bearded to soften the impact of 70 mph June bugs.


    • Hi Wade: I laughed when I read what you have to say about facial hair. My thoughts in its favor are beginning to sway a bit. Especially after your comments on runny noses and June bugs. You’re right about facial hair covering defects, maybe more of us need to let it grow. It was fun hearing from you. Perhaps you’d better reconsider placing the “Save Our Troops” on your auto. They surely need our show of support.

      On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 11:38 AM, shirlandyou


  3. I’m used to seeing cars decorated…my daughter did hers for each of the holidays with stick-ons and lights. I’ve seen Rudolph cars with antlers and red nose. I still have a flag in my car. About the mustache…I don’t ever remembering seeing brother George without a mustache…his had the handle bar kind and he took great care to keep it cleaned and combed and curled. I love the personalities that come with a beard…mustache…or clean shaven. My husband can’t even stand stubble on his face. I used to love and watch him shave with a blade…(that was of course before we had children). And now to the pic’s…Groucho Marx…(I would stay up till 4 in the morning watching him)…Albert Einstein…Clark Gable…Brad Pitt…Charlie Chaplin…Joseph Stalin.


    • Karen, you came through with flying colors You guessed every photo correctly and so far, you are the only one to do that. I love your talk about decorating cars and keeping mustaches well kept. Thanks for writing. I’m waiting to see how many others can correctly name those pictured on Shirl and You.


  4. I had a mustache for years and one day shaved it off. A few days later, Nita noticed and said when did you do that? After that, I decided to grow a full beard because evidently it wouldn’t be that noticeable. It has since turned shades of grey and now is white. I think my truck looks better without a stache and I am sure I would see it if Nita put one on herself or the truck.


    • Hi Ray: So you can wear a mustache for years and when you shave it off no one notices. Your right, that has happened over and over again, even with beards. A mustache on a truck or on Nita would be much more noticeable. Better not to do that. I have looked at people, some I see every day, and thought they looked differently, but couldn’t quite pin point why. Their mustache or beard was gone! I like your beard, keep it, but then again, if you shave it off. Will anyone notice? Thanks for writing, Ray. Never thought this subject would be so complicated.


  5. I have never heard of a carstache, lol! I think that facial hair gives a man that rugged look, which I personally like. I also think it depends on the facial features…some look good with a mustache or beard and some do not. My husband has been clean shaven since we met. Honestly he has such a handsome face it would be a shame to cover it with hair 🙂


    • Maybe with a little encouragement, your husband will go unshaven. Isn’t it wonderful that it can be taken off at will? Since he’s handsome without, maybe it’s best to let well enough be. Loved hearing from you Suzy. Hope you will write again.


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