If Mom Isn’t Happy, No One Else Is!

I woke up this morning with the idiom, “misery loves company,” running through my mind, and I wondered what I could do with it as a subject for mama aint happy 17“Shirl and You.” My mother, now deceased, was next among my thoughts. I think this was so because I had often heard her repeat that saying. I also remember that when she was miserable so was the rest of us. Any family learns that when mom isn’t happy she surely can make others that way. Women know it too, and many of them place a small sign in the kitchen that reads, ” when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

It’s been said that “happy people seek out happy people and those who are “down and out” seek the down and outers.” What does “down and Mama aint happyout” mean? It’s believed to be a boxing term and simply means the losing boxer was down and unconscious. It was first recorded about 1901 but since has become a general term for anyone suffering from poverty. It was used frequently during the great depression in the early 1930’s. I find a study of that period of time very interesting and seem to gravitate toward movies set in that era. It doesn’t take much seeking of information before I’m reminded ofmama aint happy 6 what a difficult time it was to raise a family and the sayings, “down and out” and “misery loves company” take on different meanings. I could be critical of my upbringing during that time, but instead, I have come to the conclusion that my parents did the best they could under the circumstances. These circumstances included not relying on God to carry them through hard times.

One of the amazing aspects of God’s Word is not the fact that it includes many commandments for us to follow, but it also tells followers how mama aint happy7important their thinking is in being happy. Once after a very difficult circumstance in his life, I remember telling my dad, (this was long after I had grown-up) that it was important to ” tear out the old thoughts and replace them with the new,” a struggle that everyone faces, yet, this is what the Bible tells us to do. Look up Romans 12: 2.

What a difference it alone can make in our lives. Correcting our attitudes mama aint happy 17jpgto coincide with instructions in the Bible can make the difference between being happy and being miserable. These days, there is plenty of miserable company out there and I realize that there are many downtrodden and severely hurting people in our world, so many that we often feel helpless to act in their behalf. Perhaps each of us should start at home, and begin mama aint happy 10by taking that sign down off the kitchen wall, you know, the one about mom making everyone else miserable. Then the next step is to correct our attitudes.

Well, there you have it, another Shirl and You. You may choose to ignore the whole “kit and caboodle” (another saying for you to look up) or it may give you some food for thought. I’d like to hear what you’re thinking is on this subject.

6 thoughts on “If Mom Isn’t Happy, No One Else Is!

  1. Hi Shirl,
    I agree with everything that you have said here. We each have our own struggles in life and we can’t let these things get us down. I think that the world, as we know it today, is an even more difficult place to live in. There is so much violence, poverty, terrorism, disease, problems in the ecosystem…..and the list goes on and on. However, there are also good things happening; and we each have much to be thankful for in our lives. I think that my faith in God has seen me through most of the rough times in my life. Yes, “when mama aint happy, no one is happy”, but when you see just one set of footprints in the sand….you aren’t walking alone…..that is when God is carrying you….and he always knows what we need. When things get tough, I try to focus on my faith; and prayers bring a certain sense of peace, because I know that God always hears our prayers.


  2. Yes this has often been true. It’s been said the tone of the home is set by the mother but we all need to rely on Jesus who gives us joy . He is trustworthy and faithful. he is the lifter of our heads . We need to keep our eyes fixed on him. If we empty ourselves of the daily stuff, let Him fill you then we will be to be strong for our families and share His joy, his peace . We need to quiet ourselves and let Him quiet us with His love !!!!!!


    • Hi Donna: What you wrote sounds so much like you talking. I think I could have guessed who wrote this comment even if your name wasn’t attached. I always appreciate your frankness when you talk to others about God and especially when you talk to your son. A mother’s influence at home is far greater than we can imagine. Thanks for writing, Donna.


  3. Positive thinking is the key. All I knew was depending on God to see us through…parents who lived their faith. I’m so grateful. I can’t imagine life without Him. I would feel so empty. I’m glad to hear you found Him. When we open His Word…He finds us. The quality of our life is based on the quality of our thoughts. Our subconscious mind takes orders based on what our conscious mind believes to be true. Our thoughts and belief system will dictate our reality. Our subconscious mind can not tell the difference between an actual event and one we have created over and over in our mind. Choice is always available to us. Gladness of the heart is the life of man. Jesus leads us to a life of gladness.


    • Hi Karen: I love what you said about the importance of learning to depend on God to see us through and knowing what we believe to be true.To hear you speak of your parents and how they lived out their faith in God, I’m sure had a great influence on you getting to know Him. Thanks for writing.


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