Which Exercise Program Would You Choose?

When I started this post for my blog, Shirl and You, I planned to tell you about Leslie Sansone’s “Walk At Home” indoor walk program. I think many of you are familiar with it,

 Leslie Sansone is pictured here.

Leslie Sansone is pictured here.

but I wasn’t, not until I arrived here in Sarasota, Florida at the RV Park where we are staying. Before I began writing, my husband mentioned another exercise guru, Charles Atlas. Let’s take a quick look at both of these people.

At home, I exercise every morning using the “Sports Active” program on my Wi. I considered bringing the program with me, but to use it,  requires more room than our R.V. provides, So I dropped that idea and wondered what I could do for a daily exercise program.That question is answered very simply here, at an awesome gymnasium built right here on the park grounds. However, in past years I had faithfully gone to a gym for fifteen years and was not looking forward to facing all those machines again. This is where Leslie Sansone’s “Walk At Home” program comes into play, but not in my home. Leslie is a fitness expert who believes we can walk our way to health and wellness.

Each weekday morning here, 40-50 women meet at 9:00 a.m. in a large recreation hall,

Five mile walk may be what's needed to lose those pounds.

Five mile walk may be what’s needed to lose those pounds.

and using one of Leslie’s DVD’s, they walk two miles. I decided to join them. Each mile takes 15 minutes as we power walk, perform multi-muscle moves and add strength training with the use of stretch bands. In one-half hour I’m back home. I like the program. If you look-up Leslie’s “Walk At Home” program, you’ll read about the many pounds women are losing. I’m not convinced this can be done on the two mile walk, maybe they are using the Mega 5, or more. Anyway, I’m a firm believer that weight isn’t lost without reducing food intake.

I wonder how many of you remember the name Charles Atlas? I do! Mr. Atlas, a barrel-chested man with amazing strength and physique had actually been a slender teen-ager by the name of Angelo Sicilano. He was later called the “World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man.” In 1922, he developed a body building program that he called,”Dynamic Tension.” The theory is to pit one muscle against another. This method is known today as isometric exercises.

His course met with great success, in fact instructions for it can still be purchased today Exercise 4 - Copyvia the internet or by mail order. His classic book, ” Ten steps to A Better Body ” is available on Amazon. What really brought him success was a clever advertising campaign, that many people remember, even today. He ran ads in comic books, and these I remember. A  sand kicking incident that actually happened in his life was the basis of this successful advertising campaign. He said that one day he went to Coney Island and had a very pretty girl with him. As they were sitting on the sand, a big, husky lifeguard, kicked sand in his face while calling him a 97 pound weakling. He told the girl that someday he would meet that guy and would lick him. This very situation was illustrated in the comic advertising that proved to make his business most successful. In 1979, the year Charles Atlas died at the age of 79, the course was being sold in seven languages and went out to 70,000 people a year.Excercise 3 - Copy

Sometimes it takes an embarrassing situation to start us on a program that will change excercise 7our lives or maybe just improve our appearance. After the kicking sand incident, Charles Sicilano  started his system of exercises. He then saw a statue of Atlas (of Greek mythology who was made to hold the world on his back) and decided to change his name. You know the rest of the story.

I’m not looking for big results from the simple exercise program I’m doing, but then, I really don’t need to impress anyone, just satisfy my desire to stay fit. By the way, this was Charles Atlas’s exercise regime at age 77: 50 knee bends, 100 sit ups, 300 push ups and a daily run on the beach. The last years of his life he spent reading the Bible and running on the beach. Sometimes exercise 6it takes a life time to realize what’s truly important in life. For Charles Atlas it was a walk (maybe a run) through the Bible.

I hope you will type your comments here and let me know what your thoughts are on the subject discussed, this time, in ShirlandYou.

Me during the cool down session.

Me,  during the cool down session.

Part of the exercise group  during cool down.

Part of the exercise group during cool down.

12 thoughts on “Which Exercise Program Would You Choose?

  1. Hi Shirley, I like the picture of you in your exercise clothes. I don’t believe that you have aged at all!! It sounds like you have a great exercise plan to use while vacationing in Florida. Exercising in a group always makes things more fun. Does Burl ever go to the exercise classes with you? .I’m glad to see that you are enjoying your vacation.


    • Hi Colleen: I always look for your comment, expecting it first. And, you were again. You are always so kind about my appearance, but I’m afraid there is no escaping aging. I oftentimes am reminded of what the alternative is. For me, life is so sweet. However, I do believe exercise certainly helps in keeping a person limber. Burl is slow to exercise, but he enjoys bike riding here. Somehow, I expected you to say that this was the exercise program you use, although, I think I heard you mention going to the gym. Thanks for being faithful in taking time to write, it means much to me.


  2. I too remember Charles Atlas from reading comic books and other magazine. I never sent in for the program but thought I could do something that would help me look like him. So I ran and carried weights, did push ups and all that sort of thing. Never looked like Charles Atlas but I think it helped when I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I was able to do everything the Corps asked of me and that helped me feel a little like Charles Atlas. The walking program you mentioned is a great way to get pumped up about taking care of ourselves. Nita and I enjoy the walking program and we both feel bad when we miss going. Maybe on those days we should spend more time reading the Bible. Spiritual exercise is good for us also.


    • Hi Ray: I getting so I look forward to your comments with each new post of shirlandyou and the wisdom you always set forth. I believe you are right about being in shape for the Marines. Our grandson did the same as you did and is also doing well in that service of our armed forces. Thanks goes to you for serving in the Vietnam war, and to all the men making such a sacrifice, now and then. I didn’t mention that the leader of the exercise program is always positive and fun and that does help pump you up, like you said. How true you are about the spiritual exercise being good for us all. Thanks for writing, hope to hear from you again.


  3. Hey Shirl…I finally made it to the library for computer time. Our three part snow storm on Thur dropped 18 1/2″…3″..and 3″. Love this exercise blog. Growing up I was so angry…I put all that rage into unrealistic expectations of myself. Had to do half court basketball sprints in less than 1 min. or I made myself do it till I completed all 5 sprints in under that time limit. Joanie Greggains was my best exercise choose…Morning Stretch during my married life. And these past 15 years it has been house cleaning. 6 hrs of none stop scrubbing…vacuuming…up and down stairs. And my walk through the Bible cleared up a lot of confusion. I could never understand why God kept changing His mind when giving rules to His people. Becoming a mother help me understand that as His children God was giving direction to get us from point A to point B and then to C and so on. Like our own children…we give them just enough to help them grow and be successful and then make the growing more challenging.


    • Hi Karen: You certainly didn’t need any additional exercise growing up. Sounds as if you made some wise choices after marriage. But now, there must be a another way than six hours of scrubbing. 🙂 It’s obvious that you’ve found, as I have. that growing in the Lord takes a life time. Biblical exercise works. As always I enjoyed your writing. Thanks for your part in shirlandyou.


  4. Can I just say what a comfort to find someone that
    genuinely knows what they’re discussing on the internet.
    You certainly realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More people ought to check this out and understand this side of
    your story. I can’t believe you aren’t more popular given that you most
    certainly possess the gift.


    • You can’t imagine how encouraging your comments are to me. Notes like that keep me thinking of what to write next. Thank you so much for writing. I think perhaps I’m not in touch with what there is that can be done to increase readership.


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