“Mom, Are You Wearing False Eye Lashes?”

“Mom, are you wearing false eyelashes?” It was before the talent show and my husband and I had met our daughter and her husband there. We were going to sing a duet and, false eye lashes 10“yes.” for the first time I decided to wear false eyelashes. After all, it’s the ‘age of the false eyelash’ and stage makeup needs to be heavier, and more defining. These were the reasons that on that evening I took the plunge and wore false eyelashes.

My daughter’s reaction was not like some daughters. She did not get in a huff, and say, ” Mom, you’re too old to wear false eyelashes.”  No, she said, “they look so natural.” We are both conservative in our dress and makeup, so her comment pleased me. When I chose the eyelashes, I knew I had made a conservative choice. Just a little “flash” up-on-stage was what  I needed.

These look like the pair I bought.

These look like the pair I bought.

Then, our son-in-law, Matt, walked up to us and I decided to find out what he thought about my new look. I looked him straight in the face, fluttered my eyelashes at him, asking, “Matt, do you see anything different about my face?”  “Boy, was I asking for it!” He looked and looked and said, “No I don’t see anything in particular.” There was his

chance to ask, “more lines?” Or, even worse, he could have said wrinkles? But he didn’t. He is very sweet to his mother-in-law, and didn’t notice any change, and I began to wonder if my choice was too conservative to be effective. They say men hate false eyelashes, my husband liked mine. So how do you figure?

I went to “Sally’s” to get my lashes. I wondered if I would ever get them on correctly, but I had no trouble at all. The girl in the store said she always does have problems and

These are the single eyelashes that were recommended to me.

These are the single eyelashes that were recommended to me.

recommended that I purchase individual ones. I couldn’t picture myself putting those tiny groups of eyelashes in place, during the short time I always allow for makeup and dressing. I have since read that the individual lashes last longer and look more natural. I chose the strip lashes and hoped I’d get them in place and not find that, during the evening, one had slipped off my eye and now sat looking like a spider on my cheek.  This didn’t happen. After the performance, I carefully slipped them off each eye and haven’t worn them since, until now when I put them back on for the photo to accompany this entry in Shirl and You.

Will I wear them again? Truthfully, I like them! I am fortunate to have long eyelashes of my own and like every new gimmick we try, there are pros and cons on the subject. One false eye lashes 9eyelash company has reported 1000 percent increase in sales of fake lashes, so a lot of women are liking them. However some believe that while wearing false lashes the glue may have a bad affect on your natural lashes. It may block the hair follicles and a person could end up losing their natural lashes. Are these ‘killjoys’ ending a little fun? Won’t the lashes grow right back? Eye lashes will cease to grow, if repeatedly pulled out. An allergic reaction was mentioned, also.

Well, so much for my first false eyelash experience. Since it was truly a lot of fun, I don’t

Here's what the lashes looked like on my eyes.

Here’s what the lashes look like on my eyes.

like ending this blog on a negative note. Although some women wear two or three pairs and young girls are wearing them, too, this does not make them safe. If you do decide to go with them, choose the wispier ones. If I go with them again, my choice will be for thicker ones, lashes that would make a ‘ llama jealous.’ Maybe a better choice is to purchase volume mascara with lengthening fibers. What’s your opinion on this subject? Some of you may say, “Shirl, stop pretending that you’ve got what you don’t have.” I am considering that this will probably be the first and last talent show I perform in and the first and last time I wear false eye lashes.. By the way, we didn’t win, the eye lashes didn’t help sway the judges one bit.

Here we are performing at the talent show.

Here we are performing at the talent show. We sang a Rodgers and Hammerstein medley. Photo by Ray Worstine. 

10 thoughts on ““Mom, Are You Wearing False Eye Lashes?”

  1. I’m lucky to just get my lipstick on, but you surely looked cute! And tell Burl he’s as handsome as ever! Love and hugs, Linda


  2. You looked so beautiful for the talent show!! Of course your eyes are always gorgeous and you didn’t need the false eyelashes, but they did look natural. And your performance was wonderful. I hope I see the video some day. Now you’ve got me wondering if I’d ever be brave enough to wear false eyelashes. Probably not. lol


    • You are always so kind. No one could ask for a better daughter. The whole experience has been fun. Glad you were a part of it. What shall I try next?
      -nothing too ridiculous! Thanks for writing.


  3. Hi Shirley, Nice blog!! I like your subject on this one; and the false eyelashes looked very nice on you. I like the picture of you and Burl performing. They two of you are always up to something new, and you always seem to have something exciting to look forward to. I have worn false eye lashes before, but only as a costume accessory. I know that some people wear them all of the time, but that just isn’t something that I would do. I think that you should do the talent show again. It doesn’t matter whether or not you win….what really matters is that you had a good time while doing it. Enjoy!!


    • Hi Colleen: We’ve always enjoyed life and thank God for each new day. I liked your comments. You are always sensible in your reaction to all subjects, on shirlandyou. Thanks for taking time to respond. The talent show was a lot of fun and we entered it not expecting to win, but making the most of the opportunity. The most difficult part was memorizing the words to the songs. It’s amazing how your mind can go blank up on stage.


  4. That was a loaded question. Matt is a wonderful young man and Janine is lucky to have him and he her. You and Burl are great together also. Brave to do the talent show. That would be very difficult for me. You both did a wonderful job. I love Rodgers and Hammerstein. Your lashes did look natural. Job well done.


    • You are right about Matt and Janine, also the rest of our family. We are so blessed! Love your comments, Karen. I have a feeling that false eyelashes would be farthest from your mind, but you were so kind about me using them. God bless you.


  5. I really enjoyed the video of you and Burl performing on stage. I wear makeup and have my own beauty routine, but I have never tried false eye lashes. I think that you are a beautiful woman with or without the false eyelashes. I always enjoy reading your blog.


    • What fun hearing from you, I watch the art work you accomplish and sell on eBay and am amazed at your God-given talents. Your beauty routine is working well for you, although you are a natural beauty. Perhaps false eyelashes should be kept in the fun category and used only occasionally. I appreciated hearing from you.


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