If It’s Raining, Have A Whale Of A Time!

This morning I woke up, early, to the sound of rain on the roof of our R.V. Rain on a camper’s roof is always amplified, maybe because there’s not an  attic between the idioms10occupant and the rooftop. Anyway, although it was was barely raining, it sounded like it was raining cats and dogs. Well, not literally! My next thought was where did all these expressions or idioms come from that we all seem to use? I wonder if I grew up hearing more idioms than the average child?                                                     An idiom is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words. I think most of them came from my mother and I wonder if using them denotes the lack of an extensive vocabulary. They come to mind oftentimes when there seems to be no words sufficient to describe something that’s happening.                                                                                                                      I woke up dog tired (very tired) .

Maybe its because I’m living a dog’s life(a difficult life). Of idioms 14course, that’s not so, as I’ve spent the last several months here in Florida away from the harsh winter in northeastern PA and I’m enjoying the sunshine and pleasures of a warm climate. Today, I invite you to watch shirlandyou like a hawk  (carefully) for idioms generally related to animals and I wonder if you will find these same sayings tucked away in your mind?

I don’t  expect any conflict over what I write today. because these expressions have been ingrained in our vocabulary since we were only  knee high to a grasshopper (very small). When conflict does arrive, though, have you noticed how pigheaded (stupidly stubborn) a person can become? This dumb cluck (persons acting stupid) then looks for someone who can become a scapegoat ( innocent person to blame).

I think that choosing idioms related to animals is most appropriate because there are times when people act like them. For instance haven’t you ever met a bullheaded person (obstinate)? They try to butt heads (to argue fiercely) sometimes with a sheepish (embarrassed) friend.  

In this dog eat dog world (there is a lot of competition in life) we feel we are barking up the idioms 16wrong tree (have the wrong idea) and are chasing our own tail (not getting anything done).Some might say they feel like they are beating a dead horse (a hopeless situation) 

Do you feel as if you’re going through life walking on eggshells (trying not to offend others), this generally results in butterflies in the stomach (feeling nervous). My best advice to you is to get your ducks in a row (be organized), and remember that the early bird gets the worm

It was early when I began to write this shirlandyou and now its time to stop. Why? idioms 9Because I’m as hungry as a bear. I’m hoping you’ll be a good egg and tell others to “like”  shirlandyou. Remember that the early bird gets the worm.But then, who wants worms for breakfast? It’s not good practice to wolf down your food. Oops. I got started again. But I quit now, with this reminder that it would be the cat’s meow if you write to me.

9 thoughts on “If It’s Raining, Have A Whale Of A Time!

  1. Hi Shirley,
    I enjoyed your creative use of idioms.Anytime my husband and I use idioms, my son thinks that we are “dating ourselves” because his generation mostly doesn’t use them. If you think about idioms, there is allot of truth and meaning behind them. Sometimes using an idiom is an easy way to explain something to someone,and they immediately understand what you are getting at. I think that a good example of this is the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”.


    • Someday, Colleen, even your son will appreciate idioms.There are so many of them I don’t think he can escape their usage or at least, hearing them. It’s true about the early bird, haven’t we all arrived late somewhere and found what were hoping to get, was gone? Thanks for writing.


    • Sooner or later, your son will appreciate idioms because I don’t think he can avoid them. Using them is sometimes the best way to express ourselves. They are whether funny, at times, but surely tells it like it is. Thanks for writing, Colleen.


  2. I think you got it covered. This was a lot of fun. We grew up on these sayings and we used them frequently. I love the sound of rain on a tin roof…it helps me sleep better. Glad you are enjoying your time in the wonderfully warm weather. I hope to visit with you this summer in Sweet Valley.


    • Hi Karen: As always I enjoy hearing from you, but expected you would have a few idioms to share. I certainly don’t cover them all. We’ll be “as busy as a bee” this summer, but will look forward to your visit. Thanks for writing and God bless you.


  3. I shared them on my FB Wall…mom Ann’s favorite was…everything but the kitchen sink…I always seemed to have a chip on my shoulder…break a leg…was a big encourager…and icing on the cake was heard frequently…I’ve asked my FB friends to tell me some of their favorites.


  4. Hahaha. This was so fun! I’ve thought for several days to come up with a witty reply but I’m just feeling like a fish out of water on this one! You sure came up with a lot!


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