Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life!

I found the information I was seeking. If you are a follower of Shirl and You, you know that Mystery of life 7 two weeks ago I wrote that I was looking for a song I had sung with my junior high chorus, “I Love Life.” I remembered being impressed  by the simple lyrics and have never forgotten them. The words, of course portray a love for life, and impressed on me an appreciation for it, something that today’s youth often take for granted. (The lyrics are in my previous post.) The song was an excellent choice by our chorus director and I often wonder how it affected other chorus members. I wish today’s youth were singing and appreciating good music, but for many this is not so. In fact, some of today’s music encourages youths to take their own lives through suicide.

How did I find the information I sought? On the world-wide web, of course. Why I seemed unable to find this earlier I do not know, because it is there under the song title, “I Love Life.” It was written, sometime in the 1930’s by composer, Mystery of life  blog 1Mana-Zucca. She was a child prodigy who made her piano debut at the age of eight with the New York Symphony Orchestra in Carnegie Hall. She has over 500 music compositions to her credit. She became known as a lover of life, but it was her husband, Irwin M. Cassel who wrote the lyrics to the song. Although she considered it a “cheap little song,” it became her most well-known. She died March 8,1981, at age 89.

Whenever this song comes to my mind, another does also. Everyone has heard, “Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life.” When it was sung in the 1910 operetta,”Naughty Marietta,” it

nelson Eddy and Jeanette Mac Donald.

Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Mac Donald.

became Victor Herbert’s greatest success. Later, a film version of it was released, in 1935, starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, the singing sweethearts of the 1930’s and 1940’s. It’s this “mystery” about which both songs are written. “Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life,” are the lyrics to the first line of this song. The song attempts to identify the mystery in a following line that reads, “For tis love and love alone the world is seeking.” So is that the mystery of life? Let’s take a look at it in this week’s shirlandyou.

As I researched, further, I found reference to beer, as one of the sweet mysteries of life. But, no, the mystery of life goes much deeper than an alcoholic drink that has led to so much sorrow and pain in life. I also read the thoughts of another blogger who expounded on the subject but who readily admitted that life’s mysteries were unexplained.

The song writer came close to identifying the mystery when he wrote ’tis love and love alone the world is seeking.” However, the love that solves the mystery is God’s and the loving mystery of life 8plan He has for our lives. It is this simple plan that man is seeking, yet, it is rejected by so many. Why? This question is answered in the Bible in Ephesians 4:18 which explains that many men’s and women’s minds are full of darkness, they wander far from the life God gives because they have closed their minds and hardened their hearts against Him.

“Ah Sweet Mystery of Life” is not a mystery at all !

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(By the way, my husband, who loves life, and God, found the sheet music for the song, “I Love Life,” and has ordered it for me.) (:mystery of life 3







6 thoughts on “Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life!

  1. Relating to your comment about youth and good music: I am so proud of the children in our church. We use hymnals, and when you look down from the choir loft on Sunday morning, the children all have their hymnals open and are singing along with the great hymns of the faith. In fact, we don’t usually take them out for Jr. church until toward the end of the last verse of the song before the sermon as they’re all so involved in singing. Even our not quite three year old who doesn’t read yet has her book open. We love our kids!


    • What a wonderful story of the children in your church and their love for hymns. I have felt concerned about the non-use of hymnals in our churches and in their place just words on a screen. I personally miss the opportunity to follow notes printed in our hymnals. We have no way of knowing how many children developed a love for good music by following songs in a hymnal, nor how many were moved toward following Christ by the lyrics. Thanks for writing, Linda. Your comment gives us food for thought.


  2. That’s wonderful that you found the song and are getting the sheet music! I agree about music. I need to listen to music that is uplifting and points me to God and positive things. And you are so right about the mystery. All we all really want is a relationship with God.


  3. I have a great love for life…especially music. In 1972 my brother Dave sang “The Impossible Dream” at LLHS for Class night. That song and his singing of it has had such a positive impact on my map for life. I love all the old songs from movies and musicals alike. Grateful to have good memories because of music. Actually…my life is a song…throughout my day you will here me break into song that has been triggered through all kinds of encounters.


    • Obviously, I’m not the only who loves music and is greatly affected by it. It is always good hearing from you, Karen. Wish I had heard your brother sing for his class night. I love hearing of your memories, which usually revolve around your family. I know you keep them close to your heart.


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