An Experience That’s True To Followers

Since the writing of my last post for Shirl and You, I can’t help but think of miracles and especially the greatest one of all. How amazing it is that among all the religions of the Easter story 8world, Christians are the only ones who serve a living Savior. It’s the time of the year to celebrate this miracle. It isn’t difficult to believe that Christ lives, not when you believe in the God of miracles. Yet, some do not believe, and some did not even believe during the time Jesus lived on earth..

In Bible times, people were looking for a King who would rule on earth and save them from the unjust treatment they were experiencing here. But Jesus came to save them from themselves, from their sin that separated them from a Holy God.

We can only imagine what they felt when Jesus told them, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” That’s when many began to reject Jesus because the kingdom he was talking aboutEaster story 5 began with the work of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives and relationships. He was not to become a national king and restore the nation back to its former glory.

Jesus was a man of miracles. He healed lepers, the blind, the lame, the weak and the sick. When he raised Lazarus from the dead, many more people began to follow him, only to be told that He had come to die for them. And, as God planned, Christ was crucified. Then the miracles of all miracles happened and Christ arose from the dead. The rolling back of the stone did not release Him, no, he was long gone before that.

As I digress a bit here. I think of the Christian flag. Many people are not aware of its existence. For some of us it’s the flag that stands near the pulpit in our churches. The white represents purity and peace, blue in this flag stands for faithfulness, truth, and Easter blog 7sincerity, and the red color stands for the blood shed by Christ at Calvary represented by the cross. There’s a pledge of allegiance that goes with the Christian flag. It was written by Lynn Harold Hough in 1908. “I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.” There is the word “Kingdom” again. To show allegiance to this kingdom means to ” believe in things that neither we nor the world can prove with our minds, but which we believe with our hearts, usually with all our hearts.”

Christ’s resurrection serves as a stamp of authenticity on everything Jesus did and taught during his ministry. His resurrection shows us that for we who believe in Christ, life is eternal, that we are part of that eternal life even now, in this life we are living.

As you read Shirl and You today I pray that you will experience the presence of the risen, living Christ, and I encourage you to see what God is doing in people’s hearts today, Many Easter story 3are amazed at the fact that God loves them enough to reach out to them through Christ. Even more amazing is the fact that Christ will physically come to rule the world someday.




6 thoughts on “An Experience That’s True To Followers

  1. I’ve always known of the pledges…we said them during Vacation Bible School at Maple Grove UMC. I continued to use them during the VBS’s that I have lead at Ridge Valley UCC. It’s hard to see the miracle of Easter without experiencing the days prior to the Resurrection. We learn much of His great love for us as He goes through the beatings and the scorning…till all His blood was shed for us…as the sacrificial Lamb. So His people would recognize Him as the Lamb of God sent to save the world and make us right with God. It seems the same for us in our daily lives. To appreciate what we have…because of the losses we have known. To turn to Him for forgiveness and healing of our broken lives…so we can do the work He has called us to do. I think how different the disciples must have felt…going from not having a clue what Jesus meant when He broke the bread and drank the wine during the Last Supper to understanding what that sacrament truly represented. I know Jesus rose from the dead because the disciples went from hiding…to dying horrible deaths in His Name.


    • Your comments are always appreciated, Karen. Thanks for writing.Your last sentence on why you believe, may be just what someone needs to hear today, and will help them understand that those who knew Christ, intimately, sacrificed everything to spread the gospel, even their lives.


    • Thank you, Janine, for responding to shirlandyou. It wouldn’t be Easter without writing something in tribute to the Lord Jesus and the miracle of His life and the miracle He is performing in ours. Keep up the daily witness that you are.


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